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  1. @mechaBD Awesome, I would love to see.  And yes Goldens are very beautiful we had about 4 growing up but sadly all our Goldens have passed on..

    Yes, I seen Wolfs rain a long time ago I don't think I finished it I cried a lot watching it too. It seemed sad to me but still enjoyed it, maybe I'll  finish it someday. But yeah I like wolves in anime as well, really anything wolf related thing I enjoy.

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  2. @mechaBD

    Sweet another wolf lover. :hot:

    Also Huskies are kawaii desu <3 and my sister and I always wanted one, though true they do shed a lot.. >,.,.> But still would love one someday. My Leo was my best friend as well ( though he was a Golden Retriever ) and be lost without him for all those 13 years. Take care of her and know she will also take care of you. 

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  3. 2 minutes ago, RyePotatoes said:

    Definitely Pocky! <3 I've been inlove with the cookies and cream flavor but then just recently I tried the Green Tea and for some reason I've been loving it. xD My friends do call me weird cause of it cause they totally don't like the green tea flavor xD

    I heard of the cookies and cream one but never tried it yet, and we don't have the green tea flavor here where I live. But it sounds interesting and would try it myself sometime. :hot:

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  4. Brilliant topic and I was hoping someone would make this kind of one. (y) Well.... this is a really hard one for me. Before I really found about the whole "Studio Ghibli" thing I always thought it was just some animation movie when I saw a couple of them. But later down the line I found out more about them and they people who made these wonderful touching films that make me so happy when I watch them, I'd never get bored re watching them. My favorite that brought me into the world more would be Spirited Away. My second would be Princess Mononoke, that my father introduced me too. I really adore the story and it has such beautiful scenery in the film.. plus got to love those wolves. <3 Ooooh and the soots sprites too! I named my pet bunny Soot since she was all black. Man I miss her.. 

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  5. Just now, Mars Terra said:

    It's kind of disgusting ... but you can't stop eating once you start. =3 Why the tail, though?

    Oh I see. Well even if it's gross a bit still like to try it regardless. Not sure Id just would eat the tail first. o,.,o 

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