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  1. Spent more time than I should have grinding for netherite in minecraft. Finally managed to find and smelt 14 pieces of ancient debris after several hours of tediously - and cautiously! - burrowing through the Nether. Unfortunately that will only get me 3 ingots, which isn't even enough for a full set of armor. Then there's the whole issue of finding and duplicating the upgrade templates for each piece of gear so I can actually apply the netherite to the gear. The upgrade template alone is 7 diamonds each.. beyond the usual amount to craft the actual diamond gear itself. That's to upgrade one item! Netherite gear is a LOT tougher to get in 1.20!
  2. In DanMachi episode 10 there's a sequence that sounds a lot like what you describe except the girl is clothed.
  3. Did the 3-ep thing on The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses. Planning on continuing at the end of the season but I gotta say I already have one complaint about the animation. The dust motes. One of those things that you don't notice right away but once I did I found it very distracting.
  4. The Steam Deck is basically a portable Linux ("Arch based") system that's been optimized for the hardware. The hardware Valve chose is a pretty standard x86-based PC hardware-wise (AMD 4-core/8-thread CPU with 16GB laptop RAM and a laptop GPU) so running other, non-Steam software on it is also possible, including other Linux distros, or even Windows itself. To play Windows titles on Steam OS/Linux the Deck has the Proton emulator. I've used the emulator with my Steam library on my (Ubuntu) desktop system and it works pretty well. The Deck also comes with the KDE desktop used by many/most Linux distros preinstalled so running Linux software beyond what is supplied by Valve is just a matter of downloading and installing it. Ars Technica has a pretty deep (tho a bit dated at this point) dive into the gory details for anyone who's interested. I've seriously considered getting a Deck of my own but I already have a linux laptop and I'm afraid the Deck would make it too easy to waste too much time playing games.
  5. Finally got my second zombie villager cured in MC. Mr and Ms Fletcher-Librarian are settled in to their new digs and producing the next generation. I can't tell Mr from Ms but they seem to have figured it out. Now I can build the rest of the dwellings and maybe get some decent trades going at the new town site. btw, I like the new hanging signs.
  6. Not as such. "Patrick Sylvester" is a fictionalised version of Yukio Mishima. Google him.
  7. R.I.P. Jimmy Buffett The story of Jimmy Buffett the flying Pirate
  8. 100F temps lately means replacing the A/C air filter in the car gets top priority on today's todo list.  Having to choose between breathing oven-temperature air or air that smells like moldy socks is not a choice one should have to make.

    1. Bulletje76


      where are you living?


    2. efaardvark


      @Bulleje76  Sunny Southern California.   Only it wasn't so sunny today.

    3. Sakura


      Neither of those options sound very good. Hope you are staying cool though, heats been awful. 

