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  1. Bunnies are super kawaii I had one once.
  2. @mechaBD It's alright they all lived happy lives and were well loved including my buddy Leo. Yeah it is a great story.
  3. @mechaBD Awesome, I would love to see. And yes Goldens are very beautiful we had about 4 growing up but sadly all our Goldens have passed on.. Yes, I seen Wolfs rain a long time ago I don't think I finished it I cried a lot watching it too. It seemed sad to me but still enjoyed it, maybe I'll finish it someday. But yeah I like wolves in anime as well, really anything wolf related thing I enjoy.
  4. @Tefutakato I like sherbet ice cream at times but don't mind it too much. Also that anime would sound pretty interesting and awesome, I'd for sure watch it. ^,.,- What is something you can't live without? & Do you watch cat videos on YouTube? >,.,.>
  5. @RyePotatoes I probably would since I drank green tea once or twice in my life. I have tired the Pocky where it has almonds or coconut on it. Those I really enjoy and are interesting, to me at least. ^^; Question: What do you really want for Christmas this year?
  6. Woke up in a good mood and starting my day once again on a positive note. Things are sure looking great today so far.. Also hope I'm not getting sick as well.


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    2. SleepyLeoulf


      Eat garlic? I never heard of that before.. Alright I'll keep that in mind, and thank you for the comment. 

    3. Geno Syns

      Geno Syns

      Usually when im sick i just mix honey+lemon+garlic+ginger+hot water

      then would feel better in bout 30 minutes!!!

    4. SleepyLeoulf


      Interesting I'll keep that in mind as well to try sometime.

  7. @mechaBD Sweet another wolf lover. Also Huskies are kawaii desu and my sister and I always wanted one, though true they do shed a lot.. >,.,.> But still would love one someday. My Leo was my best friend as well ( though he was a Golden Retriever ) and be lost without him for all those 13 years. Take care of her and know she will also take care of you.
  8. I heard of the cookies and cream one but never tried it yet, and we don't have the green tea flavor here where I live. But it sounds interesting and would try it myself sometime.
  9. What is your favorite flavor ice cream? & If you could make your own anime what would it be about?
  10. Your always there when I need you the most and you listen to me when no one else does.. Thank you for all you've done for me I truly mean it, just know I'd always do the same for you and be there for you when you need someone. Be well my friend and always know through hard times or not I got your back and always be by your side.. @Tefutakato 


  11. A positive start to my day so far and feeling great. Opened a graphic shop on here to practice more to improve my work and just be kind to make people things. Please take care everyone and have a great Monday~

    P.S. Wrote a new blog entry for today. 


    1. Myouya


      Awesome, I might ask something from you soon.

    2. SleepyLeoulf


      @Rudilla I'd be glad to make you something. :nerd:

  12. I'm a female but maybe you meant it as just a phrase. Your welcome.
  13. @Matmatf2 Yes, as I remember its blue.
  14. Kind of reminds me of an anime I seen a long time ago called Chrono Crusade. I could be wrong sorry and if that's not right or helpful, I tried.
  15. @SoullessMarshmallow My sister LOVES foxes as well.
  16. @SoullessMarshmallow She's the Marshmallow queen... >,.,.> and likewise I don't watch a lot of anime my self but slowly getting back into it and pacing myself.
  17. Feeling more better than yesterday though with some mild moments of sadness and feeling unsure about certain things as well. 

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    2. ItsSammy


      Glad to see you're feeling better.

    3. SleepyLeoulf


      @ItsSammy Thank you and thank you for the follow. 

    4. ItsSammy


      No problem. 

  18. Welcome to the forum hope you enjoy your stay here, please take care~
  19. Welcome to the forum I hope you enjoy your stay here~
  20. I think the uneasy dreams I had last night won the battle today since I feel a bit down and alone feeling then slightly out of it still. *sighs* Hope I'll dream better tonight and have a better day tomorrow.

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    2. Myouya


      Anytime, it's my pleasure to be of service.



      I feel bad that you lost your therapist, trust is not something you can give away easily and having to learn to trust someone again can be very hard; I wish you the best. About your dreams. I tried looking up ways to get rid of nightmares and stuff on google and bing but I didn't find anything you wouldn't already know, sorry. I will pray you have better dreams from now on, I am just now feeling a bit better, my sickness is starting to go away now, so now that I am back online I want to use my time for useful things again and help out. Best wishes Sleepy.

    4. SleepyLeoulf


      @Rudilla Thank you.

      @SAO LILDOOP Thank you.


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