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  1. It's sunny here right now the high will be in the 80's today later on but the temp now is like 49 degrees. Feels nice since we usually get warm weather here a lot, but now since its autumn season its getting cooler out.
  2. The last job I had that I worked for a year and a half and it was a place called The Boys and Girls Club of America. I worked there part time. I really liked working with the kids there but sadly had to quit do to personal issues and health stuff. Now currently I'm still unemployed but help out my family a lot to keep busy, as well as make art related projects which I like to get more better at and sell to make money on the side.
  3. I used to enjoy winter for a while when I was younger but now not so much. I would say autumn is my favorite. I really LOVE all the different colors the leaves change into and its much cooler or not so hot and not so cold feeling outside Its just right, temp wise. It just feels magical to me at least in ways and can't forget Halloween and Thanksgiving, I adore those holidays. More Halloween though..
  4. Ah I see ok. I learned a little phrases that way too and also from my grandma who's full Japanese.
  5. I have an older sister that acts like a second mom to me.
  6. Hero series by: Jennifer Li Shotz
  7. Yeah I agree with you and get what you mean. *thumbs up*
  8. Yeah he was. ( ^,.,^ ) Also I'm going pre-order the game soon as I can, for PS4! Yeah I second that, It was awesome the drawing aspect in the game. True, though some parts maybe could of seemed violent for younger players with all the fighting parts but I agree it didn't seem violent and shouldn't been rated T for teen. My opinion though..
  9. Awesome to see another fan as well. Issun was his name that followed Amaterasu around. I found out that the re-made the game called Okami HD on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Can't wait for it to come out in December this year! I also loved the fact you could draw on the game as well for a fighting system, was really epic.
  10. Custard pudding hm sounds nice. Wonder if there are recipes online to make it. Question: Do you know Japanese? If so do you know any stuff where I can learn it that's sorta easy? "Oh mighty potato goddess.." *bows* O,.,O
  11. SleepyLeoulf


    I was curious if there is anyone here who likes the game Ōkami and is a fan as well? I got into the game and more or less discovered it when I was in high school. I always been into wolves long as I can remember and was curious if there were any games out there that had wolves in it or wolf related stuff. I came across the game and read up on it and it sounded really cool and interesting to me so I bought it and tried it out. I instantly feel in love with it. I love the story and how the game looks graphic wise. So beautiful like a painting. I think it is based on asian culture maybe Japanese but not really fully sure. I know they made also a second one a sequel from the first game on the Nintendo DS which was also very cute and good. If you do not now what Ōkami is then look it up on the Wiki page and it will tell you more about the game. Whos your favorite character? What system do you play it on? My favorite character is a hard one since I love all of them really but if I had to choose I pick Rao. The system I play it on is PlayStation 2. I hope I can get the game again on PlayStation 4. I am not sure if its out already for PS4 so.. I have to wait and keep an eye open if it comes out.
  12. I never played it yet any of the games but I have watched my step father play all of them. Sometimes I just watch people play games more than play them myself. ( Lame I know but I like it, to me its relaxing. ) I helped him out a lot as well in the puzzle parts of the games. I can't wait for God of War 4 to come out. I'll prob play that even though I never played any of the other series.. I'll catch up sometime.. Anyone pumped for the new one coming out?
  13. Feeling: Positive and upbeat about my life so far and what it's become..

  14. When I was in school I liked to study in my living room and sometimes at the kitchen table.
  15. Yeah the trailer and me reading up on it made it sound really good and the story touched me a lot. I'll let you know what I think when I finish it. Good to know someone liked it as well.
  16. I been on many forums and chats before in the past. I did like both for a while but now really thinking about it I have to say I like forums better. It's just fun I think in my opinion to share your thoughts then so people can read and reply than quickly saying it in a chat room. True, its much faster to chat in a chat room expressing yourself or saying something, but you can just talk to people on other stuff for IMing. So I'm all for forums still.
  17. I see pudding eh? Very interesting to know. What kind of pudding though any kind..?
  18. Currently watching A Silent Voice Been waiting for this to come out for a while now. so I'm super excited to watch it. I hope it's good as well as the trailer was..
  19. As the title states I wanted to make a thread all about martial arts films and if anyone watches them and into them. This includes back in the day films and new modern ones. I've always been into them growing up as a kid and my father introduced me to a lot of them, so I then got hooked on watching them as well as other Asian related stuff. ( Like Anime ) What movies are your favorites? Any martial artist your favorite? Some movies I enjoy are: Seven Samurai , Ichi , Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon , Zatoichi The Blind Swordsman , Unleashed , The Raid , Villainess , and The Protector 1 & 2 ( so far That I really like ) My favorite marital artists I like are: Jet Li , and Tony Jaa ( so far )
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