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  1. That is not true actually. The pressure you feel is from the air spaces having a lower pressure than the surrounding water. For example, at the surface, if you hold your breath, you have one atmosphere of pressure in both your lungs and outside your body. Dive down 33 feet while holding your breath, you would have one atmosphere in your lungs and two around you (equivalent pressure in atmospheres from the water and the air at the surface). Technically, at that point the air in your lungs would be at two atmospheres as well and it would compress to adjust, hence the uncomfortable feeling as the volume in your lungs contracts. Add an atmosphere for every 33ft down. If you are breathing off a reg and tank, it will deliver the air to your lungs at the surrounding pressure and thus the pressure in your lungs is always equalized as long as you are breathing. In no way is there any crushing going on. It is only when you are trying to maintain different atmospheres of pressure where things can be crushed (submarines for instance). The same is true in reverse. If you hold your breath at 33ft and try to swim up, the air will try to expand instead of contract to match the pressure and could give you some fun lung injuries that would land you in a hospital (or a cemetery. You'd still live on as a cautionary tale.). You can equalize your sinuses and ears with minimal training so you really never have to worry about being crushed. It's the beauty of bringing your own air with you. Breathhold diving and SCUBA are very different and even breathhold divers have techniques that can get them very deep for long times. That said, SCUBA is easier and safer than breathhold diving. As for dark and cold, recreational depths tend to have plenty of light still filtering down to see by. If not, there are always dive lights you can use. For cold, depends on where you are, when you dive, what exposure you are wearing and more as to whether that is even an issue.
  2. @ArchieKun erm….how is that romantic? Definitely not a romantic moment.
  3. @Seshi you would probably be alright scuba diving then. You always have air, should never stop breathing, and you'd be taught how to equalize pressure is your mask and ears. I'd say, try a Discover SCUBA class through s PADI instructor. It'll teach you the bare bones basics, allow you to take a shallow guided dive, and if you feel afterwards that diving is for you, you can put the experience towards an Open Water class. The feeling of weightlessness and freedom. 🧜‍♀️ your lungs will automatically equalize pressure while you breathe too so no crushing feeling there
  4. @Seshi Is it swimming that is the issue? And some come free by the law of salvage...just saying... @HanaApril just need it to be big enough lol. Too big and people might think I have room for them too!
  5. Ahh, Cyborg 009. It will always have a special place in my heart. Glas to see it in here
  6. @Seshi ever watched Alone? It's a survivalist show on the History channel. Has at least 5 seasons with multiple people competing. The first two and the 4th seasons are on Vancouver Island, the 3rd in Padegonia (my favorite), and the last in Mongolia. It is extremely good and you can watch it online. If you haven't caught it yet, look it up. Lots of homesteading, survival and hunting, subsistence living. I started at season 3 and loved it. @HanaApril no worries. I too am prepared for the zombie apocalypse. Will wait out most of the carnage on the boat lol...
  7. @Seshi That's really too bad. SCUBA is one of the safest sports out there, but if you have anxiety about drowning, it definitely isn't for you. Bow hunting is fun and takes a lot of skill. I'd suggest getting a compound bow where you can dial the poundage way back to learn your aim and form. Then as you get stronger and more confident in your aim you can set the poundage higher. As for hunting, try the national forests. Check it out. You still have restrictions as to where and what you can hunt but they are public game lands. @HanaApril I understand your feelings on the matter. However, the modern expansion of humanity has reduced the predator population and created way too much space that deer thrive in. This has led to a population explosion in the deer population. When this happens, it is easier for the weak and sick to survive, weakening the population with each successive generation. Hunting isn't necessarily about killing, but more about responsible population control and I guarantee you the population is out of control. She's hunting to eat at the very least. Not hunting for a head to mount on the wall. A good hunter respects their prey and gives thanks for the life. It is honorable, not shameful. And believe me when I say, NC Wildlife officials will shut down the season or cancel one altogether if they think for a second the population is suffering. The fisheries management is downright ridiculous most years.
  8. Well, I used to bow hunt, which allows you to hunt longer in NC (earlier sometimes too) but has a minimum pound (must use a bow with a minimum of 35lbs pressure I think...been a while). You can always go to a range and practice shooting (you never want to maim. Always kill. Aiming is important.) Or if you are dieing to go to the mountains take a weekend hunting up there. Lots of bears in the mountains if you are into that...very dangerous to hunt. I'd rather hunt feral pigs...they can gore you but not if you're in a tree... Keep fishing while you can or learn to SCUBA dive and spearfish. I know a great instructor I myself am interested in that lifestyle but more in the crafting side.
  9. Ghost in the Shell. It's mature and has great characters. I think most people could watch it and not be turned off by anime if thry had zero prior exposure to anime before. I'd definitely not recommend anything with ecchi in it for a newbie.
  10. Just a bit of wisdom, most planning on how to start a company happen when you are still working at your old job. Most commercial space (at least in the US) is purchase by front footage and leasing a building can be done various ways (percentage, index, etc leases). Some require permitting which can take years to complete. Make sure you have your ducks in a row before you start this one. Opening a business is rarely as glamorous as tv likes to make it. TV always skips the cost of start up and time to actual profit part.
  11. I love watching Space Operas and Reverse Harems and they comprise large portions of my owned collection as well. I store my collection by main genre (makes finding something to watch when I only have a vague idea of what I want to watch easier) but I would imagine Supernatural would be my third largest, and it is up there (and it would be a subgenre of others). Just not my main goto genres =( no worries. I'm used to it...though I will say that I have found a surprising number of reverse harem fans here on this forum.
  12. Always wanted to try my hand at a bento box. Might still try someday. Make something real cute so I can rip its head off with my teeth... 😼
  13. Mine aren't even up there.... >_> Have I really become an anime fan with such obscure and rare preferences?
  14. Anime-planet hands down wins. MAL does not have some genres like reverse harems and isekai. I find MAL to be pretty useless in most every regard actually. Anime-planet to me is better for genres but may not have some of the really obscure things, but is something super obscure even going to hsve enough sources to properly rank in s meta-analysis? I seriously only use MAL on this forum to link to an anime someone is asking about.
  15. @Dharc the guidelines prohibit discussion of hentai so I would avoid that if possible
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