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  1. Hey Rye dear, I'm sorry about your beloved dog. I too last year lost two of my dogs from old age sadly. I know the pain of it and know how you feel.. Our first Golden we ever owned had cancer later on in her life, she was 8 yrs old. We had to rush to the vet in the middle of dinner one day since she puked up blood. It was a really hard moment for all of us and we had to put her alseep that day. Tis a sad thing to see our pets sick or just becoming older since we know there time will come just like ours. But I think death is another part of our journey so really it's not the end of our stories. ( In my opinion ) Hang in there the best you can and know one day you will see your dog again. It's a new year yes and hopefully thing's go wonderful for you this year and remembr to keep like you just said to breath and like Dory just keep swimming. Sending you good and posiive vibes your way Rye dear~ Take care and gave a good rest of the day. < 3
  2. Welcome to the fourms I hope you enjoy your stay here. Please take care and have a wonderful day~
  3. 15 days of a surprisingly wonderful mood I've been in. Had one small hiccup going on right now which was bound to happen at some point since no one is perfect. I will not let it get to me thus same as my dreams and just move on and smile since I know if I can make my mood last 15 days long I can get passed this and keep going strong. Hope everyone is doing well and having a nice month to the new year so far~ 

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    2. Blue-Eyes Loli Dragon

      Blue-Eyes Loli Dragon

      No, I do not have that.

    3. SleepyLeoulf


      @Rudilla Thank you will do my best.

    4. brycec


      @Blue-Eyes Loli Dragon I see. check the main page of the community for the status update box, and if there is not a box there, your settings might be messed up and you'll need to check with Optic, since he is the only staff member right now.

  4. This is a tough one. I like all characters form the Harry Potter Universe equally to be honest but some favorites of mine that stand out are: 1. Luna 2. Hermione 3. Severus ---- Luna she is very interesting girl and I adore her. Maybe a bit insane or nutty but who cares she's just herself. Hermione is very clever, intelligent, and caring. I voted for her but If Luna was on there I vote for her first. Severus is serioues, intelligent, and has a caring side to him later in the films we see. Over all a very interesting character and I like him.
  5. A new dawn a new day and I'm feeling wonderful. The start of the year is going real well for me so far and I really think this year will be an extraordinary one for myself. Hope everyone is well and as always sending everyone good and positive vibes your way~


  6. The Mountain Between Us. Very Excellent movie.
  7. Going still be positive and work on my health and stay fit and eat more healthy. That's some of my goals for this year.
  8. Any of those sounds interesting not sure really what one to pick. ^^;; Also if people like light versions maybe have an option for people to change there own skin on there PC settings to light if they do not like a dark version. So what they see when there on the forum is light but for everyone else is dark. Just a thought. I seen it on other forums before, so no one feels left out if they wanted light or dark.
  9. I like to try all kinds of food but my favorites would be seafood crab then any Asain food.
  10. Welcome to the forum I hope you enjoy your stay here, please take care~
  11. Still doing fantastic and proud of myself I feel happy again once in life. Without someone making me happy. Had a good Christmas and can't wait for New Years to start fresh with new possibilities for the year for myself. Hope everyone is doing well please everyone take care and sending everyone good and positive vibes your way~ 


  12. Sooooo Kawaii @Vivi Hyuuga Hope you had a nice Christmas. @Wodahs Hey there long time no see, hope you had a nice Christmas as well and hope you've been doing alright lately~ --- Hope everyone had a nice Christmas if they cerebrated it, I know I did.
  13. @Blue-Eyes Loli Dragon By the way I grew up watching Dragon Ball Z too and was into YuGiOh a bit myself. I still have a few trading cards ( of YuGiOh ) mostly just all my rares but only shows I watched of YuGiOh were the first season of the original series and the one's on the bikes a bit. ( sorry forgot the name of that one ) Please take care and have a good day~
  14. Blight on Netflix. I really enjoyed watching it with my sister last night, was awesome I thought.
  15. SPOILERS Be warned... For the show Stranger Things I love this song and the singer is amazing... so talented. GO STRANGER THINGS!!!!
  16. I was trying to say be blessed my dear or friend in Japanese. I guess maybe I didn't do it right.. ^^;; My bad. More or less just said be blessed or be well.
  17. Your always welcome Rey dear and yeah that's just me, heh. Shukufuku sa re, yoku naru~
  18. Been reading up a storm as of late, and really enjoying it also my mood has been still surprisingly wonderful which is awesome.

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone, sending everyone good and positive vibes your way~


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    2. SleepyLeoulf


      @SAO LILDOOP Thank you I wish for that for you as well. 

    3. ItsSammy


      Hope you have an amazing holiday, Sleepy.

    4. SleepyLeoulf


      @ItsSammy I hope for you as well. 

  19. @ItsSammy Heh, yeah he is truly awesome and don't care what other's say about him. Also found him and a Thor video that I liked and him and his brother do make an interesting team even though there different. Also this is for my sister since she loves brothers.
  20. Welcome to the forum Interesting username I hope you enjoy your stay here please take care and happy holidays~
  21. Awww Rye dear well said and I agree with your 1000% percent!! I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a good one this year, also please be safe out there as well. I really enjoyed reading this entry as well ALL your entries. Take care dear and sending you good and a lot of positive vibes your way~
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