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  1. Or at least they think they know it is connected to oscillations in the planet's magnetic field.
  2. Even if it all fits in the case we'll also need a new air conditioner for the computer room!
  3. In other news, water-cooled GPUs also seem to be a thing at computex. Unfortunately. I tried water-cooling the CPU in my old FX-based system. It worked, but there are issues, including maintenance & reliability. To me it is the sort of thing you resort to when all else has failed. (Or if you just want bragging rights.. kind of like those people with 9Ghz CPUs cooled by by liquid nitrogen.) Ok, but for the real world we need better solutions. And look at the size of the heat sinks on the PCI 5.0 SSDs! Not happy if this is the direction the industry is going.
  4. True. I’m not exactly a bleeding-edge kind of guy when it comes to actually purchasing computer-related bits of kit either. My current system is still using a 2nd generation ryzen 2700X and 3200mHz DDR4 memory for example. The memory in my system I've overclocked to 4K (though for power and stability reasons I'm currently running it at 3200) and the way DDR5 memory is clocked a DDR5 speed of 8K is somewhat comparable to my DDR4 memory’s 4K, at least in terms of some of the latency timings. I’ve been waiting for 8K DDR5 memory to come out because in my mind that’s the point at which the DDR5 memory becomes faster in all respects than the DDR4 memory that I currently have installed in my main system here. Now it is just a matter of getting that price down to something that won’t flatten my wallet too severely.
  5. I'm hearing that DDR5-8000 and -8800 memory kits have been shown off at Computex 2023. Not shipping yet as far as I can tell tho, and no word on price.
  6. Doc Webster, feeling genial Once told us of the day He mixed chromosomes from vegetables With canine DNA He crossed Lassie with a cantelope Said Mike, "So what'd you get?" "Why a melon-collie baby And one hell of a startled vet!" Spider, oh Spider, why won't you tell us where Callahan's is hidden, and we'll do our drinking there Jordin Kare - Callahan's Bar For with steel and steam and gasoline and turbines' whining scream They have trapped me in a nightmare that is someone else's dream Of a world so small and guarded, you could hold it in your hand A world that knows no land called far away So I waste my lives in dreaming or in bloody, useless war But somewhere there's a flash of fire and a mighty rising roar And I pray godspeed to those who ride, and I live now for the day When I leave my world behind me and travel far away Jordin Kare - The Wanderer / Fire in the Sky
  7. Jordin Kare - All Debts Are Paid (science fiction filk)
  8. What do you get when you drop a piano down a mineshaft? A flat minor. A physicist froze himself at -273.15°C. Everyone said he was crazy but he’s 0K.
  9. Are there shelters for battered fish? Yes, but only temporary because the turnover is so quick.
  10. Assuming posting this doesn't jinx it, it looks like I might have more discretionary time available to do things like attend cons over this next year or so. I haven't been to any for years and years now however so I'm out of the loop. Any recommendations for the So. California area?
  11. Cool APOD (astronomy picture of the day)

    Who needs fantasy when we have stuff like this in real life?


  12. Not a problem. My own mom died at the end of March so I totally understand. Feel free to pm if you want to talk.
  13. Why did the cop pull over the U-Haul van? He wanted to bust a move.
  14. Landed 4 tourists on the Mün. Still working on getting them back.
  15. I never said you were. Just trying to be helpful. Feel free to ignore me if anything I say rubs you the wrong way.
  16. You should be able to change those by editing your profile. To get to your profile click on your avatar anywhere you see it. In the top bar on most pages is convenient, but it will also be next to any of your posts. Then towards the top of the page on your profile should be an "edit profile" link. Click that and about halfway down the page of stuff to edit are the fields you're looking for. I suspect they're not displayed because they're not filled out in your profile so you should just need to enter your info there, click "save", and you're done. hth..
  17. Where did Luke Skywalker buy his new arm? At the second hand store!
  18. Oh sure. Find, capture, and return an asteroid to Kerbin. No problem. I'm barely even halfway through the tech tree too. What do they expect me to capture it with? A net? No fancy nuclear engines or mining/refining tech either. I need another few million $$ just to upgrade my R&D lab before I can even start researching that stuff.
  19. Nice collection. I don’t collect much/any anime beyond a few DVDs but I do have a quite bit of space-related merch like lapel pins, buttons, spacecraft models, and even a few event access passes so I can appreciate the effort and fun involved in compiling such a collection.
  20. Did you hear about the man who fell into an upholstery machine? He’s fully recovered.
  21. Discovered an asteroid that had passed through the Kerbin system in KSP. Guess it's time to make a push for the NERVA nuclear engine, just in case the game throws an asteroid deflection contract my way. Those can be a pain but usually the money is worth it. Also took a couple tourists to Minmus orbit and back. (Don't knock it, the pay is good.) Things got a little (more) heated on reentry than I like but ultimately everyone made it back down safely. I think it was because I still had a bunch of fuel on board. That made the vehicle heavier so it didn't slow down much before it got to the thicker atmosphere and compressed the overall heating pulse into a shorter timespan so the peak heat (and deceleration forces) were shorter but higher. I like to keep the vehicle away from those red bars. If they fill the gauge things start exploding. You can't really tell from the pic but the parts closest to exploding were the solar panels and the batteries. At this point in the mission those have pretty much served their purpose and can be lost without much impact beyond loss of a bit of profit. The panels are stowed for reentry anyway so they're not doing anything useful. If all electrical power is lost then the reaction wheel keeping the vehicle oriented lose power and the vehicle would start tumbling, with likely disastrous consequences. On this vehicle the crew capsule also has a built-in battery that's sufficient to power the reaction wheel at least through reentry so that's not really of concern here. The thing is that most of the batteries are external and while losing the stored power per se isn't a problem, if they get too hot and explode sometimes the shock of something exploding can momentarily throw off the alignment enough that the reaction wheels can't recover in time to keep most of the vehicle "behind" the engine in terms of heating before something else gets too hot and explodes. If that something else is maybe a parachute, or a crew compartment, or if it leads to a chain reaction of explosions ... well, that would be "bad". Also, changing the external surface alters the air flow and can result in off-axis aerodynamic forces that the reaction wheel can't compensate for. Again, something else might get exposed for long enough to overheat and explode. Fortunately nothing exploded and the piloting was good thanks to the pilot Stauki (only 2 of 5 stars but one of the best I have at the moment) who managed to keep most of the vehicle behind the engine, which took the brunt of the heating. Engines can take it. So everyone landed safely and the contracted payment was received. Any landing you can walk away from is a good one, right? Collecting a paycheck is also right up there.
  22. Sorry, I don't think this has anything to do with your anime question but it reminded me of a programming game called "Crobots" that I played (quite) a few years back. Your description of the anime sounds a lot like the anime version of a crobots tournament. And way, WAY before that I played Robot Wars on my dad's Apple ][. State of the art computer gaming for the early 80s. One of the gaming magazines back then sponsored a tournament where you could mail them a floppy with your robot code on it and they would run all the entrants through a tournament, then publish the results in an article in the magazine. (Yes, that's the way we did things back before the Internet. )
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