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  1. Well, they didn't get the bill passed.  Again.  Bosses are saying the furloughs start "next month", which is now only a few days away.  At this point it isn't D vs R, Congress vs Prez, or any of that.  The Ds have said they're willing to pass one of the old R bills that they wouldn't pass before, but the Rs won't go for it now simply because the Ds suggest it.  Spiteful b'tards.  The Senate won't even allow a re-vote on one of their own bills!  As for the Prez, he could simply not veto one of the R's old $200B spending bills if he wanted to end this.  Even if he keeps vetoing, the Congress could override his veto if they wanted.  Lots of ways to end this if anyone at the top was really interested in making it happen.  This is just a bunch of entitled asshats - I refuse to call them "leaders" - playing games with the little peoples' lives and running the country into the ground in the process.

    MAGA?  Drain the swamp?  HA!  This is worse than it's ever been.  Even Hillary would have been better.  New meaning for an old acronym: MAGA => my lawyer got arrested.

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