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    Angel Beats!
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  1. Found out I "get" to work 2 extra days this week.  Joy.   😿 

    At least that means my weekends are back in sync with the rest of the world's.

    1. Beocat


      Lol...at least it's only 2 days and not practically the whole month. Been crazy here, like some kid kicked over our anthill and we're scrambling all over the place trying to put it back up again. I'm so tired. 


      Enjoy the weekends :) are you having to meet a deadline or did something else come up at work?

    2. efaardvark


      Kind of a combination of factors here.  Higher than average workload this year with chandryaan-2 launch and testing/training for them plus a bunch of cubes going up on the one hand.  On the other, in the last several months we've also lost 2 workers.  3 actually, one retired, one got fired, and then one of the replacements didn't work out & we had to start over.  We're a 2-position, 24/7 operation so losing two out of 8 people .. we're feeling it.  2019 has not been a good year so far.

      I talked to my boss today & he says he's hired a replacement for the replacement so there's light at the end of the tunnel.  However, even best case it'll take a couple weeks for badging, background check, and other bureaucrazy before he can even start training for the actual job, and another couple/few months after that before he's pulling his weight.


    3. Beocat


      I've been there too. We lost 5 of 9 once and it all fell apart. Right now, we did this to ourselves buying up more business than we can handle so I'm just trying to help cover shifts, give some overlap to help catch up and ending up working nearly every day. 


      I hope the new guy works out for you. 

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