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  1. I never had a opportunity to get a Churchyroll membership since its a bit pricey for me and I can't afford it monthly. But when I searched online for some anime's & dramas  they have on there website they only have few on there and not a whole bunch as I thought they would of have. Basically they don't have everything ( I think ).  So for me personally I don't think I'll ever get a membership on Chrcuhyroll to get premium access to watch more of there shows on the website. More or less I'm old fashioned and like to rent or buy anime from a store than watch it online, but again that's just me. Reason why is so I could build a collection of anime things. But then again sometimes it is easy to watch online as well, I'll admit. 

  2. R.O.D The TV & R.O.D was an interesting anime I thought at first and it was some kind of mystery / action adventure type like some many others out there. But the story and the characters really made it come alive and it was a really enjoyable anime to watch. I fell in love with this series admittedly and it is still and forever one of my favorite anime of all time. If you like girls who kick ass and books then this anime is for you. Also there is more too the anime, but those are the few things that stand out the most about the anime. I re - watch this anime all the time and never get bored of it. <3

    Blood C was an interesting anime and I feel in love with the series admittedly as well. At first I thought it was like any other Blood series of anime out there but found out this was way different with a different take on the story. Plus I didn't know it was somewhat bloody and graphic which I don't mind too much but sorta shocked me at first when watching the series. I really love the series a lot and it is one of my favorite anime's to re - watch as well. <3

    Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli films are always my favorite films to re -watch and never get bored of them also. They all have different types of stories which can capture your heart and make you feel all warm and happy inside ( I think ).  They are family orientated films that any age can enjoy, I was also surprised when I first discovered most of the films how good they were story wise,  plus the animation style was so beautiful and never seen before. I know not just Hayao Miyazaki works on some of the films since he has a team who also directs films as well but Hayao Miyazaki work I have to say I like the most. If you never seen his films or any of Studio Ghibli  films I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to watch. <3




  3. I've been starting to watch some Asian related shows and movies lately so here are some I'm currently watching or going start very soon :

    Asian Movies : Zatoichi blind swordsman , Seven Samurai , The Villainess , The Raid 1 & 2 :nerd:

    Asian Dramas : Weightlifting-Fairy-Kim-Bok-Joo :hot:

    Anime : R.O.D The TV <3 ❤ ~




  4. This is a tough one. I like all characters form the Harry Potter Universe equally to be honest but some favorites of mine that stand out are:

    1. Luna

    2. Hermione

    3. Severus


    Luna she is very interesting girl and I adore her. Maybe a bit insane or nutty but who cares she's just herself.

    Hermione is very clever, intelligent, and caring. I voted for her but If Luna was on there I vote for her first. 

    Severus is serioues, intelligent, and has a caring side to him later in the films we see. Over all a very interesting character and I like him.  

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  5. Any of those sounds interesting not sure really what one to pick. ^^;; Also if people like light versions maybe have an option for people to change there own skin on there PC settings to light if they do not like a dark version. So what they see when there on the forum is light but for everyone else is dark. Just a thought. I seen it on other forums before, so no one feels left out if they wanted light or dark. 

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  6. @Blue-Eyes Loli Dragon By the way I grew up watching Dragon Ball Z too and was into YuGiOh a bit myself. I still have a few trading cards ( of YuGiOh  ) mostly just all my rares but only shows I watched of YuGiOh  were the first season of the original series and the one's on the bikes a bit. ( sorry forgot the name of that one ) Please take care and have a good day~  

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  7. @ItsSammy Heh, yeah he is truly awesome and don't care what other's say about him. Also found him and a Thor video that I liked and him and his brother do make an interesting team even though there different. Also this is for my sister since she loves brothers. 


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  8. @ItsSammy Yes, I adore him and his character in the Marvel universe. He's such a brilliant charterer and love everything about him. Also Tom Hiddleston  plays him sooooo well I think. O,.,O My sister is a fan of him as well and always root for him when he appears in Marvel films, heh. I really don't think he's a "bad" guy I think he's just misunderstood.


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