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    Lots. Off the top of my head (and in no particular order)...

    Ghost in the Shell
    プラネテス (ΠΛΑΝΗΤΕΣ)
    Any "real" science fiction actually
    Angel Beats!
    Clannad: After Story
    Your Lie In April
    Pet Girl of Sakurasou
    Spice and Wolf
    FLCL (original)
    Any Miyazaki/Ghibli
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    Slice of Life
    Space Opera
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    Someplace between Santa Monica and Sedna.
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    Data systems engineer
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    reading (SF), electronics, science, engineering, space, computer programming.. and of course anime.
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    Kerbal Space Program. Anything that you can craft or build in actually... Minecraft, Valheim, Cities: Skyline, Stardew Valley, Terraria, etc.....
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    GLaDOS, Duke Nukem, Jebediah Kerman
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    PC Master Race - May our frame rates be high and our temperatures low.

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  1. Been super busy this week but I finally got enough of a sit to watch the entire Starship reentry.  Quite a show!  But the vehicle held together and accomplished the mission perfectly.  I'm sure they got plenty of extremely valuable data from the intense reentry portion of the flight envelope, which was pretty much the entire point of the test flight.  Booster did it's thing quite well too.  SpaceX says they might have up to 7 test flights this year, including a ~70-80% chance of an attempted booster catch with the "chopsticks" back at the launch tower!

    I have to add that I am also (almost) equally amazed at the quality and continuity of the real-time video feed.  I am old enough to remember the live video of the Apollo flights.  4k HD all the way through (well, most of the way.. it did cut out for a bit here and there) reentry was amazing.



    1. efaardvark


      A moment of appreciation for the camera (circled in red in the X pic) and the starlink antennas that played a critical role in providing the video downlink.  The two rectangles in the unshielded part of the main fuselage to the left of the flap are the starlink antennas.  There's actually 4 of them, the two visible and two on the other side.  (Maybe a thin sliver of one is just visible around the curve of the fuselage in the pic.)


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