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  1. Beocat

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    Well...it's like they say on the ranches...never name your livestock. Use numbers. That's future bacon and chicken n dumplings and spare ribs out there I can see it now...Pikachu you saved me! Now...come closer, I want to show you my new meat grinder...I'm havin' sausage tonight >:)
  2. Beocat

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    Lol, at one Con I go to, we have some Nintendo/Pokemon panels and they talked about this. Apparently, everyone is vegan or vegetarian in the Pokemon world. The lore originally indicated otherwise but people started asking which pokemon they butchered (because animals don't exist there) and apparently it became a big deal to cement the vegetarianism. They've been modifying lore throughout the series and playing down some of the more...succulent flavors of the series ever since
  3. Beocat

    Creative Corner - Closed and Archived

    Clubs are a great place to share personal interests and projects. Check out our listing of public clubs and if you don't see one that matches what you are looking for, feel free to make your own.
  4. Beocat

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    Yeah, technically he is a rodent pokemon so he could have the hantavirus.... best to avoid eating him until you can be sure he's clean....
  5. Beocat

    Go Away...

    Be glad it's a lymph node and not a disc that happened to me and they thought it was a lymph node at first. Couldn't turn my head, the pain never stopped, would've required a neurosurgeon to fix. I walked around with a disc shaped bulge pushing out the left side of my neck. I suffered through 3 months of constant agony before it slowly ground its own way back in. If it is a lymph node, did they biopsy it? I know they like to take the watchful waiting route but if you really can't tolerate the pain any longer, they could remove it (or if infected at least give you antibiotics). I hope your weekend is enjoyable at least
  6. Beocat

    Hello! New to AF!

    Welcome to the forums
  7. I'll bite...I enjoy a good story after all. ...a burly man steps out of the stand followed by a young, beautiful lass. Shikui, being abnormally shy for a teenager with raging hormones, stared a bit too long at the lass angering the burly man. The man steps up to Shikui, testing his right fist's strength in his left palm, veins bulging from his sclera. He swings his powerful fist at Shikui's head...
  8. Beocat

    how important is money for you~ ?

    Money pays the bills, keeps a roof over my head, and food on the table. I'm not obsessed with it but it is important to me.
  9. Beocat

    Which Anime Streaming Service Should I Go For?

    Hulu has a lot of good shows and a large library. I'd do crunchyroll too to fill in the gaps. Not much on Funimation that I just have to have.
  10. Beocat

    Do you have trouble making friends?

