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  1. I need some advice. I am thinking of caring for a dog. The problem is that i am alone and not that big of house. Pros are; i work in IT 3 days from home. I walk a lot. Cons are: i need to find someone to walk for the 2 days i am not working from home but at ASML. And am i ready for this commitment? But than again; a dog must be better at myn house than at a metal box?? Advice please

    1. Bulletje76


      @Ohayotakucan you advice me like in anime ;)

    2. Animedragon


      Owning a dog is a great responsibility. You've already thought about the need regular walks and I guess you've also thought about providing food for it. Then there's vet's bills if your dog is taken ill and vet's bills can be huge. You'll be held responsible if your dog attacks and injures another dog or person. Another thing to consider is what happens to your dog when you go on holiday? Most, if not all, hotels, guest houses and self-catering accommodation will not allow dogs.
      Bringing a dog into your life is a decision only you can make having weighed up all the pros and cons.
      However, having said all that, a dog can be a faithful friend and companion.

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