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  1. UPDATE:

    Thank you for everyone's advice and how they deal with it if your in a slump or anime block. I am watching anime again but taking my time with it, and also currently making a list of what to watch next after I finish the one I'm watching now which is. Little Witch Academia on Netflix season 2. Take care everyone~ 


  2. 13 hours ago, Dojikko said:

    I have a social anxiety disorder, so it's difficult for me to get close to people IRL. But like many others have said already, it's nice to be able to find people with common interests on the internet, at least.

    I have social anxiety myself and it can be pretty hard for me most days, but I am getting better though managing it so you can too. :hot:

    But yeah on the internet it is nice since you can find places like this who share the same interests as you. But it is also better to find people in person I think in my opinion. Though where I live sadly there isn't or I have not met none yet. But who knows things can happen. Have a wonderful rest of the day~


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  3. Greetings Mellow and welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your stay here and I think it's pretty cool your friends with Soulless here and joined as well. Friends joining the same place is pretty cool, I think. Please take care and have a wonderful rest of the day~

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  4. I have two favorites to be honest, though the first one has been my favorite forever and as long as I could remember. 

    R.O.D The TV840_a.jpg.ab83fccec31878d972efbd2a3f9dad5a.jpg

    I really love this anime when I first discovered it, thinking the title, and picture on the anime was pretty cool and interesting. So then I just rented it to give it a go and fell in love with the world / story, as well as it's characters. All I can say is that's it's about a group of sisters called "Paper Masters" Or the "Paper Sisters" they call themselves helping people out finding, books, cat's or anything else. More or less like superheros helping others in need. But there is more to the story than just that filled with action, mystery, comedy, and many more things as well. They use "Paper Magic" as they also call it by manipulating the paper to make whatever they want sorta like Origami but this is more advanced and they can use the paper as weapons to fight bad guys, so these girls pretty much kick butt when in battles against the villains. They LOVE books and reading them but the short and pink haired girl in the series Hates books / reading them so is an odd ball in the group for most of the series. I would give it a go even if you like reading since its sorta revolves around that in a way and it's just pretty cool if you ask me. To find out more about it just look on the internet by searching it, also watching it. Lastly it's still not a well known anime so some people probably would never even heard of it. 



    BloodC Is also my favorite anime and would come in second place to be honest. It's like the others of the Blood series but this one is a bit different than all the rest. I really relate to the character Saya Kisaragi a lot and think she is a very strong, beautiful, and bad ass I have to admit  for a female character. At first she had this completely other side to her a sweet, caring, innocent type of person then later on in the series she changes to this strong willed, independent, and not showing too many emotions at all other then rage pretty much. So in the series it explains why she changes and became this other person after a while. I wont spoil it so if your curious I would watch it and also look on the internet about information about it more. It's a bit dark somewhat gory so it might not be for everyone but I really fell in love with the story, characters and also the world itself. 

  5. It's alright. Yeah some places are like that where people don't really get the whole anime thing or spending time on the PC a lot. I think that's anywhere really. No I would be just yourself and do what you like or love to do and don't care what others think of you, if they are a true friend they would accept you for you. Just my opinion. And true some girls could take that the wrong way but you never know. 

  6. Not sure if this is an introduction type thread you made.. but hey welcome to the forum I hope you enjoy your stay here. That's good you have an active life outside the internet though. True, sometimes finding people who have stuff in common with you can be tricky but there a few people still out there just got to keep looking. But being online can be fun as well and some prefer it more than in real life things or people. Online friends are also nice to have but having people in person is a bit better since you can actually see them on a daily bases but nothing wrong with having online and in person friends too.  There is someone out there for everyone since the world is made for people to find  each other. So you never know you might meet someone down the line, just never stop being yourself and maybe you'll find them or them find you.


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  7. Well I never had much luck finding friends during school and after who were into anime like myself. So I couldn't say in real life that I found friends or it made our bond stronger since we're both into anime. Online however I met some people on and off for a period of time and since I joining AF there is A LOT more people here who are into anime than any other forum I've been on, in my opinion anyway. I'm pretty shy and quite mostly also in in real life too, but I am slowly making some friends on here so I guess finding people who are into the same thing as I am is there and we can chat about it more and also get what each other is saying since we like the same thing. I've seen a lot of anime over the years some I finished some not yet but trying to get back into it more since it's always been a passion of mine and something I enjoyed. Making our bond stronger, I guess it would bring my friends and I closer together not sure since I only have a few and few people I trust and are close too. 

  8. On 11/1/2017 at 9:22 AM, SleepyLeoulf said:

    Hero: Rescue Mission by: Jennifer Li Shotz

    Been SUPER excited to read this book since I've been waiting months for it to come out. 

    Like I said before I'm still SUPER excited that I'm reading this book, so far its good as always and I'm sucked right back into the world of Hero. I really enjoy the series quiet a lot since its pretty easy to read, flows well and the characters are well developed enough to understand and picture in your head when reading the book. Probably not for everyone but I rather enjoy it and find it interesting for a book and now a fan of the series / author. I really hope the ending will end on a happy note since I think this is the last of the Hero series.. Then later on the author is writing Scouts story next and series of books about him. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves dogs the type who serve our county, police the streets,  use for therapy companions, or search and rescuing people for disasters. I'll see how it ends soon. *picks it up and reads some more* <3

  9. Currently started: Little Witch Academia season 2

    Though I give it a go again since I watched it and then near the end of the first season binged watch the rest of it on Netflix. I rather enjoyed it and thought it was a pretty kawaii anime. Wish me luck hope this gets me out of my anime slump I'm in. :? 

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  10. 9 minutes ago, Beocat said:

    If you like sharks then you need to come diving! Take a scuba diving class (the fins will help, and no bicycle kicking now) and come visit us in the sea :) I'm diving with sharks every dive. They really are amazing creatures....  and got to say it, GO WOLFPACK! Hehe.


    Mine is obviously the cat. They are beautiful and intelligent, kind of heart, and little furry humans at times.  If you've never been loved by a cat, then your soul is still missing something yet.


    My favorite fish is the spadefish..I love how it schools together around the wrecks. So beautiful and elegant underwater. Makes me sad when I see someone spear one. 

    True, I have thought about diving and being in a cage in the water with sharks before maybe someday who knows. Heh, yeah go wolfpack. :) 

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  11. I was curious and wanted to make this thread to ask everyone what is your favorite animal?

    What is your favorite animal and why?

    My favorite animal a long time ago when I was five years old and up was sharks. Yes sharks. The Great White more specifically to be honest. After seeing the movie Jaws I became extremely fascinated by them and really was into learning more about them, I even wanted to study them when I grew up as a profession. Though at the time and even still now I don't know how to swim very well but still willing to learn and get better at it. After seeing the movie I just fell in love with them all kinds and always watched Shark Week on television each year. Mysterious, beautiful, and misunderstood creatures they are I think. With out them the ocean would not survive I have heard since they are a bit part of the ecosystem. I could be wrong but it's just what I heard or something like it. I still have love for them but not a lot no more since I have another favorite animal that also been a huge part of my life I always adored. And no I'm not afraid of them.

    My favorite animal right now are wolves. All kinds of wolves not just the Grey Wolf as some people like and know about. I posted on here a few times why I love them and are into them but all I can say is they also fascinate me and just so beautiful and majestic creatures. I have a lot of wolf related stuff in real life I collect as well some werewolf ( Lycanthrope ) things as well. "The 5 facts about me" thread is where I posted why I'm into them if your curious to know. 

    Sidenote: I also LOVE all animals really especially, bunny's, rats, dwarf hamsters, barn owls, dogs, and cats. 


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