    Ha! For me collimating was a literal PITN (Pain in the neck). I have disk problems and I can't tell you how many weekends I spent curled up in pain after working on it. They saved me! I almost got a laser collimator, but I wasn't sure even with it that I could do it. You see (and when I explained this to the group the first time before bringing my scope they all thought I was either crazy or making it up), the secondary mirror was possibly a prism and not a mirror...and it was attached via a single "stick" or thin pole. No spider veins on that baby! And it had one screw to hold it into place and it would spin when you'd tighten it. The collimation isn't perfect now, but I can see again in it! My father had left it in the garage for several years (an open door garage and no cover on the scope...the only reason it wasn't stolen was it's weight) and then in an unfinished bedroom for another 20 years before I rescued it from him and I removed the mirrors to clean it up. It was full of cobwebs, dust, and at least an inch or so of pine pollen. When I think about the fact that I removed and cleaned the mirrors on a telescope older than I am, I shudder. I am so thankful that mirror hadn't had any mold or fungus or mildew growing on it from having been outside in the insane humidity of my homestate. Would've ruined the coating on the mirrors for sure. I'm hoping the next time I'm in town and they are meeting, I might try to bring it out for everyone to look through it. My job sadly keeps me away at the moment =/ I also want a small tabletop dob someday, but I told myself to get the SCT first. I think it'll be just light enough that I can still carry it without too much issue. It is awesome you still have the cat I love older scopes. It honestly sounds similar to one of my friend's scopes that he sometimes brings out. You can get amazing views from it on a dark night but they have to use a ramp to get it back up in the truck. As for solar, you could definitely replace with better panels now. I had to replace mine (racoon damaged every single one of them but that last panel arced in his mouth...) and it was just two years after we installed them. Got panels about the same size with much better inverters and output, for less than what we originally paid (even managed to sell the old damaged ones to a salvage group). I'm waiting for my 5k system to someday pay for itself. I got in on the tax rebates and got it pretty much 65% paid for in tax credits so I should be seeing a return on my investment in just another year or two. I wanted to eventually go off grid, but that's a longterm dream. Part of the problem here however is the little co-ops see solar as a competitor, and they fight you tooth and nail on the systems, charge extra fees every month if you have one, have ridiculous pointless boxes to check off (like must have metal box in weird dimensions that a single cable runs part way through and must bury in ground under power box a min of x feet and max of y feet and an awkward to grade angle just for the heck of it. No joke. Had to go to a metalworker to make the box for me). They make it so hard and such a frustration to get solar, even though they are benefiting from my solar credits to their power network. It is insane I wish we had a more welcoming area for it. Still, when people are looking for my home, all I have to say is "yeah, we're the only house on the street with solar panels. You can't miss us." so...it has benefits too. It definitely has helped with our power usage and now with the system I can estimate exactly what we would need to go off grid on our current power usage and power generation.
  11. Beocat

    The Dreadful Customer Service of Rightstuf

    Way back in the day, I never had problems with them either. It just seems in the past 5 years everything about thrir customer service has gone straight downhill. That said, so far Sentai and Funimation I've never had an issue with (though if Rightstuf isn't shipping for Sentai I'd be surprised as they ship out of the same town). I used to buy from Best Buy...that might be my only choice in the future other than conventions to get all the anime I want not available through those two suppliers.
  12. Beocat

    Do you have trouble making friends?

