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  1. Wow I have been MIA for a hot min sorry about that. Life can get busy. Anyways good to be back.

    1. pathospades



      Life can get busy

      Amen to that.

  2. So a bit of a rant also I've been drinking. I started watching this older anime 96' - 98' called EAT MAN. It's weird.  That being said I feel like it's so me. It's a little weird, intriguing gives you some answers not all enough to keep you engaged wanting more. It's a bit of a mix of Mad Max, futuristic, craziness, Man character Bolt Crank is bolt eating mercenary weirdo that you like. I get the feeling you will never get his back story. But there is this destroyed air ship in every episode practically and I get the sense he was engineered and possible came from said ship but who knows. Also the episodes remind me of the noir detective variety genera. okay that is it for now. 

  3. Good evening everyone,

    So I was looking for something to watch cause I'm not ready to watch Haikyu yet or the final season of Food Wars 😔.  So I went to one of the sites I watch from to see what was on my list to watch and I clicked on a show and apparently I had already watched it but didn't move it to my watched list. I was curious cause I couldn't quite remember it so I decided to re-watch it.  I was thinking even though I finished watching it and couldn't remember it must have not been that good. But then I started it and I kinda remembered it. It really wasn't all that bad it just not as flashy  as the newer anime are.  Its only a few years older in actual got a good story.  It's called Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki.  It's about these exiles that get shipped to one of the islands of Japan to help fight against the Mongol invasion.  I think it's  worth watching if you get a chance. 

  4. So I think I stated before I was watching Log horizon but If I didn't well I'm saying it now. 😁   I was in the middle of first season on Crunchyroll and all of a sudden the first season wouldn't show up idk anyway went to another site to finish it and then went back to Crunchyroll to start season 2 since that was still up.  Spoiler alert  At the end of the season Shiroe is like lets go out and do what we should have been doing if it was still a game I was like alright they are going to go fight and stuff.  Got me all pumped for season 2. The first episode of Season 2 was boring as hell. They hadn't left they were just chillin I was like what is this. It finally picked up but I was all disappointed for a second.  Well I am off to watch some more anime talk to ya'll laters. 

  5. Hey party people,

    What's is everyone been up to?  Me nothing but the usual. Working and watching anime. What is everyone watching? New? Old? Tell me.......

    I am currently watching Noblesse, Burn the Witch, Jujutsu Kaisen. I'm kinda waiting before I finish Food Wars and Haikyuu. I don't want things to be over yet so I'm delaying for now.

    For some reason either my computer or the site but Crunchyroll reverted all my shows back to episode 1. weird. 

    1. XII360


      im (finally) just watching jojo series, started at part 3 for some reason (didn't research it), but it was lit

      now i know there are other parts, so theres that xD

    2. Ohayotaku


      I’m enjoying Jujutsu Kaisen also, Noblesse not so much. Didn’t care for Burn the Witch either. Other new stuff I’m enjoying is Moriarty the Patriot, Akudama Drive & I’m standing on a million Lives. As far as continuing series, latest seasons of Golden Kamuy, Fire Force & Is it wrong to pick up girls in a Dungeon? are good.

  6. Sorry I have been MIA. I started back at work at the end of June work has been steady but not quite as it should be but well that's the whole world right now. Slowly going back to normalish. I have been watching anime and reading manga on my phone apps in the off time. Finished up Fruits Baskets 2nd season. Last episode had me super emotional 😭.  Sword Art Online's new season just finished up. Very Interesting was a little put off by some scenes I have to say. Like where the show begin to know seems quite different.  In the middle of World Trigger quite like this one and it's fairly long. Was looking for something action packed with good story line was getting kind of board I don't know why. Guess things are stimulating me as much as I would like say Goblin Slayer, or Violet Evergarden, or even Shield Hero.  I guess I love a good hardy story line. Anyways I started watching Log Horizon today. I actually quite like it thus far. Guess that's all for now. Thanks for listening to my ramble.

    1. XII360


      dw, its normal to go MIA nowadays totally not suspicious sentence, x-kyun, you kidnapper >_>

      its great to know that you're up to date on the anime, im sure not <_>

      take care out there and wear thems face mask~!

