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  1. That's awesome. I love peaches a lot I would say would be my favorite.
  2. I try to stay away from sweets now since I just like to eat healthy things more but my favorite I eat sometimes ( not a lot ) and mostly in the past is Hershey almond bar.
  3. My older sister loves the show Hey Arnold a lot and she is so pumped for the movie coming out. I prob would see it with her as well since I grew up watching it too. Though always wondered why they waited so long to make it. Maybe because of better graphics or something, who knows.
  4. SleepyLeoulf


    My sister and I rescued two cats from a shelter last year in November. They're names are Tac and Nala. Tac is full tabby and Nala is part tabby siamese mix. She's very beautiful looking for a cat, tbh. We also have family pets meaning my folks has them at there home. Louie a black lab Zoe a black lab mixed with a german shorthaired pointer, she's very pretty as well. And lastly Sampson a great dane. All get along very well and are very well behaved dogs. We love all out animals and yes my family and I are animal lovers. We have stray cats that come around my folks house every know and then and we take care of. Since they rome around the neighborhood. And others help out taking care of them as well. One is called Mama and other other Black kitty. ( I know not the best names but that's all we could think of at the time ) They both know there names well and always come when they are near by. We would take them in but they love the outdoors too much so we let be outside since they love it out there and they are not really our cats. I also used to own a lot of small animals over the years so I have a big heart for small animals as well. Maybe down the line get some more but who knows.
  5. I like showers more tbh. Baths I took when I was little a lot so sorta got annoying for me over the years.. I don't know just showers seem more relaxing to me now. Prob would still take baths if I'm really stressed to just relax but not often.
  6. I would say now its mornings for me when I like to get things done and do stuff. Used to be Afternoons when I was in high school still on weekends but its changed. Nights are fine but I like to sleep early so don't get much done but working on staying up later now.
  7. I heard that Hulu has a bit more stuff for shows and movies on there but not fully sure if that's true.. I have Netflix and love it not sure if prices on both are different but I prefer Netflix over Hulu.
  8. Pets are like family to me so if the passed on I would cremate them and keep them around. I used to bury some in my old place in the backyard so they are still there but I like to have them around so I can talk to them sometimes, if feeling down even though they don't talk back. Makes me feel not so alone.
  9. Feeling: Very happy that I have so much support and love from others, even a special someone in my life right now. ILU

  10. I have been motivated by anime to read more. I used to hate to read or at least was not interested to much into it growing up. But now I love to read and get lost in books, I really enjoy it. R.O.D. the TV influenced me. It is a VERY good anime I think with a brilliant story.
  11. I go to sleep around 8 pm or try at least. I know that's early but when you you have Insomnia you need to get all the sleep you can get, at least for me. Though I can stay up even later.
  12. Do you think potatoes could rule the world some day?
  13. I chose my username because its in honor of my buddy, and best friend named Leo. He was a dog that was given to me when I was diagnosed with mental health issues when I was younger and my mother wanted me to have a companion and can comfort me when I needed someone since I didn't really have a lot of friends back then. I miss him dearly and he's given me the best 13 years of my life. He was truly a wonderful dog. As for the other parts of the username "ulf" represents wolf since I'm into them and always liked them growing up as my favorite animal. Now lastly sleepy represents myself since I suffer from insomnia so I guess means I'm always sleepy. That's the story behind my username.
  14. 1. I have mental illness and been dealing with it ever since I was in eighth grade, so it has be an up and down battle most my life. Now I can finally say its been going so much better and I'm happy I've came a long way from when I was younger. I try and do my best to be positive by thinking and doing positive stuff in my life and it has been working. True, I still have some off days but its A LOT better than it was in the past for me. 2. I love to do a lot of art related things since I am pretty creative. I think I'm most good at is graphic design making GFX stuff. Since I worked a lot in Photoshop in high school and just developed a passion for it. But before I did it in school more I did it on and off for years by myself in my spear time. 3. I love to watch movies in my spear time since I guess you can call me a movie fanatic and just enjoy watching all kinds of movies. 4. I been into anime since I was 14 years old and seen a lot over the years but had some times where I stopped watching it and did other things but now since I joined this forum trying to get back into it as well as other geek related things. Since I enjoy it a lot and I grew up with it. 5. I love my family ( also all my pets ) and few friends I have and appreciate them a lot since I would be lost without them. Love you guys ❤
  15. Really good I have to say feeling happy again for once and appreciated. All good and positive things to be honest as well.
  16. I'm pretty shy myself but welcome to the forum and hope to see you around more. I don't no what much to say but I'm pretty laid back and friendly so need anything just let me know. You seem pretty nice and hope your doing well lately. Take care~
  17. I've been trying to also write more stuff mostly poetry to express myself in a therapeutic way. It has been helping quite a bit so I can say it really works. I'm also getting ready to start up graphics again and maybe post some of my work on here as well. That always makes me happy doing them and distracts myself if I'm feeling down.
  18. They look like the mean business.. but yeah Id hug them.
  19. Feeling: Appreciated and loved and it feels wonderful..

  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7h6uakby-k
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