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  1. sorry i was on holiday for a few days. Ehh never mind mate. it is just a lame joke. I always make a point on this forum that we should watch the latest anime since graphics and storylines have grown. I make a subjective comment like post 2005. I can ellaborate more if you like. But NOWWW<..time to watch the anime i missed last week haha. I dont watch to many running shows,..so will be fast
  2. thanks. Clayton did not know about myu pre 2005 virus
  3. I was wondering what is done and not done in this community Can we share anime? I mean like through ftp fxp torrent one drive etc? Normally when you share a new movie it is not done, copyright. But anime is a different ball game I was wondering because i have 7 tb of anime and a gbit line,...so i can share. That is my goal
  4. since you mention naruto,..isnt myth a bit far fetched in these? i was looking for japanese gods and stuff
  5. i agree. Some 90s anime were excelent and some now are horrible. I believe that 30 % of anime in the 90s was good. And 30% of anime post 2010 is good. but i just prefer to watch the 30% in the latter category because i get the graphics from now
  6. I like it. Not earth shaking good but i would give it 7/10
  7. Watched spirit chronicles for the 2nd time. Now time for some online poker. Ahhh the good life. And tomorrow day off

  8. Very welcome here. Hope you will enjoy it
  9. I love this isekai " am i actually the strongest". Waiting now for episode 10. Anyone knows when it will be released? This episodelist with dates are incorrect: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt28254867/episodes?ref_=tt_eps_sm
  10. Yes and " i love lucy" was a great comedy show. BACK in the '60s lol. Lets enjoy what modern graphics and storytelling have brought us in 2023
  11. Spirit chronicles Parallel world pharmacy Chainsaw man Moonlit fantasy from commonplace to world's strongest That is from 1993 man
  12. I assume you are talking about Lycoris recoil and not spoiling my new serie? But yes, Lycoris is only the 3th anime i stopped watching in my 25 years of anime
  13. Okay stopped watching that one. Not my cup of tea. Since my childish need for an isekai with OP mc knows no end :D, starting Am I Actually the Strongest?
  14. I liked it. can recommend it. Will now start watching Lycoris recoil
  15. Starting the Chainsaw man now. Anime graphics look poor, but gonna give it a go
  16. Is it me or did this fine action adventure anime turned into some pre-teen love snoozfest?
  17. After 2 insane working days, i have an evening off. On @Ohayotaku suggestion i will start Heck now
  18. is this sarcastic haha? did i give spoilers? I hope not
  19. I watched all eps. It is AWESOME. Best serie i have seen on netflix in many years. For anime lovers this is a much watch. Why is it so good: 1) they picked excellent actors for the parts. Luffy is great but especially the "villains" are awesome 2.) The CGI is not over the top. it contributes to the whole feeling 3.) I like that it is not childish. At some points (captain of the cats) i would even rate it 13+ 4.) The pace is great and especially with all the beautiful scenery, it is a synergetic effect 5.) Even though the fruits give weird powers, the action scenes still feel naturel 6.) And this is an important one;..they choose to go with the andventure and action vibe, NOT with the humour side. All 3 goat animes (bleach, one piece and naruto) sometimes have a lame humour side. And they mostly skipped that. Which is great choice I hated all anime real live stuff, but this is an example how it should be
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