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  1. I find it ridiculous that gay relationships have to be censored on television. It's not inappropriate, he's just kissing him.
  2. The only anime world I would want to go to is in My Hero Academia. I'm sure a whole of things would be easier in that world due to almost everyone some kind of useful power. The worries of being injured wouldn't be too bad with who can heal you for almost nothing and criminals can be stopped my someone with a strong so that'd be nice. The only problem would be the whole people using their quirks for evil kind of thing. If I didn't have a quirk because I wasn't born there I wouldn't really mind to much.
  3. I'm currently reading a book called "How to Kill a Mockingbird". There's this annoying mockingbird outside my house who keeps chirping and I'm trying to figure out how to just kill the thing. Currently the book is going on about some rebellion of some kind, not really helping out my situation at all.
  4. I just recently watched Good Luck Girl. I'm planning to watch more episodes of Cowboy Bebop.
  5. My favorite Anime character with a split personality is my cat. One minute she'll be sleeping and the next she'll be darting around the house like her tail is on fire.
  6. Mostly Funimation, if not then I check yahoo view to see if they have the anime i'm looking for in dub.
  7. Haven't kissed a girl yet and still going strong. Please root for my 90 year old virgin high score, only 73 years to go.
  8. There are a lot of anime made and many of them people either rarely see or never remember. Are you a fan of an anime that almost nobody talks about? I don't personally know any but I'm sure many of you have dug deep and found some of the most rare and unknown anime out there and have fallen in love with it. I'd like to here what you've found. (Telling why you think it's great would also be nice).
  9. I'm not quite sure but I think it was Super Mario World Advance.
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