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  1. Just had to put my dog to sleep because of cancer. I cannot stop crying. Cannot believe i wont see her anymore

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    2. Bulletje76


      Thanks. I been crying a lot. Need to man up now. it is just she was the kindest carring dog i have ever known. Also i am a dog lover and a really sensitive guy. Perhaps to sensitive. People i know today saying " yeah when you get a dog you have to prepare you outlive them". That doesnt fooking help me. I can't wait till their wives die and i will say " yes when you get married you must prepare that there is a 50% chance you outlive them".  Thankfully i also have sensitive friends who just say: yes that is shit, i feel for you.

    3. Animedragon


      I'm so sorry to hear this, a dog is a faithful family member and their death is really hard to take.  It's been many many years since my last dog passed away and I cried a lot when she died I have her photo on the wall in my living room to remind me to remind me of all the good times we spent together.  I hope you too will be able to remember and enjoy the happy memories of the time you spent together.

    4. Wild Emotion

      Wild Emotion

      I'm sorry for your loss, my friend. I know what it's like to be a sensitive person, the only comfort I can give though is that eventually it will hurt less. It's not like anyone really gets used to it, but it does hurt less over time. Just be patient, time can heal your pain. You'll see her again in the afterlife, but not yet, right? 

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