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  1. It is on my list, but it is on hold until the season ends & I can binge the whole thing. I've only watched about 3 episodes.. just enough to put it on my list.
  2. Same here. I post stuff there, but I'm almost immediately distracted and wander away. I've never been good at just hanging out in the realtime chat room either. If I could clone myself and have one of me dedicated to monitoring discord then it might be useful/etertaining, but there's just too much competition for my attention from other stuff. I prefer forums where everyone can just read and post stuff on their own schedule.
  3. I do that too and it was one of the reasons I got the reader Boox that I did. It essentially has a built-in Wacom tablet. There are a number of other readers that also have built-in note-taking abilities as well, but the reader that I picked is one of those that actually lets you write in the margins of your e-books.
  4. This looks like it'll be fun...


  5. Hello and welcome! Stuff like YYH isn't my thing, but for (the original) FLCL.
  6. And of course less than a year after I buy my Boox somebody goes and invents a color e-ink display...
  7. Not exactly watching *now* but over the holiday weekend I binged Kami-Nai and Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo. Both were rewatches. Both still decent. Really like the OP for The Third.
  8. @xnaylynn Hello, Ren. Welcome! Any fan of Trigun can't be all bad.
  9. Got a drilling/mining rig started on Minmus. Unfortunately it turns out that the best ore deposits aren't near the science/research base I'd previously started so logistics are going to be a bit less efficient than I'd like. At least for a while. Once I get an orbiting refinery it won't make much difference. I do think in the future I'm going to focus operations around the mining rig. Anything new (that needs to be on the ground) will go there, and as stuff breaks or is no longer needed at the science station I'll have less and less at the science base until finally just the original core rocket will be left, and I'll just fly that away. That rocket is where the actual science lab module with the scientists (Erbald and Bob) is and the plan was always to use it as a "hopper" to move to a new area once all the science in the old area had been found/researched. I picked the current location because there are several "biomes" near there that will keep the science team busy for a while without having to move the lab, but eventually I was going to have to move it, and/or it will need refueling anyway. The mining rig, otoh, will pretty much stay where it is. It flies like a brick, and is about as fuel efficient. Launching it from Kerbin was incredibly expensive, and landing it was a challenge, even on Minmus. Ore in an area doesn't run out, so there's no need to move it and every reason to keep it where it is. I scanned the moon in detail before picked the spot where I landed it and the only places that have higher ore concentrations are at the poles. Orbital mechanics makes those areas a lot less efficient logistics-wise, not to mention harder to get things to & from orbit in terms of piloting skills of the player. So yeah, the new mining rig will probably become the core of my new "base" going forward. I also rescued one Kathgard from orbit. She sure seemed happy about it... ... and had Hanuki, the engineer in charge of the mining rig, do a bit of jet-pack reconnoitering in the immediate area surrounding the rig's landing site before he started the actual mining/drilling operation.
  10. Engineers Bill and Lozer tearing down a booster for tankage and spare parts with the help of pilot Jebediah at the Goliath research base on Minmus. I do like the KAS mod. Next step will be to start mining and refining fuel, once I get the tankage built.
  11. One word. Plex. Electronic sorting, searching, and finding is soooo much easier. Plus electrons should make it a lot easier to take it all with me when I head to the outer planets. Then there are my "backup" copies of everything in the bookshelf. Multivolume sets are grouped together, but that's about it. My physical shelf is totally disorganized. Not even alphabetized. New stuff goes in wherever there's enough physical space.. once I've ripped a copy for the plex server of course. If I like the artwork enough then I lean it against the rest or prop it up with the cover (or whatever) facing outward for display purposes. That's about it.
  12. Part of my cousin's thanksgiving decorations...

    Scan Nov 28, 2019, 6.25 PM.jpg


  13. So it looks like the US Army guys at Edgewood are saying that by 2050 cyborgs will likely be a real thing, both on the battlefield and in the general population. Sounds like a GitS world isn't that far off.

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