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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgdxIlSuB70
  2. SleepyLeoulf


    I never was too much interested in writing at first but then while in middle school I got into it more. Mostly poetry and prose but sometimes short stories too.
  3. I guess mine would be.. China Star ( a asian restaurant in my city ) and sometimes McDonald's since I had that a lot as a kid.
  4. I skipped school by playing sick once or twice to see a movie with my family.
  5. It's sunny, windy and a little chilly out right now. Perfect weather for fall day.
  6. Yes those are it. Thanks so much for finding them and the name.
  7. I don't sleep well much so get a little sleep. I try to sleep early sometimes so I can try and sleep longer but.. doesn't really work.
  8. I have a calendar on my phone that has stuff I need to do or appointments to go too saved in it. I do use sticky notes sometimes as well and place them around my home to remind me of stuff or positive encouragements type things..
  9. I deal with stress differently now. When I was younger it was really hard for me. I guess I just distract myself and keep busy ( mind wise and physically ) and think of positive things going on for me in my life right now. That usually helps me. If not I like to talk to family and close friends if I'm stressed out.
  10. I take a bus some places if not I get rides from family and family friends. We don't have big buses you see in bigger cities.. If I don't take a bus or get a ride I walk.
  11. They sell some here where I live like about 4 different kinds only at one store where I live.. Pocky is the only one I know the most that can be from Japan. My Japanese grandma gets a lot from my uncle in California though from some market. All kinds of goodies snacks and candies. There is this one like pop rocks I can't remember the name of it but looks all colorful and sorta like pop rocks from the USA. Very good stuff I think. Though I wish I knew the name of it... ^^;
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlYVNyq2i_0
  13. I stopped watching Bleach when I was finishing high school. ( since I started when I was in 9th grade ) Reminded me of my friend who treated me bad ( since we both liked it ) so every time I watched it, It was hard for me and felt bad.. Sounds lame buts it's true. That's one anime I couldn't stand for a while, also prob wont every want it again..
  14. Feeling: Inspired and confident, by not letting the negative things get to me no more.

  15. It's alright that it took some time to get it all set up. I figured it would take maybe longer since that's how some websites and forums go. I really like the new look and feel to it, even though the old one was really good as well I thought. You did a wonderful job, Optic! I'll let you know if there any issues with stuff on the forum.
  16. Feeling: Hopeful and at peace again..

    1. RyePotatoes


      Glad to hear about that Sleepy Wolfy san! Anything great happened?

    2. SleepyLeoulf


      Well my sister was there for me when I needed to talk to someone so we chatted and she made me feel better. Plus it was her birthday yesterday so we hanged out and watched some shows on television together. "sister time" As we call it.. Was nice and she made me feel a lot better than I was feeling before. So all things good now. :)

    3. RyePotatoes


      Awww that's great to hear. I'm glad everything on your side is going well :D

  17. Feeling: Lost in the dark and sorta alone. But I know I can get passed this feeling with inner strength and a little help from loved ones.

    1. RyePotatoes


      Ganbatte Sleepy Wolf san!!!!

  18. Raspberry ice tea is my favorite drink.
  19. My favorite would be sea food stuff. Lobster, crab legs, and any kind of sushi.
  20. I used to watch a lot of my anime shows on television then when they stopped airing them I rented DVD's from the movie store that had anime series I enjoyed. Now since that store is closed there is none in my town that has anime to rent or buy so I have to buy it online on Amazon mostly or watch it online somewhere.
  21. I prob help pass out candy with my step father this year again and dress up as a modern day Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I planed cosplaying as her for a while now..
  22. Growing up my family didn't mind me watching anime so it was alright with them. Of coarse they had no clue really what it was about and I explained a bit about it to them but they didn't quite get it but still accepted it and respected I liked it. My Japanese grandma thought it was cool I was into the anime scene as well as other asian television when it came to dramas and martial art films.
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