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  1. Crunchyroll on PS4

    Turns out I might also be getting Crash Bandicoot (remastered) and Overwatch, if they are still in stock by the time I get home from the bank tomorrow.
  2. Black Friday Sales

    Thanks for the heads up! I'll keep an eye on it so I don't miss anything!
  3. Black Friday Sales

    I already know exactly which anime I want this year, sadly none of them are on sale. So I'll be buying the Tartaros Fairy Tail arc (3 DVD/Blu-Ray sets) and Your Name at the regular Amazon price. The K-On bundle sale was pretty tempting, but if I got that I couldn't get the Fairy Tail which I have been specifically looking forward to, so I'm sticking with my original list.
  4. Crunchyroll on PS4

    It looks like I'll be getting an early Christmas present with the Black Friday sales (my family has never been one to wait for Christmas day) and I'm super excited because I'll be getting a PS4! I've wanted one for a long time and wasn't expecting to be able to get one anytime in the near future. What I'm wondering is this: I know you can stream Crunchyroll on the PS4, but does it require Crunchyroll Premium or can you watch it without the paid subscription? For those who are interested the games I'll be getting with it are Persona 5 and Horizon Zero Dawn.
  5. Really busy this week. My family has three doctor appointments, pre-Thanksgiving prep and deep cleaning, Thanksgiving day cooking, Friday we are having family over, and on top of all that someone broke our driveway (they caused it to cave in) so that is being repaired. Plus I have other projects I want to get done, such as sewing an apron. So I might be slow to reply this week but I'm reading messages and the forum as I have the time and will post when I get a chance. 

    I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving week!

  6. Lighthearted Shōjo

    That series sounds really cool, I'll have to try it! Regarding sub vs dub I prefer sub, but I will watch dub if it's a good one. For instance, I have Fairy Tail and My Hero Academia on DVDs, and I like both of their dubs. If I want to do my computer while I rewatch them I'll watch dub, but if I just want to sit and watch I will watch sub. Dubs are easier for my sisters, so if there is a dub and I'm watching with them we'll usually watch that. Two of my favorite anime have dubs I can't stand, Attack on Titan and Yona of the Dawn.
  7. I am so happy right now! Our neighbors got a very tsundere puppy a couple months ago. He thinks he's a ferocious guard puppy. He obviously wants attention, but he barks at us and runs away when we try to get close. Finally made friends with him today, though! He was so cute, he was jumping he was so happy, wanting me to pet him, licking me, nibbling on me, and jumping on the fence begging for attention when I had to go back inside. 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Vivi Hyuuga

      Vivi Hyuuga

      @mechaBDit's an Australian shepherd! He's grey with black patches and his name is Hank.

    3. mechaBD


      Australian Shepherds are adorable especially when they are puppies! I like the name Hank too. Lol

    4. Vivi Hyuuga

      Vivi Hyuuga

      @mechaBDthey really are! He's such a precious puppy, I go out to see him every day now that he likes me.

  8. The Ancient Magus' Bride

    Agreed! I actually like my fair share of sad stories, but it was unexpectedly sad for me. I really liked them and it got me hooked on the story, characters, and the world building very quickly.
  9. The Ancient Magus' Bride

    I really got hooked on those OVAs, but they were so sad! However, I have a friend who was able to relate to her past, so seeing the OVAs was cathartic for them.
  10. What Are You Watching Today?

    Thank you, @ragkt ! She's one of my four hedgie darlings. Her full name is Dame Thimbletack of River Shribble, but we call her Thimble for short. Enjoy your rewatch! I've not watched D. Gray Man yet, but it sounds really cool. I'll add it to my soon-to-watch list.
  11. The Ancient Magus' Bride

    I'm really enjoying it! I don't have Crunchyroll premium so I'm always a week behind, and I haven't watched the newest episode release yet, though. But it's definitely one of my favorites this season so far.
  12. Hello!

    Welcome to AF! I hope you enjoy it here. I'm new myself, but I've been fully enjoying it. Seriously, my sister is concerned because I'll procrastinate eating until after I check the forum, but then I spend forever on here and desperately need food. BTW, awesome avatar choice. I love Dr. Horrible!
  13. Ask The One, The Only, AniMeFReaK!~ (Again!)

    Ouran is such a good choice! It's one of the ones I will put on repeat when I'm having a hard time, it just cheers me right up!
  14. Lighthearted Shōjo

    I just finished Is The Order a Rabbit recommended to me by @Yamasan! So kawaii, so much moe! It got better with each episode and it left me feeling so happy, but also sad now that it is over. I only have the time for a couple more episodes of anime tonight, so I think I'll start something else that's not too heavy, probably Aishiteruze Baby★★ recommended by @Mars Terra .
  15. Ask The One, The Only, AniMeFReaK!~ (Again!)

    @AniMeFReaK You have to watch one anime (no longer than 26 episodes) on repeat for an entire week, which anime (or season) do you choose?