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  1. I don't have Windows 10 right now and maybe I'll try it sometime down the line or get a new computer with it. In the past I just heard it was not the greatest but it could of changed now or maybe it was just a few peoples opinion's on it. 

  2. I've always was into gaming ever since I was young even watching my older sister play Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation 1. I'm into RPG's. RPGMMO's, adventurer, and some shooting games. Though I can try anything new just "depending" if it looks interesting enough for me. I was curious if anyone has some good games recommendations to play? Since I want to get back into gaming more. I mostly play On PlayStation 4 now but sometimes the PC as well. Even though my computer is not the greatest..  So does anyone know any good games to play, so I can try them out? It be much appreciated. 

  3. @ItsSammy I try to do everything perfect myself though a lot of the time I don't but I really try my hardest to get things done right and also do anything right on the first try. I'm not perfect but I'm a very hard worker and give it my all, 110%. Sometimes I get urges to give up but not so much no more so things are different with me now then how the used to be growing up. So in a "slight" way I sorta relate to you in that way.

    I also get extremely frustrated with myself as well even if having an off day were I want to be happy or in a better mood and think positive. Some days for me aren't like that, so its a struggle for me to keep being positive or optimistic about stuff. I tend to get frustrated when it takes me longer to understand and do a task most of all math related things as well since I have a learning disability. Sometimes reading and understanding different kinds of words is something that bugs me, and myself wishing I knew them or get what they meant. But I came a long way of not reading well or even reading at all so it is getting better it's just slow right now for me. Math wise still "trying" my best to learn things but right now doing it on my own with some help from my folks. Though I wish I could find a tutor to help me out with it but not sure there is any around where I live also taking the time to help me, plus paying them for there time. 

    I also adore British accents. 


  4. Hm interesting question.. If I had a giant robot I would try to help people with things if there is natural disasters and also like Pacific Rim in case monsters would appear I would fight them off to protect people.  It sounds lame I know but that's what I'd do. *shrugs* 

    What do you think of a world with out anime would be like? >,.,.>

  5. I already made a couple threads about Television, Movies, and one part for a popular show on Netflix called " Stranger Things ". I was just curious as always since Netflix came out it's been pretty popular and a few more people are tending to get it or already have it. True, it is a bit pricey and I also heard there raising the price but honestly I think it is worth it to get Netflix. You can pretty much watch anything on there and even rent stuff from them as well. So shows from the past at least a few I noticed are on there and new one's all the time that has been in theaters then on DVD or BlueRay have popped up on there as well to watch. You can find a lot of television series, movies, and even documatnerays on there. They pretty much have it all, even foreign stuff which is pretty cool if your into that. Not forgetting Anime for anime lovers out there. Sometimes they don't always keep the same thing on there for too long since they want to make room for new stuff or more interesting things to watch on there, I've noticed. But a trick I learned if the show is about to go and you have it on your  " watch list " It can stay on there as long as you want it on your list and it wont ever go away. So I heard and noticed myself. So I was wondering does anyone have Netflix and enjoy it and what kinds of stuff you watch on it? 

    I personally have a lot of things I watch on Netflix and also me and my family became closer since this is something we like to watch all together at times for " family time " Or me and my older sister " sister time ".  I don't know I just like Netflix true it is pricey but I think it's worth it to get it since you can even re watch old series, movies, and other things on there you don't really find no where else online. True, Hulu is another website where you can watch a lot of things as well including anime but I just like Netflix more is all and was wondering if others on here like it as well. 

    ** Here are some links below to other threads I've made on AF if your interested in including Stranger Things which I have now season 1 & 2 trailers for in case you want to see what there about.


  6. I grew up watching this show sometimes before school or after when it was on television. I really enjoyed it and the story line plus seen the old one in the 80's or 90's when it was out. I really liked Spike for the longest time, though every character was unique and I adored them all so not sure for favorite favorite person I liked from the show. I heard somewhere or maybe It was just a rumor there bring it back on Television? I could be wrong but it's what I heard. I'm also not sure if I ever finished the whole series of it, since it's been a long time ago. But I seen most all of it and be willing to re watch it if I can find it online or somewhere to rent. Which where I live I highly doubt. *sighs*

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  7. I still think other type of animal girls like: Wolf and Bunnies are cute too. But again Neko's are a bit more popular and very trendy and like dressing up as one. ^,.,^ 

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