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  1. Pets are like family to me so if the passed on I would cremate them and keep them around. I used to bury some in my old place in the backyard so they are still there but I like to have them around so I can talk to them sometimes, if feeling down even though they don't talk back. Makes me feel not so alone.
  2. Feeling: Very happy that I have so much support and love from others, even a special someone in my life right now. ILU

  3. I have been motivated by anime to read more. I used to hate to read or at least was not interested to much into it growing up. But now I love to read and get lost in books, I really enjoy it. R.O.D. the TV influenced me. It is a VERY good anime I think with a brilliant story.
  4. I go to sleep around 8 pm or try at least. I know that's early but when you you have Insomnia you need to get all the sleep you can get, at least for me. Though I can stay up even later.
  5. Do you think potatoes could rule the world some day?
  6. I chose my username because its in honor of my buddy, and best friend named Leo. He was a dog that was given to me when I was diagnosed with mental health issues when I was younger and my mother wanted me to have a companion and can comfort me when I needed someone since I didn't really have a lot of friends back then. I miss him dearly and he's given me the best 13 years of my life. He was truly a wonderful dog. As for the other parts of the username "ulf" represents wolf since I'm into them and always liked them growing up as my favorite animal. Now lastly sleepy represents myself since I suffer from insomnia so I guess means I'm always sleepy. That's the story behind my username.
  7. Really good I have to say feeling happy again for once and appreciated. All good and positive things to be honest as well.
  8. I'm pretty shy myself but welcome to the forum and hope to see you around more. I don't no what much to say but I'm pretty laid back and friendly so need anything just let me know. You seem pretty nice and hope your doing well lately. Take care~
  9. I've been trying to also write more stuff mostly poetry to express myself in a therapeutic way. It has been helping quite a bit so I can say it really works. I'm also getting ready to start up graphics again and maybe post some of my work on here as well. That always makes me happy doing them and distracts myself if I'm feeling down.
  10. They look like the mean business.. but yeah Id hug them.
  11. Feeling: Appreciated and loved and it feels wonderful..

  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7h6uakby-k
  13. You're most welcome dear, I hope your well and please take care as well~

    1. RyePotatoes


      I hope the same for you Sleepy Wolf-san

  14. *gives Potato ruby slippers* A gift for you from the OZ (^,.,^) Question: Have you ever wanted to cosplay as a kawaii potato? ( Sorry if the question is stupid )
  15. Right now in my life working on myself with my health mentally and physically.
  16. I love all my family but really admire my mother and sister. Their always there for me and help me with a lot of stuff. Most of all support me. Id be lost without them. So thanks you two for always being there for me even in my darkest times of my life. A newly admire I have is for someone I met recently You know who you are.. They make me smile and laugh and feel good. They are also 100% real with me and very kind and caring. Happy I met them and hope we can always be friends till the end.
  17. A anime movie called the girl who leaped through time. I was really shocked about what another main character was involved with near the end. Something I didn't even would of suspected.. I wont spoil it so sorry. Was a really interesting and touching anime movie to watch. Id give it a go if your curious. Now something that shocked me for real. I was in a camp retreat and we got to shoot live shotguns at a disk targets on the field. I shot one my first try ever. I felt proud even though I'm not really into guns but it was just something to do there they offered for fun to try.
  18. Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus By: Dusti Bowling
  19. I loved all the classics growing up.. An older one I watched a lot when I was little was Bambi. A new one of my faves would be Alice in Wonderland 1 & 2 by Tim Burton. I really loved his take on those movies..
  20. Feeling: Relaxed for once in a long while..

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