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  1. So now we here in the southwest US are having to choose between water or electricity.  Over in Utah they said they're going to be stopping the water flow out of Lake Powell because if they don't then they'll have to shut down the Glen Canyon hydro plant there as well.  Lake Powell water levels are currently at 3527ft and they have to shut down Glen Canyon at 3,490ft.  Here in S. California we get a lot of power from Lake Mead's "Hoover" dam - which is downstream from Powell on (what used to be) the Colorado river - but Mead is itself already at the 1050ft the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation says is needed to keep the generators going there and we're already past the January peak in rainfall.  (And every foot drop in water level has already meant 6MW less electricity for the grid even before we get to full stop on the turbines.)  The Hyatt power plant in northern Calif. was shut down from August to January last/this year due to low levels in Lake Oroville but at least then we still had flow on the Colorado river keeping Glen Canyon and Hoover going.  With Powell shutting its outflow gates so early this year it is only a matter of time before water and power both become hard to find around here.  It looks like they're prioritizing electricity for now but either way it seems this summer is going to be "Bad" around here.  Word of advice for anyone looking to move to S. California - or anywhere in the US southwest really... don't.  At this rate we're going to wind up like Venezuela.  😱

  2. Somehow wound up on a tiger-team to troubleshoot/fix James Webb telemetry latency issues they've had since launch.

    You know that old gag where everyone lines up and then someone asks for volunteers and everyone but one slow guy takes one step back.  I *think* that's what happened.  Either that or I was volunteered in a secret meeting that I wasn't invited to.   Either way... just shoot me now.  😭🔫

  3. Went over to the "SAF" - spacecraft assembly facility - today at lunch & saw NISAR being built in the bay. 


    Also saw the color-by-numbers version of the first picture of another planet from space, and the crayons that were used to color itFun bit of history on display there. :D 



  4. I like being alone. I have control over my own shit. Therefore, in order to win me over, your presence has to feel better than my solitude. You're not competing with another person, you are competing with my comfort zones. — Horacio Jones

  5. Looks like I have to go out to Goldstone on the 10th.  Damn.. I thought I was done with that when I switched jobs.  :(  

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    2. Wodahs


      think i drive thru places like that regularly


    3. efaardvark


      @Wodahs Yes, it is very much a drive through (and hope you don't have to stop) sort of place.  :D

    4. prettyboy


      @Wodahs Mad respect for your line of work! What do you normally end up hauling if you don't mind me asking?

  6. Can't fool me!  I know what's in the green.. and it isn't "mint chocolate"!


    1. prettyboy


      I love that movie. 😆 

      You never know. 👀 Haha.

    2. Animedragon


      Makes you wonder how much research companies put into their product names.

    3. efaardvark


      @Animedragon I wonder too.  I think companies just look at a table of names vs sorted by the %age of people who recognize that “brand” and go with the top entry.  Otherwise, yeah.  Why pick that one?

  7. Being in a rush resulted in a dinner of oatmeal and a can of soda.  Not a good combination.  PSA.

  8. "10 .. 9 .. 8 .. 7 .. 6 .. 5 .. 3 .. 4 .. 2 .. 1"
    Wait. What is this, Monty Pythom Space? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 
    1. prettyboy


      That was... something. 😆 Love the dramatic music as well. 

  9. Just realized that Konosuba's Darkness has the same VA as Pet Girl's Shiina Mashiro.  🤯

  10. And another weekend disappears without even stopping to say, "hi".  :(


  11. Blorg => new nickname for Blue Origin.
    I like it.  :)  
  12. Got a new refrigerator.  Strangely, that had higher priority this weekend than getting my car fixed or doing my taxes.  :) 

    At least the deed is done.  I can only hope that I get enough of a tax return to pay for it.  :D  When I finally get around to filing of course.

  13. So I hear the gates to the Taihe Dian blew down in a freak windstorm.  Maybe someone is trying to tell the Chinese leadership something?

  14. Asking for a friend.  🤣


    1. Animedragon


      I don't think this one is going to 'end', it'll always be with us. As more people are vaccinated and gain a degree of immunity it will slowly join the list of other infections like the flu, we'll get our yearly jab and carry on with our lives. Like flu some will catch it and just be ill for a couple of weeks, others be hospitalised or sadly die from it.

    2. Wodahs
    3. Wodahs


      im up for a orgie , i mean party


  15. To this day I associate Wagner with the phrase, "Kill the waaabit!".  There was also Rossini's(? heh, probably) "shave and a hare cut (.. two bits!)", among others.  Truly classic(al).


    Yes, we were that bored before the 'Net came along.  🐰:D

  16. \me is pondering the possibility of both Starship and SLS fully stacked on 2 separate pads at the Cape.  Simultaneously.  Talk about a photo op!  It could happen.

    Only thing better would be having both of them launch at the same time.  Probably never happen but wouldn't that be awesome?