  7. Watched the new episode of SAO was really getting into and then .... it was the end of the episode I was so mad lol

  8. Post Contains spoilers if you are not up to date with SAO



    SAO is back on so been watching that. I have to say the new season is a bit edgy and full of shitty luck .  Things keep getting tougher for the crew even with friends showing up. I hope Kiritio can wake up soon. 

  9. Okay so after watching a few episodes of City Hunter I'm a little disappointed in it.  So they make him a bit lecherous remind me a little of pervy sage in Naurto and Onizuka of GTO.  It's good but I feel like that part of his character is a little over the top. I don't think he shouldn't be like that at all but it just seems a little much at times and takes away from the rest of the story. That's my opinion anyways.

  10. So I was bored because there were no new anime episodes on crunchyroll and I have a huge queue but still nothing was catching my eye so I was browsing and they added this 1977's anime called City Hunter and I have to say it looks kinda cool. Time to go old school.

  11. Not anime related but started watching a cool netflix original show called Warrior Nun. 

    Also started Akame Ga Kill. The ending of the first episode definitely f-ed up. But i thought he did good killing that psychopath. 

  12. OMG I totally got sucked into this awesome comic on Tappytoon. I don't usually read to many action adventure types. I mean i do watch them in anime. But i don't read to many. It's called Solo Leveling. It's so sic. Just keeps getting interesting. If you can find somewhere read it!!! I can't give anything away it's to badass too.


    1. Ohayotaku


      I’ve heard a number of people bragging on it & saying it needs an anime adaption. 

    2. txGemgal3084


      @Ohiotaku I totally agree it would be so awesome as an anime.  

  13. Just finished watching the new episode of Fruits Basket.  That got intense but I think Akito's role got him twisted cause a god doesn't bind/chain them down he keeps an eye out and if they misbehave reins them in. Akito's rule is totally dictatorship which sooner or later someone will break the chains and start a revolt. Tohru is like the catalyst to awaking the rest to see hope at the end of the tunnel instead of dark hole.

  14. After searching and searching for something to watch I ended up on Kiznaiver. A psychological adventure is how i would put it. Very trippy don't do drugs and watch this that's a bad combo. And as such you really have to pay attention to everything. It's got that old alice and wonderland meets new alice in wonderland feel.

  15. Okay so I am finally caught up. I have to say I'm quite intrigued to see Akito is gonna fair when all this cat and mouse game backfires in her face. As I listened to her dialog and they shot the complete opposite of the things she was saying was very amusing to say the least. I really don't know the angle the others are trying to get here I guess we won't know for some time what the end game will be. But I very much think Tohru will come out on top.
  16. So I like to take the time to talk about reading manga/comics. This entry isn't so much about something specific I am currently reading but more about reading apps on my phone. I'll be quite honest I have a few (10 to be exact). That might be excessive or for some not enough. I started with one from an ad on facebook or instagram not sure and it spiraled out. I will divulge i mostly read romance and bl on the sites. I have the following: webcomics, mangatoon, tapas, patreon, torycomics, tappytoon, manga renta, webtoon, coolmic(XXX), webnovel(not a good one but i can't find the comic im currently reading anywhere else). Webcomics, mangatoon have a point system along with buying coins to read. Some comics need money to read I'll be honest but the free coins do help Patreon is really good if you want to help artist in my opinion by directly funding and in doing so you do get perks. Also to can also read uncensored versions. My 3 favorites though thus far are tapas, tappytoon, and webtoon all are which are paying types. Though I have to say its worth it especially tappytoon. The stories and graphics are on point. There really isn't bad translations that you get from other sites. They don't have a big collection but what they do have is great well in my opinion. One of my favorites on Tappytoon is Light and Shadow was such a good story so much I would really love a hard copy. The Knight and Her Emperor is also quite excellent. That's all I have to say for now. As I am intrupted by a nasty thunderstorm so I'm going to get going if you have any questions about today's blog please feel free to ask. The pics attached are screen shots of app icons on my phone, the 2 in the middle are tappytoon, and the last one is webtoon
  17. So have a ton more i need to add to this list at some point i got tired of searching everything that I have watched before to add to it. lol I haven't updated maybe I will soon but right now this is what it is. https://www.anime-planet.com/users/Geminigal53084/anime/watched
  18. Soooo been having trouble finding something to watch while i wait for new episodes of current running anime I am watching. I realized that once upon a time I was not that picky about watching shows cause i was fairly new to anime. But not that i watched quite a few in a short period of time in my opinion i have become picky. I think it depends on my mood also.  Anyways i have been wanting to watch fate/stay series for some time. So after careful research on the best way to watch the series. I have started. Yay!!! (Cue the clapping) okay that was dumb sorry. I have started with Unlimited Blade Works. I am very pleased so far. An engaging story line from the beginning with interesting characters and action from the get go. Also the first 2 eps telling from 2 different persecutions was awesome. That's so good story telling in my opinion. Anyways that's all. Sorry for the long status update.

