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  1. No replies? Why am i even in this forum?
  2. Whi did this anim not deserve more credits? First season might be a bit childish but still okay. But seasons after tht,..damnnn its good. So my question,..why is this not a high happening anime?
  3. Watching the Bungo Stray Dogs. I like it. Now starting S2
  4. Someone from MAL helped me. Perhaps this is useful for other people here: Unfortunately, there is no "magic" tag on MAL (maybe you can try adding fantasy from advanced search, to make it closer to magic category). Copy all the link below for your search: (i made the link for post 2015 action tag with 7+ score) https://myanimelist.net/anime.php?cat=0&q=&type=0&score=7&status=0&p=0&r=0&sm=1&sd=1&sy=2015&em=0&ed=0&ey=0&c[0]=a&c[1]=b&c[2]=c&c[3]=f&genre[0]=1&o=3&w=1
  5. Hi, I would be very grateful if someone can help me. Is it possible on My Anime list to make a detailed search? And how? I want a search on all the anime post 2015 within the action/magic category with a ranking higher than 7 (out of 10)
  6. Watched 3 eps now. This is all kinds of weird lol. Meaning i can not pinpoint it to a genre. On one hand it is a simple overpowered MC with magic. BUT he is fighting against technology of the humans. Graphics are like 2001. It is soft and sometimes hardcore. Story sometimes goes all over the place. But still intriguing. Well will watch next episode now. When you have time watch it also, curious what you think.
  7. Ahh to bad. Was just about to start watching it. Then i need to find another anime to watch. Haha been watching to much lately. List is getting thin EDIT: going to try this one now: Hametsu no Oukoku
  8. Anyone seen it? https://myanimelist.net/anime/52741/Undead_Unluck @Ohayotakumate,..you seen this one?
  9. Curious about other peoples thoughts as well
  10. i caannot believe you watch that crap
  11. Watching it now. Am at ep 3. Will continue. But it is by far not as good as the apothecary diaries. I have noticed this before mate. We have the same interest in action, graphics, storyline,..but we differ in 1 thing. Heart. Heart in an anime. In the apothecary you feel for her, you smile with her and you like to see her grow. In Raven so far; all though good, i dont care about her. Not trying to bash you,..just food for thought. And everybody likes something else. So far your recommendations have always helped me
  12. @Myouyacan you, or someone else, change my name. It has been bugging me for some time. My scene nick for 30 years was Bullet. Since i raced warez the fastest. The -je is a dutch way to make it smaller. Anyway,..my nick is Bulletje76. I made a typo when registering, i fogot the 't'. Anyway you can please fix this?
  13. Thank you. I expected it 1 hour ago.. But was worried since it is not on the release calender. But apperently this calender is useless: https://www.crunchyroll.com/simulcastcalendar
  14. I Okay awesome. Will get back to you later today
  15. Will watch it next. Thank you mate. Ohh @Ohayotakui cannot find anywhere the proper releasedate for The Apothecary Diaries episode 7. Can you?
  16. Are there people that want to discuss anime in irc channel? if so please contact me
  17. I asked this many times. And i was waiting for an admin,..but since no admin or mod i controling this forum. Let me start airc channel. Could be fun Created
  18. thank you for your very indepth and clear answer. I just finished an anime. I might give this a try
  19. I was thinking about watching this. Why do you like it? What is cool about it? I am at ep 2 now. loving the drawings and coloring
  20. Can you create me one? if i give you some pointers
  21. Mate , is this a good one? i am doubting about that one for a time now Myself i wored hard at the office but watched a lot of anime in the evening. Again watched Goblin slayer s1 since i wanted to continue withy s2 now. It is not great nor boring. Also found a gem i normally would not watch, why raeline ended up at dukes mansion. First half is better than the second but still i enjoyed it. Watched Death mount death play s2. Still dont know what to think about that. On one hand i think its awesome and even though the pace is high, sometimes it bores me. Do not know why. And keeping up with current seasons. Berserk of gluttony, power of the saint, rurouni kenshin, the demon sword master, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End etc Only thing i am doubting about is watching Shangri-La Frontier. Can anyone give me an advice? While it is weird, i like isekai, i do not like the premis that it is all not real but in a videogame. Still any good?
  22. Sorry for my late response mate. As an IT test manager things were hectic this week at ASML. I worked non stop. Finally an evening to respond and watch anime. Well i know nothing i say will change your mind, just hoping you will give that anime a second chance. Now i am gonna watch the 3th season of the shield hero. To be honest i loved the first season, end of second season was rubbish. But let me check the first 5 eps of season 3 now. I really hope it picks up
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