  17. Crap.  My crunchy list was about a kilometer long already, now it seems like the merger has brought in a ton of "new" (to crunchy) stuff as well.  Wish I could quit my job to focus on my anime backlog.


    1. Wodahs


      ikr 😥


    2. Soramee_


      Pain (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

  18. You know what Putin is missing?  Baghdad Bob.  I miss Baghdad Bob.  The anchors for the state-owned Russian "news" outlets are quitting en-mass, but BB - pro that he was - stuck around until the end.  Putin needs someone like Baghdad Bob.

  19. Doing some connection testing with “SUNRISE_JET” this morning.  :)  

  20. And the hits just keep coming...

    Went to get gas for the first time in about a year.  😱  Can you say "sticker shock"?  OMG!  Nearly $50 for barely 8 gallons!  I'm talking "regular" too.  They want an arm AND a leg for the high-test stuff.


    1. Wodahs


      Hmmm that all

      my jeep takes 24 gallons to fill (of diesel the cheap fuel not even gas) and the cost here to fill currently is just over $186 if it were a gas motor that would cost around $204 to fill 😱

  21. I haven't even paid for my car repairs yet and now I need a new refrigerator as well.  💢

    Got to do taxes sometime soon as well.  😱

    Just shoot me now.  :(

    1. Ohayotaku


      Car maintenance, home maintenance & taxes.  No spring or summer break. Adulting sucks 😞

    2. Wodahs


      just wait till you get to health issue's expenses on top of all them

      ill tell ya thats when life really sux and you go back to just wishing it was just all the other things that break and need maintenance

      i think i need to stop working before i become to broken

    3. efaardvark


      @Wodahs Already there.  Not so much recently but I did spend a few years beating cancer that left me without a thyroid and on hormone replacement for the rest of my life.  That was a rough patch but is now history, or at least stable and manageable.

      My big problems now are my mother who is aphasic (degenerative frontal-lobe disease similar to Alzheimer’s) and my sister in law who is disabled and diabetic.  My brother never really got the hang of the adulting thing and is .. not a big help.  He has a part-time job but he and SIL can’t even meet their own expenses.

      In the old days the social pact was you worked your ass off until you were 55, then you retired to enjoy the rest of your life on whatever pension and savings you’d been able to arrange.  Instead I’m already 57 with no possibility of retirement in sight.  My income is all we’ve got and I’m basically a single parent to 3 special-needs kids.  Unless I manage to win the lottery I’m gonna have to work till I drop. :( 

  22. Are there any animes that ARE NOT isekai anymore?  Okok, I know there must be.  But jeez!  WTF?

    1. Ohayotaku


      Only 2 of the 15 series I’m currently watching are isekai, though  I dropped several from this season :P And both my keepers are more comical, one being an outright parody. That number is almost certain to increase with the upcoming season as Shield Hero & Bookworm are pretty much locks for me, not taking into account any new series.

      Part of the problem is that isekai has pretty much become synonymous with the fantasy/D&D genre. Many times the isekai aspect being tacked on for little discernible reason.

  23. GOES-R the Gozarian (sorry) aka GOES-18 launches tomorrow!  Actually reasonable hours for a change.. 10am to 8pm.  Somebody isn't following the SOP!  Not that I'm complaining you understand.  And of course it can always slip due to weather, vehicle problems, etc.

    1. Ohayotaku


      Nice Ghostbusters reference  😆


  24. I have to wonder if Putin would still have invaded Ukraine if he hadn't been enabled by all the oil money paid to Russia by Europe and others. This worldwide practice of funneling money to despots just because they have oil needs to stop. We should not even be burning it anyway. There are alternatives. Why do we keep enabling these assholes?

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    2. efaardvark


      Sorry for the dup.  I switched from my phone to the desktop and somehow sent essentially the same thing twice.

    3. efaardvark


      @Wodahs I just know physics myself so I might be wrong as well but leaving things like politics aside and just going with the physics I think there’s already a very good economic case for things like big-rig diesel to switch to electricity, either directly on batteries or using ultra clean “synthetic” hydrocarbon fuel via fuel cell technology.  To produce such fuel with nuclear power we could run the chemistry “backward” to make carbon-neutral hydrocarbon fuel from water and CO2 from the air.  That way nobody needs to switch right away, yet we still take the geopolitical risk issue(s) off the table.  (Though there would still be the distribution problem and point-of-use pollution issue putting pressure on the phase-out of internal combustion, especially within high-population areas.)

      I'll point out that electrification of the delivery industry is already happening at the short-range end for delivery by entities like fedex or Amazon but give the battery technology a couple years and an infrastructure / environmental demand for it and I think we’ll be seeing even the long-haul stuff switch a lot sooner than most people think.  This is where Tesla is going with their big-rig designs.