    1. Ohayotaku


      UBW as well as the original Fate Stay Night has been on my plan to watch list for far too long. I watched Fate Zero last year & it was epic. But then for whatever reason decided to go with Lord El Mellio & the FGO series instead and have been disappointed. Was also planning to finally watch FSN with the reduced roster this season but got into Inuyasha instead since there’s talk of an upcoming sequel series. I should really be pickier about what I watch given the size of my backlog. But there were a couple shows this season that though they’re usually just alright had really good episodes the past couple weeks.  Lot’s of series have potential, but not always easy to tell if it’ll be realized.

      Sorry for the long response :P 

    2. txGemgal3084


      @Ohiotaku I have 2 different sites I usually watch on and lets say my list that just keeps on growing so I get ya. 

  19. I listen on Pandora a lot and my shuffle playlist is crazy. I mostly listen to rock music (spans all over the place in the rock world), Kpop, and Jrock. I've been listening to a lot of Halestorm again.
  20. Just wondering what everyone was up to? What are you reading are watching at this moment? 

    1. RuthisianCodex


      Right now I'm reading Stephen King's The Outsider. It's about this little boy who gets brutally murdered & the cops are sure they have the person who did it in custody but then supernatural chaos starts going down(because of course it would) and soon everyone is questioning just what the hell is going on. I have no idea why I read these types of books at night or right before bed but I've made sure all the windows & doors are locked & checked all the closets & every inch of my bedroom so I should be fine. I hope...

    2. txGemgal3084


      @RuthisianCodex awesome can't read it though I have vivid crazy supernatural dreams already so scary movies and reading is out for me but my sister loves the genera lol

    3. RuthisianCodex


      As weird as this might sound, I have vivid nightmares as well but somehow Stephen King novels help me manage negative emotions because it gives me a place to channel them, if that makes any sense. I try not to bury my emotions, as that just tends to create chaos later, so instead I opt to give them a place to run wild which in this case is in one of Stephen King's books. It really helps me. 

  21. @Nono, @Seshi Just wondering if ya'll had a chance to peek at this show. I'd really like to know if you liked it or hated it?. Thanks again for reading.
  22. So I have a few ideas for blog entries to come just made an edit to the last blog entry. Apparently I babble a lot but who cares I certainly don't. Feels good to get those thoughts out of my head so mostly I can sleep at night.  Also if you look at post times you will see I should be sleeping right now but I can't cause my mind won't shut off. UGH. 

    So let's see in no particular order my list of topics for my blog are:

    Carol and Tuesday mostly focused on second season cause I felt it was way more impactful than first season

