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  1. Just had to put my dog to sleep because of cancer. I cannot stop crying. Cannot believe i wont see her anymore

    1. Bulletje76


      Thanks. I been crying a lot. Need to man up now. it is just she was the kindest carring dog i have ever known. Also i am a dog lover and a really sensitive guy. Perhaps to sensitive. People i know today saying " yeah when you get a dog you have to prepare you outlive them". That doesnt fooking help me. I can't wait till their wives die and i will say " yes when you get married you must prepare that there is a 50% chance you outlive them".  Thankfully i also have sensitive friends who just say: yes that is shit, i feel for you.

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  2. please help her!!!

  3. Getting married in just 4 days 

  4. I've been sick for 2 days straight tasekete


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