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  1. RIP.. killed by serial Webex.

    (Not quite as bad as having someone read a 100 page PowerPoint to you but still deadly in the wrong hands.)

  2. @RuthisianCodex Thanks! And BTW somewhat apropos choice of pic. Here's a screenshot from the current game I'm playing
  3. Thanks! And not a problem. I didn't even realize it myself until a few days after the unfortunate event had passed.
  4. I took a rocket shot to the cockpit in Empyrion: For reference it should look more like this: Fortunately I had just landed and was not in the vehicle at the time. I took cover until the rocket-shooting ashhats came in range of my chaingun then I let them have it. Kind of a good news, bad news situation there however because it left me stranded on the opposite side of the planet from my base, in an environmentally hostile area with high radiation areas all around. (I was there in the area in the first place to prospect for fuel for my base's reactors.) I did come somewhat prepared however. I had a portable constructor - aka crafting table for you minecraft players - and the cargo area in the rear the craft was not damaged so I had a few basic raw materials to work with. With that plus some key resources salvaged from the enemy's crashed vehicle I was able to build a low-tech replacement to install so I could limp back to base. This is the version that made it back: Sadly, in spite of bringing me back safely I had to scrap it for resources. It had taken thruster damage as well and kept trying to fly in circles on the way back.
  5. And now I’m 56.

    I’ve actually had this affliction since the 10th but I didn’t realize it until my phone reminded me about my brother’s birthday yesterday.  (Then there’s my mom’s on the 23.  Yes, somehow my family wound up with 3 of us in one month.)

    1. wikkidgrace


      I also forgot my birthday this year. 😪 Never too late to celebrate, though, right? With how busy you've been I understand how it's easy to let it slip by unnoticed.

  6. And now to start the weekend off right, we get a 4.6 earthquake.

  7. 2020, the autumn of civilization? 

    (I've always kind of liked the sailboat option myself.) 



  8. Started UzuMaid yesterday. This one is all sorts of wrong.
  9. hmmm.. not really into the latest and greatest. Everything is always so hyped up and over-promised. It is hard for me to get interested in the typical pre-release rumour-mongering over cut-scenes in release trailers. Do we even have a real, definite list of what titles are going to be out for the new PS and Xbox systems at release yet? My modus operandi is to wait until the titles are out and available (no pre-release waiting lists for me), the reviews hit the news, and the first few inevitable bug-fix patches are released, then decide it anything still looks worth it. Also, while I've owned quite a lot of Nintendo bits over the years the Wii is now obsolete and I never got around to buying a switch. I'm definitely not a fan of either Sony or MSFT either. Guess I'm not really into the console thing any more. All that said I am quite looking forward to seeing how Kerbal Space Program 2 turns out, though last I heard that's been pushed back and won't be out until next year. (And now that Take-Two owns it it is liable to be a very different game from KSP1 besides.) For now.. nothing really. Anyway, I just bought Empyrion (kind of an SF-themed minecraft) on steam a couple months ago and I've barely even had a chance to play that! The last thing I need is another title to waste spend time on.
  10. Not sure if I can help here. I tried Suzuka way back when but after after reading the manga the anime was something of a letdown. The only other ones I can remember watching all the way through were Baby Steps and Area no Kishi. Both were passable, but not really interesting enough to encourage in me an interest in the genre. YMMV. AnK is probably the better of the latter two.
  11. Keeping an eye on the "bobcat" fire that's wreaking havoc over in the foothill communities east of me.  Friday it was almost 13 miles away.  Today it is just under 10.  It is creeping closer, but also seems to be dying down in intensity with the cooler weather.  (Well, relatively cooler.  Still supposed to get up to 93F today.)  Not a problem for me yet except for air quality and ash, but I'm concerned that there's nothing between the fire and me except for the national forest area.  That area is wooded, mountainous terrain that has plenty of fuel for the fire but makes it hard for the firefighters to fight the fire in.  In the past fires in that area have been a problem because they can't really be attacked in the forest itself, but as it burns through that area it can suddenly flare up and cause problems, especially if the wind picks up.  Worst case we get one of our hot, dry "santa ana" winds coming from the high deserts in the north and east that fans the flames and quickly drives them into the populated areas.  Keeping my fingers crossed for this one.  2020 has been kind of an asshole to me so far.



    1. RuthisianCodex


      My goodness, please stay safe out there!

  12. efaardvark

    Gaming chat

    Someday I'm going to play Journey. Unfortunately I'd heard the PC version has real problems with the sound. Since sound was THE inspiration for the console version (Grammy nomination and everything) I've been holding off until that gets fixed. Another problem for me has been that it is Windows-only if you don't have a PS, but maybe with Steam's Proton? Well, maybe someday.
  13. Playing Empyrion and the Zrx keep delivering drones containing rockets and minigun ammo. This one landed conveniently on my balcony. I didn't even have to leave the house to collect the package.
  14. efaardvark

    Gaming chat

    Sorry, not really into arena-style games like COD. Multiplayer/co-op is fine but I'm more a PvE kind of guy, and I prefer games with crafting/building. I don't mind a little gunplay - currently I'm having fun with Empyrion for instance - but games like COD where you just kill everyone and blow stuff up always seemed kind of pointless to me. I just can't get into them.
  15. I just went to hide in another topic for a while.
  16. Just took a walk up the street - not too far because the air quality is pretty poor - to see if I could spot the column of smoke from the sort-of-nearby "bobcat" fire. Fortunately I could not. (If you can see the column then it is time to start worrying.) Just a kind of smoky orange haze all over everything...
  17. There's a bunch more "medieval version" tunes out there & they're pretty much all highly entertaining. I spent more time than I care to admit to searching through youtube once upon a time in search of them.
  18. Welcome Ceiling-san! Any relation to Ceiling Cat? (Sorry... somebody was going to. I'll show myself out.)
  19. There were parrots on the wires over my driveway when I got home this evening. Wait.. parrots??
  20. efaardvark

    Gaming chat

    So, anyone going to pony up for that $1,500 3090 card? If so, what do you plan to do with it?
  21. Blast from the past. Anyone know if this is still on funi?

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