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  1. Hi surprise I'm not dead! A ton of stuff happened, death in the family + driving tests and college so I've been busy and not super active. I'm probably here for now though? Idk. I've also been writing a bunch of stories on my own and illustrating em with AI which has been super fun! I may try to share those eventually. 

  2. Could really use someone to talk to. Not about anything negative (I'm dealing with a lot of depression and pain but want to distract myself) but maybe my newish hobby if anyone wouldn't mind listening? Idk. If you wanna add my discord thatd be easiest, it's in my signature. I'm just doing kinda poorly emotionally lately and I need someone to talk about positive stuff with.

    1. Myouya


      I've sent a request!

    2. Strawberry2456


      AAAAA I never got it I'm sorry 😧 I've been so swamped with stuff, death in the family and then college so I haven't been online much with anything.

    3. Myouya


      We did talk! I've just been busy too, your dolls were amazing

  3. Would love to see a floral/nature like background on one of your future works, trying out different stroke techniques and poses is a nice way to to give your works life. Lovely outfits!

  4. Thank you, I'm so glad to hear it ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ There's something cool about abstract stuff though for sure! One isn't more talented than the other, we just have different styles. though I do thank you for your praise >w< gonna just pop this in here too, I did a chibi of those two cause they're fun to draw hehehe
  5. Lilith and Adelaide are two older OCs I've rebooted for roleplay purposes ⌒°ʚ(ෆ❛ั ᴗ ❛ัʃƪ)ɞ♡°⌒ I've been on a bit of a fancy dress binge lately lol
  6. Attempting to draw her with the twin-tailed hairstyle ♡ლ(´͈◡ુ`͈ლ)Cameliasketch.thumb.png.279dc45ee650a7100c52a79da521211c.png

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Strawberry2456


      Thank you! (≧∇≦) I just finished it, I'll post it somewhere in the art forum

    3. Myouya


      It looks adorable!

    4. Strawberry2456


      Thanks! ^w^ 

  7. Camelia doll has a new wig~ She just got back from a friend's place where they fixed her makeup!


    1. Deeath


      that...is...TOO CUTE!!! <3

    2. Strawberry2456


      I'm glad you think so o((*^▽^*))o 

  8. Thanks, heh. It was mostly done by an artist, I didn't really do much other than supply the clothes and stuff. There's a...how do I put it, genre? of anime styled dolls called Obitsu11 which are basically like nendoroid heads on jointed bodies. That's what this is trying to emulate!
  9. That's cool! I have a couple vocaloid figures myself. And yeah, he's definitely not happy about the outfits lmao >u<
  10. This isn't the first time I've had dolls of anime characters (I have others of my OCs, some of those are on my profile and I may make a blog out of the photoshoots I do at some point) but it is my first canon character. I commissioned a nendoroid style head and used an Obitsu11 body, which I then very horribly put his tattoos on lol. I can't get over how heckin cute he is ‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚ the panda slippers!! It's too much x_x
  11. look whose lil head arrived~ (≧∇≦) this is a custom nendoroid style doll head I commissioned from an artist on Etsy. Will probably make a better post tomorrow when his body gets here


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