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  1. 6 minutes ago, SoullessMarshmallow said:

    Thoughts on people putting pineapples on their pizzas~? 

    Hm, well I tried pineapple on pizza before and didn't really care for it but I've been trying new types of foods lately so.. I could give another go at it. But I don't think its wrong to put that on pizza. Everyone likes unique or even weird topics on pizza. Like for me for example I enjoy salsa on cheese pizza. Weird I know but I enjoy it, heh.

  2. @SAO LILDOOP True, now a days online is where most people are who are into geeky / nerdy things such as anime, movies, video games, and etc.. But there are still people out there in real life who also share the same passions as you do and everyone here. It maybe just be hard to find people if your friends with them and  can still respect you if  your into one of those things if there a true friend they will. Friends don't always have to like what you do but still listen to you about it and support you. I had people like that in my life and yeah it does suck a bit that they don't get it or want to get into it or thinks it lame. But still there are others out there in real life who do get it and are into the same things as you. I just wouldn't give up is all. Everywhere around the world is different but I know people still exists who are into stuff like anime as people on here are. I myself are and introvert and also very shy and suffer from social anxiety as well. So I find more comfort online making friends. But does not mean I would like some in person I just don't right now have none. 

    I also think since technology is much more advance than back in the day and still growing as well the internet that people tend more to be online, social media, and so on.. So it's like a new kind of fad or something like that can't find the right word for it, my bad ^^;; But none the less online for people is more comfortable, for some. But still I would try and get outside more in real life and meet people. Don't have to be friends with them just talk to people and if your shy or have a hard time with it take baby steps. The world is meant for people to find each other. Some prefer online more than in real life which I see no harm in. But still would try in person as well.


    ( just answering in general )

    Now for meeting girls I know there are girls out there who will respect you if you game, like anime and whatever else your into. Some might be into it more and some might not. My mother does not care too much for my step father gaming but she still respects it and tires to listen and be there supporting him even though she don't get it much or care for it really. So each girl is different if you want to meet someone but you never know. Like I said the world is meant for people to find each other you never know someone could find you. Wouldn't give up hope though.

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  3. I'm not sure where to post this so I posted it here in "Chit Chat" If it needs to be removed I understand and apologize for it. I was just curious if anyone likes AMV's and Multifandom's on YouTube? I've never heard of them for a long time but then recently probably after school learned more about them. My own sister made some of her show she was into so I thought I make a thread asking and also sharing favorite AMV's and Multifandom's on here.

    Just note some of them are of a mature subject matter and I advise you too keep it clean if possible for those types since we should respect the rules of the forum, thank you~

    Here are two I really like so far:




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