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  1. Yamasan

    What’s yours Favourite song or type of music

    I would like to say that I like all types of music, but some of my favorites would be pop, rock, rap, and regional Mexican music. When it comes to pop and rock I always try to find Japanese musicians because I’m learning the language. As for the regional Mexican music, I grew up with that because of my parents so I do like the style of the music. The only rap group that I listen to regularly is N.W.A but im always open to new artists. On a side note, what the hell do you call music from anime such as OPs and EDs? I would hate to call them anime music, but I can't think of another term.
  2. Yamasan

    What are your plans for the year?

    Welcome to the forums! I personally want to get a better rank on my ESEA account for counter-strike. I get kinda get depressed when I don't play.
  3. Yamasan

    The Oscars

    I’m no expert, but from what I understand most films promote themselves to the people who choose the films to be nominated. This advertisement requires a lot of money and I doubt Japanese companies want to use their money to get an Oscar which might not be worth it compared to the money they would have to spend advertising. Also, I doubt the the majority of people (in the U.S) cares about anime. Again, I might be completely wrong about it this.
  4. Yamasan

    1st Annual Anime Gala

    Yes I would like to, could you PM me her contact information?
  5. Yamasan

    1st Annual Anime Gala

    I don't wanna be rude, but based on what I have seen this looks like an elaborate scam. Too sketchy for me to donate.
  6. Yamasan

    New built pc Help

    If you just added a new storage device then you just needed to select your main storage (where windows is stored) in the BIOS.
  7. Yamasan

    New here

  8. My plans are to improve at counter-strike and to study more japanese than last year.
  9. Yamasan


  10. Yamasan

    Hiya! :3

  11. Yamasan

    Whats your gaming rig?

    I only play counter-strike. I have a i5 7500, 8 GB RAM, 250 SSD, and GTX 1050Ti. I also play on my switch sometimes.
  12. Yamasan

    Drew a NozoEli picture!

    Its kinda hard to see, but I think it looks good! You should consider getting a paper scanner
  13. I have never used AmiAmi, I assume it should have shipping costs when you choose what you want to use.
  14. Yamasan

    hello everyone! ≧◡≦

    Not gonna lie, that video was funnier than I expected. One of the best things I seen on the internet
  15. Yamasan


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