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  1. After 16 years of working for the same IT company, i signed a new contract today. With a different company. I am happy.

    I had to do a lot of IQ and ability tests so was nervous. But alls well that ends well

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  2. On 2/20/2023 at 1:19 AM, Ohayotaku said:

    Not sure what you’ve already seen. Some possibilities: The Eminence in Shadow • Skeleton Knight in Another World • Claymore • Record of the Lodoss War • Dororo• Fate Zero • Fullmetal Alchemist (original & Brotherhood) • Scrapped Princess 

    Hi mate, finished The eminence in the shadow. The first two episodes are very confusing. it gets a lot better after that. I like the overpowered MC, i like the graphics, i like the pace and the magic. What i do not like is the continues drive of the mc to be a weak background character. It gets annoying fast. Still a nice score from me, 7 out of 10. Thanks. Will go to the next suggestion of yours today

    On 2/21/2023 at 11:40 PM, Otaku Gamer said:

    The only thing I can really think of is Chrno Crusade. It's more on the supernatural side, following a Sister of the Cross named Rosette, her long lost brother, and a devil (or demon) named Chrono. I highly recommend it.

    Your suggestion is much appreciated. Thank you

  3. 9 minutes ago, Ohayotaku said:

    I’m currently watching Monster & Aggretsuko season 5. They recently added more episodes of the original Inuyasha, hopefully more to come. The 2nd half of Uncle from Another World should come up soon hopefully (the Japanese release date for episode 13 is March 9th). They also have Vinland Saga (including season 2 I think, though I’m watching on CR). Some exclusives I enjoyed include Dorohedoro, Spriggan (2022), Violet Evergarden, Little Witch Academia and Carol & Tuesday. There was also Jojo Stone Ocean & Cyberpunk Edgerunners though I wasn’t particularly a fan. I periodically let my subscription lapse, but come back if other sites don’t keep me busy enough. Most of my anime viewing comes from CR though.

    Some good tips thank you. 

  4. I apologize if i post to much. But some more life in forum seems okay and i have these questions for years now haha.

    What i do NOT understand is that if i pay a chrucnhyroll subscription, it is country depended. WHY? So for instance, where i live in the netherlands you have very limited access to series. If i move my vpn to United kingdom, i can watch much more. Why is that? Do we not all pay the same ammount?

    And more nteresting, is the a excel sheet with country to CR, where you can see in wich country you can watch what?

  5. 4 minutes ago, Ohayotaku said:

    I thought season 1 was decent. Will probably binge season 2 sometime after it’s over (it & Summertime Rendering are on Hulu, but right now CR & Netflix are more than I can handle time-wise).

    i am surprised, are there any good anime on netflix?

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  6. I just received the explorer rank on AF

    I would like to thank my mother, who was always there for me. My sister who when i was young accepted the anime channel

    Hmmm so many people to thank for this award. My nephew who introduced me to irc downloading. 

    And above all i would like to thank the community with this award. Without you all it would not be possible

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  7. On 2/20/2023 at 1:30 PM, Otaking66lives said:

    Welcome to the Insanity! Enjoy your time here, just watch out for *ducks flying Mi-go*. Dammit! Who keeps opening THAT door?? *chases after the escapee while yelling* Anyways, welcome!!

    you do know that the netherlands have the tallest men in the world and ducks fly into our head anyways?

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  8. 13 minutes ago, Ohayotaku said:

    Not sure what you’ve already seen. Some possibilities: The Eminence in Shadow • Skeleton Knight in Another World • Claymore • Record of the Lodoss War • Dororo• Fate Zero • Fullmetal Alchemist (original & Brotherhood) • Scrapped Princess 

    3 of those i havent watched. Big thanks for your time and effort. Will watch them

  9. When i am reading the forum i am confronted with animes i would like to watch. What i do now is save them in a txt.

    But wouldnt it be a nicce forum feature to have a watchlist function? So you can enter possible suggestions per member?

    is this a VBB forum? perhaps i can create something if other ppl see the value

  10. 7 minutes ago, MediaConsumesMe said:

    I've not watch the second series, so I'm only judging on season 1. I likely will continue it, but I'm gonna try and get through Yu Yu Hakusho and 91 Days first. 

