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  1. Sorry. I thought i watched every isekai but this does not ring any bells.
  2. Are there more sherlock murder mystery animes? Which would you recommend? Thanks in advance
  3. I love The misfit of demon king academy. Was really looking forward to new episode today. But this is sad news. It sometimes surprises me because in The Netherlands there is almost no covid anymore https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2023/02/18/the-misfit-of-demon-king-academy-season-2-episode-7-release-delayed/
  4. Watching only new rlsed eps of running season at the moment. So now Boruto, my hero academia, Misfit of demon king academy and Tokyo revengers
  5. hunter x Hunter the misfit of demon academy that time i got reincarnated as a slime
  6. I LOVE hunter x hunter. Watched it 3 times Spy x Family was awesome the first season. But now t is disappointing me
  7. I agree with attack on titan. The first episodes were great. but it got less and less till at some point i stopped watching
  8. Well the title says it all. Let me start: The Hellsing series
  9. Yes i agree. For me also. That's why i just replied in a different thread that i think the fight between naruto and pain is the best ever. Not because the graphics (that counts for 1 point), but also the anticipation, the storyline, the sound track and the originality. But most old school anime and even the newer ones, the visuals just don't do it for me. I know that is not elite but i am just being honest. If the visuals and coloring look like i could have drawn it in paint,...i dont know, i just cannot enjoy it as much. Maybe that will change again in a few years and my taste will change. But off course other aspects are important as well. Just beautiful visuals and nothing else is also a no go
  10. I am watching anime since 1992. And i really want to be a guy that likes old and new anime. But to be very honest, when i now look at the shows i loved back then, the graphics are so poor, i cannot enjoy it anymore. Even if back in the day i loved that show. I guess i dont want to admit it, but i got spoiled with better and better drawing over time. It is like normal fantasy to use an example. I loved the movie The never ending story when it came out in 1984. I think i watched it 7 times the next 5 years. But when i look at it now, i can almost see the strings at the stuffed flying animal
  11. Hi, I started on a new google site with anime i liked. It is BY FAR not finished. Haven't even filled in all the sections. BUT if you really need a recommendation if you do not know what to watch, perhaps it is already useful. I ranked all the shows. What i did; i only posted an anime if it has a 6 out of 10 for me, or higher. If it is scored lower by me, i think i didnt finish it or it was not worthy of mentioning. off course i need to update it with more series i watched. https://sites.google.com/view/remcoanime/homepage p.s.; when i am done it will have more shows and all with filled in sections: Jap name: Eng name: Score: Story: Comment: New Season:
  12. Thanks everybody for the warm welcome. i feel already at home
  13. You are my king and deserve of feathers. I have one moe question,..if you know that answer,.. i will send an ipad
  14. Hi, i am losing my mind. I saw an anime a year ago and cannot remember it's name. And i need the name. I really hope someone has seen it and can remember the name. It is about a very powerful man. i thought he was vampire (but after 2 hrs not finding anything on google i am doubting now). He has a special title in the kingdom for being born the most powerful one. He disappears. His, also strong, assistant becomes director of a high school in his absence. Awaiting for his master. There are kids in the high school which are normal humans, so when they now the director is a vampire, there minds are wiped. There are other vampires after some time and they become concierges and guardians of the high school. After some time the vampire master gets back to his assistant. But the princess of the kingdom hates him. Because before his death, the princess heard her father the king say, that this overpowered mc should become king. Any bells ringing? Thanks in advance
  15. Hi people, Man, 46 years old, living in the Netherlands. Watching anime since 1995. Working (just for fun) on a website where i post all animes i deem worthy of a 6+ (out of 10). Mostly like ninja, magic, fantasy and isekai Made an account on this forum since i forgot a name of an anime i watched and it is driving me mad. So will make a thread on that. BUT looking on this forum it seems i will enjoy more posts on here,
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