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  1. I stopped using Facebook a couple years ago ( plus I don't miss it ) and I don't use any social media now and pretty happy with out them to be honest. I just got sick and tired of hearing and even witnessing the drama that came from it. People always wanting so many friends on it just to be poplar. ( that I noticed ) My family who I had on there not so much  caused drama but friends I added did and just was hard for me to be on there. No one really "cared" about people posts that had meaning behind it and just wanted to gossip and stuff in that nature. I don't know I just personally ( this is my opinion and I can be wrong I'll admit )  don't like what it's become. Yeah I'll admit  it was "cool" at first and was alright I guess but now it went down hill I think and a lot of fake people are on it  ( who lie and pretend to be someone else , like stealing pictures of others and thus pretending to be that person for some reason ) now, so it's hard to find "real" people on there if your the kind of person who likes making friends that way.  All I'm going say is be very careful on there or any place really and really get to know someone as well. 

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