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  1. Could be Ore Monogatari. Except for the magic bit. He douses himself with water and saves his friends from a building that's on fire but it's a romcom so no magic. One of the earlier episodes like 4 or 5 IIRC. Do you have a character description or two or more of the plot? Might help narrow it down.
  2. I considered making Frieren my new favorite kuudere, but I think she's beyond dere, kuu or otherwise.  I'll keep Korone as my number one.. for now.  :D


    Frieren joke:

    Q: What sort of dere is Frieren?

    A: Legendere.

    (I will accept no other answer! :)  )

  3. Tabi no Yukue (Loved the new anime's opening scene. Hope the rest lives up to it.)
  4. I got my tax return. Does that count?
  5. Ashita Kuru Hi (aka "Kobato's song") Yume to hazakura
  6. Started on Momochi-san Chi no Ayakashi Ouji. Was kind of expecting / hoping for it to be something like Hiiro no Kakera but from what I've seen so far I think it actually is somewhere along a line between that and Kamisama Hajimemashita. Far enough from both to stand on its own however. On ep4 right now and will probably finish it.
  7. You going to be there Monday for the eclipse? Chicago is not quite in the path of totality but at ~95% and a 2pm maximum it's close enough for a decent viewing experience. Weather permitting of course.
  8. I have an eclipse joke... but it gets kind of dark. Why are so many people talking about the eclipse? Probably because it's significance is astronomical. Why did the moon feel guilty after the solar eclipse? It thought it might have thrown some shade! How does the man in the moon cut his hair? Eclipse it.
  9. What did the biologist wear to impress her date? Designer genes.
  10. There's going to be a solar eclipse in a few days here and since the path of totality is going to cut right through the middle of the US a lot of people here will be in a position to get a good look. Anyone have plans? I hear that things like reservations for hotels along the path are already booked solid. Hopefully the weather will be clear. It's been cloudy/rainy off and on here all week. If you want to know the times and such for your area then timeanddate has a nice site. Have fun and make sure to protect your eyes! There's a lot of interesting things going on during an eclipse, not all of which require looking in the direction of the sun. Make sure to look around you as well. For example I took this pic of the sun shining through the trees in front of my house during the '11 eclipse. Note the crescent shapes of the sun in the road on the ground in the tree's shadow! Here's another of the same phenomenon on my driveway.
  11. Cloudy at the moment. It rained overnight. Hopefully the rain was strong enough to at least rinse things off and my hayfever will get a break from the pollen. It needs to clear up by Monday though. We'll only be at 50% totality here in LA but I'd like to at least get a chance to see what I can.
  12. Saw the rocket trail from yesterdays F9/Starlink launch when I went to move my car.  They’re doing a lot more Starlink launches from Vandenberg these days.  Probably filling in the more polar orbit slots.


  13. I can hardly wait until Iris, Distant Horizons, and the shaders API for fabric all hit release status. Already there's some awesome 'tubies with just the alpha versions. I'm using it myself in my own games with the "Bliss" shader. (Bliss is the only one so far with support for the DH's API.) Minecraft with a 32-chunk render distance was .. ok. Then MSFT added the height extension to the world and 32 chunks went back to "not enough". I mean, from a mountaintop at y=250 even a 32-chunk render distance barely gets you to the plains at the base of the mountain. But with a render distance of hundreds of chunks - and a decent shader on top - it's like a whole new game.
  14. A dolphin followed my boat for a while as I explored. Actually there were -2- dolphins swimming alongside my boat at one point, but I only managed to snap a pic of one.
  15. Did some exploring in minecraft.. and a little landscaping around town. Going to put down some farm fields and a couple farmhouses. Maybe a mason and a fisherman as well.
  16. SV is (quite) a bit like the early Rune Factory / Harvest Moon series, if you know those. If you like city building then I can recommend Cities:Skylines. I was a big SimCity fan until EA drove me off. If you like that sort of thing then C:S is very similar. I haven't found time to play C:S2 yet but I played the heck out of the first one. Both are on Steam.
  17. Why couldn’t the beaver get back home? It couldn’t find the dam door.
  18. Every morning I announce to my family that I’m going jogging but then I don’t go… it’s a running joke. I have a joke about a broken clock but it’s not the right time. I have another one about chemistry but I don’t think it’ll get a reaction. So I'll just leave you with the observation that geology rocks but geography is where it’s at.
  19. From this season I've got Sign of Affection, Undead Adventurer, and Level 99 Villainess queued up first. After that maybe Wrong way to do Healing and Doctor Elise. But I still have unfinished business with Frieren, The Masterful Cat, and something else that it's been so long I forget. I'll have to check my list when I get home.
  20. I do that kind of thing a lot too.. just play an easy game like stardew valley or minecraft and veg. Or I'm a builder so I'll often do something like get into the VAB (vehicle assembly building) in KSP where there's no time limits or anyone shooting at you and just goof off designing things. Another DH + Bliss screenshot.
  21. Got yet another pin for my collection. This one marks the end of the CloudSat mission / spacecraft, which is shutting down after almost 20 years in orbit and quite a few discoveries about how clouds affect the Earth's climate. This one is a pretty nice one, with good detail on the solar panels and spacecraft body. Two metal layers, the upper one fitted into a dug-out area on the lower one, give the pin a lot of texture too, as well as a bit of heft.
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