    ID: Invaded 

    Cop Craft


    Listners - I'm really enjoying this one

    Some manga/comic apps I use

    Well that's it for right now anyways. 😁

  23. @efaardvark You brought something that I forgot to mention that was left out about the Gate so I will have to edit and put it in though some it of is a bit of a spoiler.
  24. So I was getting really bored sitting around waiting for new episodes of the current shows I am watching and now most are on delay it seems. UGH. So I decided to go back and watch something I hadn't finished watching and since it had been a little while since I last watched it I started it from the beginning. I think the whole reason I had stopped watching in the first place was because when I first came out there was some kind of break in the show and as I was waiting most likely started watching other things and then at some point totally forgot about it. Now that is not saying it isn't a good show because as it turns out I quite liked this anime. However I will say after finishing it this time there are so many holes in this thing. I ended up not being about to sleep last night cause it got me thinking about all kinds of things and what I wanted to write in this blog. So dumb!! ATTENTION MAY BE SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!! Gate: Thus the Japanese Self-Defense Force Fought There A 24 episode first season though if you look it up it might refer to the later half of the series as season 2 because like I mentioned before there was a short break before it started back up. I recently read though that another season was in the works which makes me feel better because hopefully some of the holes that I found might be metaphorically filled. Like the title refers you guessed it a Gate appears more like mysterious tunnel in the middle you guessed it again Japan. Those that came through the gate were super dumb and started killing people. The hero of the show Itami well he is my type of guy lol. He is a giant Otaku (yay!!!) but apparently is part of JSF and later you'll find a damn good solider though he also makes the excuse his job is just to fund his main passion of being an Otaku. You learn a lot of amazing things about him that his fellow soldiers find crazy and unbelievable cause he is super lazy really. Which is just hilarious and it's kind of like me I feel. After saving many lives during the invasion he gets prompted and soon finds himself on a team that would head through the gate to take the fight to them and secure the gate so something like this doesn't happen again. The people and empire on the other side never had a chance with our advance weaponry. They are stuck in a more Roman era with bows, swords, and shields. After establashing themselves and pretty much slaughtering everyone this is where the fun and story really begins. Magic girls, animal girls, one or two demi gods, and some elves what more could you ask for. Oh how about a few rounds with a fire breathing dragon. Poor Itami ends of with a little bit of a harem. As they try to reach some peace talks with the kingdom in this other realm other forrces move from both sides. Apprently other nations other than Japan want to get there hands on the girls when them come back for a visit/military/public inquiry of sorts. That was a fun episode. Then there is King he is a big jerk, the Princess is really the one who lends her hands to peace talks. There are 2 Princes' one who is a totally idiot and sadistic freak which you get to see in an episode. nice silhouette action (XXX). The other prince is more thoughtful though we really don't get to see to much of him. So maybe next season we will see more from him. Idiot Prince some how comes into power and a little struggle happens but ultimately JSF gets the upperhand. So at the end of the season kind of wraps up nicely with a few couples forming (lol) but there are too many holes in the story that really make me want another season to resolve the issues. Also I will say the story travels quick but nicely, all the characters that come into play are nice but there were a few I wanted to know about them I guess cause they were so lovable. Mainly Itami's group. He ends up with a small unit under him and they pretty cool. Okay second Prince barely sees any screen time and then disappears and leaves his sister to fend for herself, not that she is week she sorta made herself into a knight and started her own group under a rose banner. So she can fight but she is a bit naive really. Here are some of my issues with the show. Now I am not military expert but they base the military a little too much like the American military in my opinion seems just odd. Playing TAPS and stuff and the way they operated seemed to similar. I only say this because I served myself. I don't think JSF would operate in the same manner. But like I said it is just my opinion. *EDIT* I forgot about the issue of the actual Gate. Okay so in a later episode they go to a Mage city were Lelei who is a magical user is trying to become a master that's really side note. Anyway when they go the talk with the Grand Master and apparently Rory had given her homework. Basically to find out about the gate. The grand master begins to tell why there are some many different races there and well the turns out the gate has been opening and closing for a long time and each time it opened a new race would come through. Which one makes sense as to why the Empire showed up in the first place because they already knew it was going to open and and some point before the gate actual appears the boundaries had already blurred and they kidnapped a few Japanese citizens. So I bring this because they talk about and then it's almost like no one cares that the gate might close. Struck me quite odd that there was no emergency of telling superiors about this. Like I don't know how long the gate is suppose to stay open for. It's really not discussed at all. So I find that bit of info alarming cause I'm like you guys might get stuck there I don't know. Anyways this was the other thing that really bothered me about this show. With all that I still really enjoyed the show.
  25. So I couldn't sleep last night because as I was about to fall asleep I started thinking about the anime I finished earlier in the day and what I might write in the blog. It was so crazy I couldn't get my mind to shut off. I should have just gotten up and wrote but I wanted to sleep so bad.  So sometime around 6 am I finally fell asleep and woke up around noon I think. I still feel so tired  but I don't want to sleep cause then I really won't be able to rest tonight.  😒

    1. Ohayotaku


      Had the same issue myself the past couple nights. Not able to fall asleep till about 2 am, but having to wake up for work by 7.  Glad it’s finally the weekend.

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