      Of course vehicles the size of ships could use nuclear directly.  There are designs for SMRs (small modular reactors) that could even be used without much in the way of training on the part of operators.  They’re designed to be simple, passive heat sources that do their thing for 20 years then get swapped out for another unit.

      Couple that / those to one of Stanford’s supercritical CO2 gas turbines and electric motors and you get a very simple, cheap design.  Simpler even than current diesel/bunker fuel designs.  Economically that’s a no-brainer for the merchant fleet.

      We don’t need to be digging up “fossil” fuels.

      (I do have concerns about nuclear waste because some of these designs are solid-fuel but if we also have larger molten-salt designs for grid power then the “waste” could be destroyed using them.  We just need to be reasonably intelligent about the overall system design.)


      As for the lithium supply issue, there are battery technologies out there that are even better than lithium.  Tesla is already moving away from traditional lithium batteries even for EV applications.  We're where we are now because the production was already there due to the consumer electronics industry.  For instance, Toyota's first Prius models actually used batteries that were taken out of laptop battery assemblies and remanufactured into the automotive assemblies for use in the cars.  Needless to say that was a highly uneconomic way to do it but even so it still made a profit for Toyota.  It also showed Panasonic and others that the demand was there to build dedicated factories for the automotive applications, which of course lead more or less directly to full EVs and Tesla's Gigafactories.

      Lithium will probably continue to be used in mobile applications because it makes for lightweight and energy-dense batteries.  Obviously that has advantages for things like laptops, cellphones, cars, and planes but I think everywhere else will find other battery technologies that are more optimal for those other uses.  For instance, I think that grid power storage and frequency control will probably switch to sodium-ion and/or iron-based batteries eventually simply for economic/profit reasons, especially if EVs become dominant and cheap electricity becomes common.

      Also, even now lithium is not exactly in short supply.  Worldwide there is plenty of the element.  "Reserves" (discovered deposits) are limited because historically there has not been the demand to justify searching for more sources.  Laptops and cellphones only require so much of it after all.  Ultimately there will be more prospecting now because the demand is now higher, which will no doubt lead to more discovered sources, just as it has for oil.

      We will never get into the same situation with lithium as oil in terms of geopolitics however.  Or at least doing so should not be necessary if our "leaders" do their job right.  There's a huge source of lithium readily available worldwide.  With nuclear power we will have enough power to separate things like lithium and sodium from seawater.  There's a lot of other stuff in seawater that we could also pull out at the same time that would help with the economics and make it happen sooner than later.  This would include fresh water, which is also in short supply worldwide.

      Already the Saudis, Israelis, and others are getting a significant amount of their fresh water from desalinization.  I'm in California in the middle of a severe multi-decade drought that's threatening everything from farming and food supply to hydro power generation.  Cheaper power would have an immediate economic benefit for us, and again help with the geopolitical risk issues.  I mean, I've already got solar on the roof (no-brainer here in the southwest US with SoCalEdison's $0.42/kWh electricity) but distributed solar is really only useful for residential power and personal transport.  It does not help much with water or industrial manufacturing/transport power needs.

    4. Wodahs


      i do agree with the there is alternatives that can take the function of oil

      my post was more in the aspect of if ye hadnt given putin money for oil up untill now (as it was the point of how he got the capital for his war) we would have been giving it to Xi Jinping of china , who people would probably claim he would be using it for his expansion of territory's in the south china see and so on

      we (companies in australia and one next door to my company) seem heavy in to producing hydrocarbon fuels for big equipment and have started exporting it (tho its still made by dirty methods) and have a couple of export ships running on gas for fuel which we also export , along with oil and coal and rear earth minerals including lithium (australia is as big as the us size wise we just dont have the population) we do seem to have a fair amount of resources here too most going to china or the asia pacific

  25. Bonked my nose on a Model X yesterday.  :(


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    2. deaaath



      Does your insurance cover for any damages? If not, how much do you plan on spending to fix it? :,(((

    3. efaardvark


      @deaaath yes I’m in California so by law I have to have insurance to drive legally on public roads.  I’ve got comp and collision so it will be covered by insurance - or at least what’s left after a $500 deductible.  The impact speed was very low and I don’t see any visible deformation of the metal.  Hopefully that means no metal/body work.  The cruise control still works too, so the radar emitter/sensor is working as well.  I’m hoping it is just the broken plastic around the radar.  Probably have to special order replacement parts from the manufacturer however so that might still get expensive.  I’ll have to see what the shop says.  The Toyota emblem that covers the radar is about $150 all by itself!

      Too bad I don’t have a 3D printer or I might just print my own replacements.  :) 

    4. Wodahs


      id offer to help with the use of my 3d printer , but im half a world away in the west of australia , so not the cheaper option

      like you i have full on my MY18 Jeep GC Trailhawk and seems bout the same deductible unless im not at fault

      but it can still be a nuance

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