    Hehe, my profession has a similar problem, but instead of asking questions about work we usually commiserate about how bad it has gotten. I just try to avoid it...even though sometimes you just can't. I wish I had a picture of my telescope on hand. It's 42? Years old...at one of the star party functions, someone in the group managed to find an old catalogue listing for it. An Edmund Scientific and the mirror is nearly perfect. They helped me collimate it and everything (I tried unsuccessfully for 2 years on my own). I wanted to get a Celestron 8SE SCT for Christmas but I'm currently saving money for a career change so I did the adult thing and restrained my credit card. 😞 And wow! I have solar panels on my roof too (a rarity in my area). And the hurricane didn't rip them off so I suppose they weren't kidding about our roof having the hardest wood they'd ever drilled into lol. I wish I knew more people with solar too. I could compare notes on cost and what it might take for me to transition off grid someday. the dream...the only house during a hurricane with the electricity running strong on the street lol. I hope your schedule gets more regular again. I think a solar group would be really fun to join
  13. So, once upon a time, I really liked shopping at Rightstuf. I can't remember what year it was that I got my first catalogue from them (big book full of anime!), but I recall getting my Escaflowne LE DVD boxset from it (I literally got my mom to get it for me for my birthday (might've been Christmas)) and that was the first experience I had owning anime. Since then, I always would check online at their sales and whatnot. Then, I started to have problems with their customer service. In the summer of 2015, Rightstuf did a major update to their website. It changed people's accounts (you had to sign up again and all of your watchlist anime/saved for later was removed) and even worse, it screwed up the ordering process. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was buying a birthday gift for a friend in another state... Their updated website kept changing all my addresses' zipcodes to match my billing. When I saw what had happened, it was too late for them to fix it and I was unable to reroute the package to the correct zipcode because obviously, I'm not her. Upon calling them (I called them probably 20 or more times on this issue), I was told they'd fix it when it was returned to the warehouse, no big deal. They never actually fixed it (the reason for maybe 15 or so of those calls). I had promises from at least 6 different people of varying titles that they would go to the warehouse and find it and relabel my package, some via email....none of them actually did this (I can only imagine that they put all the returns in a big pile in the corner and maybe get around to sifting through them after 5 or 6 years). I emailed them multiple times, spoke with them on the phone...finally, after my friend's birthday had passed, I asked them to just refund my money so I could buy it for her from someone else. Then they begrudgingly sent me some paperwork to fill out. The whole ordeal of being repeatedly lied to put a really bad taste in my mouth. I'm expected to deliver dazzling customer service at my job at all times, so the fact that they were so lazy and insincere really rubbed me the wrong way. This past year, I decided to give them another chance. So, I ordered from their Black Friday sale. Of my package of 5 anime, only one arrived in good condition. Four of the DVD cases rattled severely when being removed from a pristine box (so, obviously my postal worker at least cared about delivering my package in good condition, even though Rightstuf's warehouse obviously played soccer with my DVD cases). Upon opening the individual cases, I found disk sleeves to be broken in pieces and disks dislodged and scratched beyond playability. Sentai (I always assumed Sentai shipped from Rightstuf as it also comes from Grimes, IO) did not have this issue whatsoever. I obviously, started yet another case. ~sighs frustratedly~ So, first I submit the case, detailing which DVDs were damaged, noting that I took pictures, and that I wanted to have the items replaced. That was early December. With Christmas practically on top of us, I realized I had waited almost 2 weeks for a response. Now I'm not a fool. I know Christmas is a busy season for any retailer, so I wrote them again on the case requesting that they at the very least ACKNOWLEDGE that they read my case, even if they were too busy to deal with it immediately. I also pointed out that the box was pristine, indicating that these DVDs were in this condition prior to leaving their own warehouse. The very next day I get a response. It was eerily like in 2015 where a promise was made to look at the case, requesting pictures be emailed, requesting that I notate on the email the CSR's name so they would immediately see it. I immediately began to have flashbacks, yet a couple of days later I emailed them the pictures with all the information they needed (information I had already outlined for them in the initial case, but I guess reading is overrated in the customer service profession). I really just want the form so I can fill it out and have my replacements sent on the way. Sometime after that, inbetween a week before Christmas and today, they closed my case. No communication to me about why...just closed. No form either. Well, I've started a new case, and if they try to give me the run-around a second time, they'll be hearing from me every day when I take my lunch at work. Apparently, customer service just isn't dreadfully important at Rightstuf. They likely thought I'd forget about it and they could outwait the "case must be submitted by xxxxx time frame" period. Anyone else have any horror stories to share? I had gotten to the point that I really didn't like suggesting to people to shop at Rightstuf, even though it is the only place you can find things at times. Today, after seeing my case closed without any reasoning as to why, my friend mentioned to me that she had seen multiple YouTube videos of people complaining of the same issues. Is it really that widespread? I don't think I'll ever recommend them again after this. Their sales really aren't all that good and the customer service is more a pain than a help.
  14. Beocat

    an introduction to particle physics

    Welcome to the forums Unicorn. I hope you enjoy your time here. Any particular animations your favorite?
  15. Beocat

    Do you have trouble making friends?

    @efaardvark ever try going to a star party? That was big for me and if my work situation wasn't what it is like right now, I'd still be going and meeting new people and talking about the stuff we enjoy. @Steerminator making friends wasn't big on my list in life. I grew up in a remote retired persons neighborhood with no friends my own age about, never actually bonded with kids my own age at school or extracurricular activities. Honestly I was happy that way. Had to change though for work. Social networking is hard but takes a personal effort on your own part. If you aren't putting yourself out there, it isn't going to just fall in your lap. Most all my friends came from grad school, work, or my hobbies. And there are many out there with the same interests as you. If you go to a convention you'll see jusjust start talking to people about the stuff you are interested in and see where it leads.
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