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Status Updates posted by efaardvark

  1. Photoshop yourself to Mars with NASA's Mars Photobooth.


  2. "Real Genius" was 35 years ago.  Crap.  Now I feel old.  👴

  3. Just found out that Tonikaku Kawaii is going to be made into an anime by Kenjirō Hata, the same person who did Hayate no Gotoku.  AND it will be on crunchy in October.  Might be a bit diabetes-inducing, but I'm going to put it on my list anyway.  :)

  4. Looks like things were hopping today down in Boca Chica...


    1. Wedgy


      Something about the way it's wibble-wobbling is a little nerve-wracking. It almost looks as if it could just face plant like a drinking bird.

    2. efaardvark


      The fact that the whole thing looked off-kilter because of the engine mount didn’t help the visuals.  There are mounts for three engines around a common center, but with only one engine mounted the whole thing has to tip over to get the center of thrust going through the center of mass or else the whole thing does a nice arc ending in a powered dive into the ground.  The physics works, and obviously the software can handle it, but it looked... dangerous.  :)

      The thing that impressed me was the fact that this is just about a third of the top half of the full stack that’s going to eventually put things in space.  That’s going to be one impressive launch!  A lot of them actually.  I mean, the whole thing is supposed to be reusable after all.

    3. Wedgy


      I can't wait to see it!

  5. Watching the Dragon de-orbit...


  6. The last two weeks have been utterly crazy - kind of like the rest of the year so far - but this weekend I am facing the prospect of time off without looming deadlines ahead.  Something of a relief for a change.

    1. Zila


      Rest up, you earned it! 😁👍

  7. Nothing like a little earthquake in the middle of a launch countdown.   :) 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. efaardvark


      That is so true.

      It's the comet.  Gotta be the comet.  Effed up this whole year.


    3. Ohiotaku


      I’ve never actually seen Maximum Overdrive, but always wondered about the Green Goblin face on the semi 🤣

    4. Sauron


      Are we already 5 days in?

  8. Less than 24 hours till launch..


  9. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.  (If it goes.. last I heard the weather at Tanegashima wasn’t great.)



    1. efaardvark


      It didn't go.  :(  Recycled for another try Thursday.  Probably at about the same time but Mitsubushi won't commit to an exact time more than 40 hours in advance so I probably won't know until tomorrow what my exact schedule will be for Thursday.

    2. efaardvark


      And now Saturday.  But probably not even then if the rain occurs as predicted,

      At this rate it might wind up going up with M20.  😮  (I hope not.)

  10. If 2020 were sheet music...


  11. Dang!  It's hot today!

    This just now on my patio...


  12. This is what I do all day.  😜



    1. RuthisianCodex


      This looks pretty cool. Great, now I'm going to get hooked into something else when I know darn well I should be writing or sleeping. *sighs* Thanks @efaardvark :) 

  13. 3 weeks, unless it slips again...


  14. image.jpeg.b759b84a01b5a14357f0c7c111bbbf91.jpeg

    1. Zila


      ((Throws all the world's sage in.)) The power of the Elders compels ye 2020! 

  15. Like your profile's cover pic.  Looks like Reki from Haibane Renmei.

    1. crowpuppetMana


      That is correct! It's Reki. :)

  16. I found my monitor.  Now I just need to win the lotto. 

  17. Taking wishful thinking to another level: when you think tomorrow is Friday and today is only Tuesday.  🙀😞

  18. Oh no!  After LotR I always pictured him as retired and living comfortably with Gandalf and the other Ringbearers in the Undying Lands!

    Sir Ian Holm: Lord of the Rings and Alien star dies aged 88


  19. Searching for a Ryzen 7 zen3 rdna2 linux laptop.   Riding a unicorn.  :D   🦄🍀🌈

  20. Dress rehearsal for m20 tonight and they're trying to be as faithful as possible to the real thing... right down to the 3am liftoff.  💤😴💤

    On the plus side, working from home means all I have to do is stumble from my bed to the computer and be awake enough to remember my password when I get there.  :)


  21. End of my first week working from home!  🌈🍺🎉 

    I think I'm actually more tired and discombobulated now than I was at the end of last week however. 😫  At least I'm down to only doing the job of two people.  👍

  22. I might actually get to work from home next week... finally!

    Watch, next week they announce the vaccine.  :|  

    1. Zila


      Oh man, that would be ironic! Well, if it's true that there could possibly be a rise in cases due to the rioting and such, you'll be good! 🙃

  23. And now they’ve expanded the curfew in Los Angeles to the surrounding areas.  I am so done with 2020. :veryangry:

    edit: oh, and they’re bringing in the national guard.

    1. OtakuKid


      Well, during quarantine, were you really going to be out past eight (or whatever time your curfew starts)?

    2. efaardvark


      If I were one of these work-from-home types then that might apply.  I’ve still been commuting however.  It is a 24/7 job too.  I’ve managed to stay off the mid shift, but I’ve done a few swings.  If this turns out anything like the Rodney King riots it won’t matter anyway.  We could hear gunfire and smell tear gas even at home back then.  Last thing I want to have to deal with after a long shift in the NOC is a “papers please” moment on the way home at 11:30 at night.  (Or worse.)

  24. "Zero-G indicator":D


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