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  1. I never thought it was going to be over in just a few months , not with the number of "community transmission" cases and the lack of effective testing early on.  I was figuring closer to a year, though maybe with something of a lull during the warmer months.  Usually it seems they get a vaccine for this year's variant of the flu in time for next year's flu season.  That's kind of what I've been expecting for this one, but even that assumes it is a "well-behaved" virus that doesn't come up with any sneaky tricks.  Especially for the high-risk groups this isn't going to really be over until they get a working vaccine produced and distributed.

  2. 39 minutes ago, Beocat said:

    My favorite con got canceled this year so no fun for me :( that said, I think people will return to how they were shortly after...within a year. Us pitiful humans with our short attention spans and even shorter memory. 

    It has been fun and educational to talk to some of the old people like my mom who remember quarantines and regular occurrences of serious communicable diseases like measles and polio.  We've had it easy for a long time thanks to modern medicine.  These people that are rebelling against that legacy are ignorant morons.  Crazy Eddie lives.

  3. GATE put to mind a short story by Harry Turtledove, "The Road Not Taken".  Pretty sure it was in an issue of Analog on the 80's but all that era is in boxes in the garage so I'm not quite sure.  Anyway, it was the same kind of scenario.  The primitive but imperialistic invaders come to Earth in their wooden space ships held together with pitch and thinking themselves invincible with their kites and black-power clay bombs and flintlock muskets, and promptly get themselves blown away by tanks, fighter jets, and assault rifles.  TRNT was similar in that it didn't follow through and have the Earthlings press their obvious technological advantage.  Failing that, I'd have liked to see another season that started with the Gate closing and the people from Earth being cut off and having to fend for themselves in the new world.

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  4. 36 minutes ago, EvaUnit69 said:

    Mazinger Z ladies and gentlemen! I honestly never find people who even know of this anime but it is a wild f-ing ride peeps. The only way I can describe this anime is to say at some point a lady robot fires her boobies as a weapon and it became a thing to the point there is references to it in marvel vs capcom as one of Rolls specials



    Also known as Tranzor Z, one of the early ones that lead in the mecha genre in the 70s.

    For some reason MZ is forever linked in my mind with Gatchaman.  I think they were back-to-back
    on TV back in the days when I was young and impressionable.  :)


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  5. I tend to have the strongest reactions - both positive and negative - to kuudere characters.  Irie Naoki from Mischievous Kiss I wanted to strangle for instance, but I did/do like characters like Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha), Goblin Slayer, or Shiroe (Log Horizon).  Sometimes they can be boring though (Tatsuya Shiba, The Irregular at Magic High) if they're not well-written/acted.

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  6. It kinda depends, doesn't it?  I mean, "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" would be completely different than "EEEEEEYAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!", right?  "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" might even be like, "aaahhh!", but I'd certainly never want to have to "EEEEEEYAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" for real!  :D


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  7. A Place Further than the Universe does look promising from what I've seen/read.  Haven't watched it yet, but definitely on my list.  Asobi Asobase didn't tickle my fancy.  Non-funny jokes, mediocre art.  I dropped it.  Hope that sort of thing doesn't become a trend.  Yuru Camp was good.  (And Yama no susume as well... kind of in the same vein.) 

    The others ....  I'm a binge-watcher and usually (at least) a season behind so there's a lot of recent stuff I haven't gotten to yet.  I liked Goblin Slayer though, and the first season of Tensura (slime).

  8. I just couldn't get into Black Clover.  Yes, the main character is too noisy.  The rest don't make up for it.  I got about 10 or so episodes in, looked at the (at the time) 40 or so episodes to go, and decided it just wasn't worth it.  At least not for me.  Who knows?  Maybe it'll turn into another 500+ episode Naruto.  I kind of doubt it, but either way.. I'm out. 

    Goblin Slayer, on the other hand, was pretty good.  If you liked that one then you might try Grimgar .. different, but it had a kind of similar vibe for me.  FWIW, I also liked Overlord, and the first season of TenSura (the "slime" one.. I binge and am saving the rest for later.)

  9. I hardly ever do the NY resolution thing.  Resolutions have always struck me as unrealistic.  Either they're too little or they're too much.  If they're too much they can backfire and mess with your head.  If they're too little then I don't really feel I accomplished anything significant.

    My plan has always just been to continuously try to do things better than I did last time.  That's a goal that is always within reach and therefore fairly easy to make a habit out of.  I find that works better for me than doing the new year's resolution thing every January.

  10. Been there, done that.  Never did get the hang of it.  (Hope that's not too discouraging.)  I can make a sandwich.  Sometimes I can even successfully heat soup in the microwave.  Beyond that.. best not push it.  I don't even have the BBQ gene that a lot of guys seem to have.  My ancestors must have been the fruit-eaters because that's the only way they could have survived.  :D

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  11. 8 hours ago, SoullessMarshmallow said:

    ... I'm glad to know that my suspicions about not all guys wanting extremely busty women is true

    Definitely not "extremely".  Extreme bust size might get attention, but it doesn't do much to enhance attraction.  Especially when paired with a personality that is convinced that they're attractive mainly because of their size - as is often the case - that's just .. <blech>.

  12. As a guy I feel have to speak up, at least on the boob issue/stereotype, because it kind of annoys me too and I know it is a mental issue for some women.  Realize now that I'm speaking only for myself and maybe a circle of 10 or so guys whose preferences I know well enough, but of that sample not one (0) of us really puts much emphasis on "big" boobs.  I'm not sure where this "guys think bigger is better" stereotype comes from, but it isn't very accurate in my experience.. certainly not for all guys, and certainly not when taken to extremes.  Yeah, having some is better than none, but pretty quickly I/we get to the point where more boob does not mean more attraction.  If you have some, even if they're maybe a bit on the small side, check "boobs" off the list of things to worry about, and DO NOT let any better-endowed acquaintances convince you otherwise.  It is far more productive to focus your energies on your other qualities that might need work.  (Don't let that bother you too much either.. everyone has a few.)

    That is all.  :D Feel free to share this with anyone if you think it might help.


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