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  1. Okay so I am finally caught up. I have to say I'm quite intrigued to see Akito is gonna fair when all this cat and mouse game backfires in her face. As I listened to her dialog and they shot the complete opposite of the things she was saying was very amusing to say the least. I really don't know the angle  the others are trying to get here I guess we won't know for some time what the end game will be. But I very much think Tohru will come out on top.

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  2. Name: Lillie  Age: 35   Gender: Female
    Big or Little Spoon: little mostly but sometimes big I like to cuddle
    Kisses? Yes  Where? Everywhere
    Acceptable Nicknames: Anything as long its not degrading
    Video Games/movies: I'm down for everything BUT horror
    Can we build a fort? YES!
    Pillow Fight? Depends if the mood takes us there
    Pants required? This is a no pants party
    Can I fall asleep: Yes of course

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  3. So I totally binge watched the first season. Honest speaking the the music genre anime really lack for me sometimes. So I was a bit hesitant to watch but the clip I saw sounded beautiful so I thought I would give it a whirl. I was pleasantly surprised but the depth. This is more like what I want to see a mix of music and good plot.  I don't know if it was the sound quality of my t.v. but sometimes I found it hard to hear the lyrics of the songs being sang. Anyways it was refreshing to hear and follow their story. 

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  4. So I updated my about me cause It's been a few years. 

    This is what I had originally written

    Hi I am a 33 yr old single parent. I love anime and manga among other things. Pretty much in my free time these days I watch anime and read manga.


    About Me

    Hello, I am in my mid thirties. I am a single parent to my adorable son.  I was born at the end of May making me a Gemini. I fully embrace my twin soul. I work as a photographer and I am part of a family crafting business. I served in Army National Guard/Reserves for 8 yrs and then served another 6 yr working a Federal Government job. I live at home again with my parents. 😕 Not ideal but that is life for you. I am glad I have family support though. Since I am on here I guess you already know I love anime and manga. I love Japan one day I hope to see it with my own two eyes. I'm trying to learn Japanese. I am an avid bowler have been bowling for 20 years my current avg right now is 158. I also love to read urban fantasy. 



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  5. SO I totally e-read I have several apps on my phone that i downloaded. So I have to pay some are free or I get points for reading then I can use those points to get locked episodes and stuff.  Saying all that I still like having a book in my hands and turning the pages myself call me old school. lol

  6. My first manga was Princess Ai. It is American made but wasn't a bad read. I was like in middle school. Still it would awhile after that before i really got into anime and manga. I'm a late bloomer it wasn't until my mid 20's before things really kicked off. Now in my mid 30's I am totally addicted and I have a nice collection of things going and I'm glad that i have these things in my life. I just wish I had people to hang out with and like it so that i could talk and watch with others.

  7. Okay since the last person didn't choose for the person above I did both.

    @Ryuji I chose Kaito Ishikawa (Fastest Finger First - Chisato Mikuriya)

    @seemore_bhutts I went with Tomokazu Sugita (Wotakoi: Love is hard for Otaku - Tarou Kabakura)

    side note I would love to do voice acting too!!😊

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  8. @Kohloo I constantly watch new stuff and leave shows unfinished all the time. Just watch what you want and when you want go back to the stuff you left hanging. If i take a count of what i'm currently watching and stuff I've put on hold it's over 30 shows I just can't get enough. Also it depends on my mood sometimes the shows get heavy with emotions and I have to take a break from them or some times a new show just grabs my attention and I just can't stop watching it. @EnviousEnvy sorry to hear you had a fight with a fan lol. Breaking a toe sucks cause there isn't much you can do for it but tape the toes together. As for me right the sec I am actually at work hehe. I work as a caregiver for senior citizens in their homes. So i tend to have a lot of downtime. Don't worry I properly watch over my client. I recently bought an anime coloring book I haven't colored anything yet cause when i'm not working lately I've been trying to clean and reorganize my room such a pain the ass to do. What are ya'll watching these days?

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  9. @pierrem70 sounds like you are keeping busy and I am sorry to hear your friend isn't doing well. Though you might not have that many friends you have all of us on here to talk with and we will be your support if you need it. 😊 Hey @Wedgy I doing okay just been busy with working and stuff. My son is 3 and a pain in my ass but he gets it from me so I can't blame him for it. lol. Haven't learned anything new lately. Besides working i watch anime and read manga and scifi. I wish to get out more but being single parent it's hard to.

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  10. Hi everyone, hope everyone everywhere is doing good if not I hope things will looking better soon for you. I just wanted to know what everyone is up to? Like what are you currently watching, reading, writing, drawing, or just general talking about. I'm a busy single parent so I don't really get a chance to talk with people who like the same things I like or even talk with people in general. So talk with me please about anything I'd like to share my thoughts and opinions with you all!!


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