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  1. @Vivi Hyuuga Your welcome, anytime. Yeah spending time with siblings is awesome, I think. I only have one sister and when we spend time together we call it. "Sister time" Sorta cheesy I know but we just are like that, heh.
  2. No I have not and hope to maybe someday feel what's it like to be in love. Do you like salad?
  3. IT I have to say it was a bit too much on some parts and freaky, but not really scary like the original I thought.
  4. Feeling fully alive for the first time and very confident~
  5. My favorite anime are: 1. ) R.O.D The TV 2. ) Blood C 3. ) Naruto ( Sorry I only have 3 favorites really, I can't think of anything else that I really liked and got into a lot. ^^;; ) -- What is your favorite subject in school?
  6. Currently watching R.O.D The TV and going start after that Zatoichi blind swordsman.
  7. Hey there @Vivi Hyuuga glad to see you back on here. I'm sorry you've been sick and hope you feel 100% better soon. Awesome also you've been watching a lot of anime and also spending time with your sisters, that's always is fun to do. See you around the forums and please take care and have a good rest of the week~
  8. I have to say sailor Jupiter and Pluto are my favorites.
  9. The Foreigner Which was not too bad I thought also I'm also stuck in between a B or C rating for it.
  10. Welcome to the forum I hope you enjoy your stay here, have a wonderful rest of the day~
  11. About a 1 minute was the longest I ever did. Do you like the season Winter?
  12. Welcome to the fourm hope you enjoy your stay here, take care and have a good rest of the day~
  13. Kona our new puppy. 


  14. All I can say today is so far life is going good. :hot:

  15. White. What do you like better Ice cream or Pizza?
  16. I feel so much right now, it's hard to describe words for them since they're all so wonderful. I finally feel my life is coming together perfectly and it's a awesome feeling and accomplishment to have. :angel:

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    2. brycec


      Glad to see that things are turning around.

    3. Angle MoonShadow


      Very glad to hear this, I feel very happy for you.


  17. Sounds like I heard of it before but not 100% sure. So I can't rate it, sorry. R.O.D The TV
  18. @OtakuTrash I have to say I liked "most" of all you listed and seen growing up. InuYasha was my first anime I ever watched and gotten into when I first started to get into anime so I guess it's sorta special.
  19. I always liked L when I watched Death Note in high school and also even wanted to cosplay as him. >,.,.>
  20. I never had a opportunity to get a Churchyroll membership since its a bit pricey for me and I can't afford it monthly. But when I searched online for some anime's & dramas they have on there website they only have few on there and not a whole bunch as I thought they would of have. Basically they don't have everything ( I think ). So for me personally I don't think I'll ever get a membership on Chrcuhyroll to get premium access to watch more of there shows on the website. More or less I'm old fashioned and like to rent or buy anime from a store than watch it online, but again that's just me. Reason why is so I could build a collection of anime things. But then again sometimes it is easy to watch online as well, I'll admit.
  21. Feeling pretty surprisingly amazingly wonderful still~ O,.,O
  22. Still Okami HD , Bejeweled Stars , and looking for another game to play but not sure what yet.
  23. Birth of the Dragon. You gotta love some Bruce Lee films
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