    Well be prepared for season 2 haha. it is still okay. But season 1 was fast paced, quirky, original and booming with suspense since you wanted to know when they know of each others power. Season 2 is slow paced, unoriginal and episodes regarding weird items

    but thats just my 2 cents

    On 2/18/2023 at 12:33 AM, Clayton said:

    Deadpool Samurai

    Do you have a link for this one please? it is not on imdb

  11. On 12/25/2021 at 5:14 PM, Duthé said:

    Can you recommend me an anime/manga with serious grind and if possible a little bit of drama in it? Thank you for your attention.

    Attack on titan seems to fit

  12. On 1/16/2023 at 6:09 PM, I3IRD_04 said:

    It's about a guy who's a complete shut in never worked or anything just an Otaku. He gets thrown out by his family after someone close dies and he ends up dead too(can't remember how). He shows up in another world complements his mother's boobs and learns magic fast. He gets a purple haired demon magic teacher, steals her panties and calls them the holy relic. Anyways He goes to teach a red haired girl as a job. That's as far as I got before it disappeared from my watch list.

    Sorry. I thought i watched every isekai but this does not ring any bells.

  13. On 2/15/2023 at 10:05 AM, Mehr said:

    Thanks for the rather complete answer, I just finish watching the season 2 and it was a decent show as you mentioned. But when it comes to Sherlock/Moriarty murder mystery, I'm a stickler. However, we shouldn't overlook the fact that creating a Good Moriarty is not only unprecedented but also hard to pull out. especially considering the fact that Sherlock is always the sole beacon.

    PS: I am a fan of bishounen  😁

    Are there more sherlock murder mystery animes? Which would you recommend? Thanks in advance

  14. 4 hours ago, MediaConsumesMe said:


    Hunter x Hunter from 2011 was the second big Shonen I watched after Full Metal Alchemist and would recommend to any shouen fan whose not seen it yet, it got perhaps the best power system of any of them and the Chimera Ant Arc is top notch stuff.  



    Spy x Family is defiantly one of the newer shows I've seen, it mixed the wholesome aspects of most Slice of Life but also maintained the speedy and more focused plot of shoune which I really liked. 



    I LOVE hunter x hunter. Watched it 3 times

    Spy x Family was awesome the first season. But now t is disappointing me

  15. 4 hours ago, MediaConsumesMe said:

    Attack on Titan was made out to be like this absolutely incredible series but to be honest their better fights in Fate. Yeah I went their. Take out the fights, and just judge it on the story and well it not even doing that well, the plot twist with the Female Titan was so obvious it was almost painful, the Struggle for Trost was a struggle to sit through by the end. And at the end of the day their is far better Shonen and Seinen to watch.  

    When titans roam | Anime Amino

    Plus the animation is inconsistent. To put it nicely. 

    Next one was Trigun I went in expecting something akin to Samauri Champloo or Cowboy Beebop. And at first it was a comedy. It nailed more jokes than it missed so I was alright with it. It then switched up gears and went for a more serious show. Again it proceeded it first few episodes here well and I was again pretty impressed. Then the backstory episode. From their it was a downward spiral to the end, and by the time of Vash vs Knifes I had cashed out which was a shame as it was a decent show up until the twist. 

    Trigun GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

    I think this opinion might be contested, but you guys want some unpopular opinions. 

    However I think the new series has higher prospects for me as it sets it self up as the second half from the start (from what people been saying) and establishes the twist as not a twist but a part of the story. And I think that's more my preference. 

    I agree with attack on titan. The first episodes were great. but it got less and less till at some point i stopped watching

  16. 7 minutes ago, Ohayotaku said:

    For me the “quality” of animation is just a piece of the whole. Trigun Stampede is a perfect example: visually impressive, but as far as everything else, I prefer the original. Likewise, the Star Blazers remakes definitely benefitted from a fresh coat of paint & better dub, but there are certain story points in the original I prefer, for example

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    the revelation that Sandor’s arms & legs were prosthetics, the result of a childhood accident


    Yes i agree. For me also. That's why i just replied in a different thread that i think the fight between naruto and pain is the best ever. Not because the graphics (that counts for 1 point), but also the anticipation, the storyline, the sound track and the originality.

    But most old school anime and even the newer ones, the visuals just don't do it for me. I know that is not elite but i am just being honest. If the visuals and coloring look like i could have drawn it in paint,...i dont know, i just cannot enjoy it as much. Maybe that will change again in a few years and my taste will change. 

    But off course other aspects are important as well. Just beautiful visuals and nothing else is also a no go

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