  9. efaardvark


    Long, straight, and I just tie it back to keep it out of the way. Nothing fancy.
  10. My brother’s kids requested stickers as necessary back-to-school accessories so I stopped in at the company store today. Unfortunately they were out of stock on those but for myself I did pick up a new cap with all the NASA rovers in silhouette, a Mars Sample Return mission sticker, and an Artemis patch. On the cap that’s the Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity, and Perseverance rovers, along with the Ingenuity drone/helicopter at the far right. And yes that’s my Kerbal coffee mug off to the side there.
  11. Thanks. I collect space-related stuff. I have a rather large collection of lapel pins that I've been collecting for the past few decades. (Something of an occupational hazard.) Most of my collection is of the the lesser-known robotics missions, but I recently got some Artemis items as well from last year's mission. The pins are the main thing but I also have t-shirts, baseball caps, mission patches & badges, and other etc. Even a couple of lunch pails, a few Hot Wheels special edition (Mars rovers), and lego sets. At least I think I still have the legos. I may have given them to my brother's kids as I don't recall seeing them recently. They may also just be buried in the garage or the back of the closet. (I have a closet like the one in House. )
  12. And cake. I distinctly remember cake. Occasionally explosions.
  13. Found a huge underwater cave system. These kinds of places are supposed to be good for finding emeralds and diamonds because the ore is technically not exposed to air even though it is readily visible. Time to brew up some night vision and underwater breathing potions. I bet there's Drowned in there tho. I hate the ones with tridents.
  14. After hearing a bit of gamescom hype I thought I'd do a little memory refresh on AMD's NAVI lineup. The green team is on my do-not-buy list and newer cards on both the nvidia and radeon side are still quite extreme in terms of both price and power requirements but if I ignore NVIDIA completely and the AMD top end (which is off-scale high on the expense side AFAIC) then I'm thinking that cards based on NAVI 32 might be something of a sweet spot. With the die shrink they're not as power-hungry as the NAVI 21/22 generation, nor are they quite as expensive, yet they perform better and have more and faster memory access. I mean $500 is still steep, but at least it isn't $1k like the 7900, or $1600 like the 4090. They still have >8GB memory and <300W power on the specs side of things. I'm still in the planning stages of building a DDR5 system so it'll be at least a few months before I actually make any purchases. Maybe by that time prices will have come down a bit. I'll also want to see actual real-world benchmarks before I make any final decisions and the NAVI 32 cards won't be out for a few weeks yet. For now I'm just keeping an eye on things. RECENT info: AMD Navi 32 vs. Navi 22/23 Specifications Graphics Card RX 7800 XT RX 7700 XT RX 6800 XT RX 6700 XT Architecture Navi 32 Navi 32 Navi 21 Navi 22 Process Technology TSMC N5 + N6 TSMC N5 + N6 TSMC N7 TSMC N7 Transistors (Billion) ? + 4x 2.05 ? + 3x 2.05 26.8 17.2 Die size (mm^2) 200? + 150 200? + 113 519 336 Compute Units 60 54 72 40 GPU Cores (Shaders) 3840 3456 4608 2560 AI Cores 120 108 N/A N/A RT Accelerators 60 54 72 40 Boost Clock (MHz) 2430 2544 2250 2581 VRAM Speed (Gbps) 19.5 18 16 16 VRAM (GB) 16 12 16 12 VRAM Bus Width 256 192 256 192 Infinity Cache 64 48 128 96 ROPs 128? 96? 128 64 TMUs 240 216 288 160 TFLOPS FP32 (Boost) 37.3 35.2 20.7 13.2 TFLOPS FP16 (Boost) 74.6 70.4 41.4 26.4 Bandwidth (GBps) 624 432 512 384 TDP (watts) 263 245 300 230 Launch Price $499 $449 $649 $479 Online Price N/A N/A $520 $320 OLDER / less reliable info: AMD RDNA 3 Graphics Card Specifications and Rumors Graphics Card RX 7900 XTX RX 7900 XT RX 7800? RX 7700? RX 7600 Architecture Navi 31 Navi 31 Navi 32? Navi 32? Navi 33 Process Technology TSMC N5 + N6 TSMC N5 + N6 TSMC N5 + N6 TSMC N5 + N6 TSMC N6 Transistors (Billion) 45.6 + 6x 2.05 45.6 + 5x 2.05 30? + 4x 2.05 30? + 3x 2.05 13.3 Die size (mm^2) 300 + 225 300 + 225 ~200? + 150 ~200? + 150 204 Compute Units 96 84 60? 48? 32 GPU Cores (Shaders) 6144 5376 3840? 3072? 2048 AI Cores 192 168 120? 96? 64 Ray Accelerators 96 84 60? 48? 32 Boost Clock (MHz) 2500 2400 2400? 2400? 2625 VRAM Speed (Gbps) 20 20 20? 20? 18 VRAM (GB) 24 20 16? 12? 8 VRAM Bus Width 384 320 256? 192? 128 Infinity Cache 96 80 64? 48? 32 ROPs 192 192 128? 96? 64 TMUs 384 336 240? 192? 128 TFLOPS FP32 (Boost) 61.4 51.6 36.9? 29.5? 21.5 TFLOPS FP16 122.8 103.2 73.8? 59? 43 Bandwidth (GBps) 960 800 640? 480? 288 TBP (watts) 355 315 275? 220? 165 Launch Price $999 $899 $549? $399? $269
  15. Another mission to check out is the upcoming SunRISE mission to study CMEs, or coronal mass ejections from the Sun. The mission is going to involve a fleet of 6 small "cubesat" spacecraft to study solar radiation and charged particles in the solar wind. Recently there was a public talk on the mission released by the Jet Propulsion Lab that goes into more details. Fun trivia fact.. Anime fans will probably recognize the name Sunrise in a different context. The mission naming is a complete coincidence, but there are anime fans working on the project and they've had had a bit of fun with it. As I've posted before the 6 spacecraft are informally named after Cowboy Bebop characters.
  16. @Key VisualI loves me some of those types too, whether it's Travelling Soldier, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Cats in the Cradle , The Highwayman (McKennitt's whole Book of Secrets is worth a listen if you like this stuff), or any of a number of others I have stashed away in my music folder.
  17. Space ships, rockets, robots, a unique metal world.... what's not to like?
  18. Yet another pin, this one for the ESA's EUCLID project.
  19. Ever been stalked by a fish while caving?
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