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  1. @ItsSammy Heh, yeah he is truly awesome and don't care what other's say about him. Also found him and a Thor video that I liked and him and his brother do make an interesting team even though there different. Also this is for my sister since she loves brothers. 


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  2. @ItsSammy Yes, I adore him and his character in the Marvel universe. He's such a brilliant charterer and love everything about him. Also Tom Hiddleston  plays him sooooo well I think. O,.,O My sister is a fan of him as well and always root for him when he appears in Marvel films, heh. I really don't think he's a "bad" guy I think he's just misunderstood.


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  3. I would love to learn Japanese since I'm half and sadly don't know much of anything but some words of it. My grandma who is full Japanese was going teach me and did some years ago but just a few words and how my name was in Japanese. But she's much older now in her 90's and isn't able to do too much no more so she can't. So right now "trying" to teach myself all I can and just watch old Japanese shows, movies, and anime like she does in her spear time to maybe understand it more and learn that way sorta. Plus it's how I feel connected to her more and bond with her when I visit her and we talk about it. I guess for now researching it is all I can do for the moment.

    Other languages I like to learn is Spanish since my step father knows a bit of it and possibly Korean, since I watch K dramas a lot and listen to Kpop sometimes as well. Be interesting to learn since my sister and I had two friends growing up who were from South Korea. Probably like a lot of people say it is hard like Japanese but will to give it a try.  


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  4. My favorite video game would be Okami since It's about a wolf mostly and I adore wolves and the story itself is just beautiful and well thought out, I think. I fell in love with it first time I played it and it's really cool since part of the fighting system you get to draw out stuff like drawing kanji style things and use it to make special moves happen to help you fight in battle with the enemies. And the graphics / scenery are just stunning, I think. Plus its like a Asian type theme to it. I think It's Japanese more but that's just me. I made a thread about it on here in the "gaming section" In case anyone is curious on what the game is about. I Highly recommend this game.  


    What is your favorite movie and why?

  5. I completed my anime I was watching ( Little Witch Academia Season 2 ) and it was really good. Also it had a nice ending as well for the series, that I thought was kawaii.

    Now later on might start up Lupin the Third Part IV. If not just watch other things.. >,..,>

  6. In a wonderful mood for the past few days starting last Thursday after talking to my father. Just been in positive optimistic mood and it's still going strong. Still some of my dreams somewhat get to me but it has passed more quickly since my mood just been really good as of late. So really doing fantastically well~


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