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  1. Found a hidden valley in the mountains. Keeping the location in mind for a future base.
  2. Full article here (nasa.gov). This is something that I've been thinking for a while now, ever since Mike Brown at Caltech started coming out with his data on dwarf planets in our own solar system. We have already observed hundreds of potential dwarf planets there, and given the difficulty of making such observations and the fact that the volume of the space we're talking about there is so huge then there may very well be thousands of such planets, many of them Mars-sized or even larger. Thing is, at such huge distances from the sun the orbits of those planets are only very loosely coupled to our star. Even here in the inner system there is ample evidence that the orbits of even Jupiter, the largest planet, have been disturbed at some point(s) in the solar system's history. It would not take very much of a disturbance to knock planets both 100s of times smaller and further from the sun than Jupiter loose entirely and turn them into rogues. Over the billions of years our solar system has wandered the galaxy there must have been many opportunities for such disruptions. It may even be that -most- of the planetary real estate in space is not in orbit around a star. It will be very interesting to see what Roman comes up with. Before Kepler we only knew of a few extrasolar planets. Kepler found thousands more, but its search method could only find planets orbiting stars. (And even then it was biased towards very large planets.) Roman gives us a whole new method for finding extrasolar planets. I can hardly wait to see what it can tell us. Edit: Here's a 'tubie on the same subject..
  3. dandelionswillbeback.jpeg

    1. Animedragon


      Weeds are often more resilient than flowers.

      So being called a weed could be a compliment.

  4. I've tried bedrock a couple times but I too did not like it. It is designed for smaller, less powerful devices and that does have advantages but I really, really prefer java. Java takes more resources but desktops have a lot more resources - and then some - and I like the bigger screen and better performance on my desktop system. Playing MC on a phone to me is like trying to build a ship in a bottle.
  5. Cooling off.. today it only got to 94F! Whew! For a while there I thought I was going to melt. The weatherdude says it'll get hotter again this weekend though. "95-105" in the graphic he was showing that covered my area. Even hotter in some nearby areas. Oh, and some increased humidity as well. Joy.
  6. Not all of them. Maybe about half so far. But that doesn't really scratch the itch for me. That show is basically several seasons about catching up to where we are and I know where we've been. Science fiction is at its best when it shows a plausible future. Personally I'd prefer it to be upbeat as well - especially these days there's plenty of bad news - but a dystopian warning is also valuable if it is based on actual science.
  7. Anyone watched any good science anime recently? I'm getting so sick of isekai into a dungeon fantasy world.
  8. Sorry, not going to happen. I'd have to leave the air conditioning to do that. (But I do feel your pain; 97F here today.)
  9. It is never long enough.
  10. Hmmm.. Based on your list I'm probably not a good candidate for answering but I'll give it a shot. Maybe something like Lovely Complex? Based on the inclusion of Lain then maybe Ergo Proxy, Texhnolyze, or Ghost in the Shell, or Violet Evergarden. For darker maybe Boku dake ga Inai Machi or Mirai Nikki, or (more twisted) Another. For less drama then maybe Usagi Drop or Haibane Renmei. hth..
  11. In a twist, in season 4 Truck-kun himself gets resurrected as the demon lord and the previous victims - including the driver, who it turns out was under his spell all along - all have to band together to protect the kingdom and themselves.
  12. I just finished that. I waited for it to get going but it never really did. I thought the ending was boring. Not exactly bad overall but not worth the time to watch, given the wishy-washy ending. (Maybe they're planning to save it with another season? But after this one I probably wouldn't watch it.) For people interested in that sort of thing I thought Wotakoi was more fun. BTW, I consider myself a gamer. It didn't really help.
  13. Very hot here. It was 92F (33C?) in the shade on the patio here just before lunch. The local advisories say it is supposed to get up to 106 in the valley this weekend but it tends to be a couple degrees hotter in the inland foothills where I am. Planning on hiding out in the air-conditioning as much as possible.
  14. Finally found a cherry grove biome with trees! It was right next to an ice spike biome so I loaded up on packed ice as well as grabbing a few cherry saplings from the grove. The wood is very pink.
  15. Up way past my bedtime on-call for the (successful!) Chandrayaan-3 launch.

    1. Animedragon


      Some things are worth staying up for.

  16. These days? After the reboot(s) & live action destroyed the franchise? No. But back then I was watching stuff like Danger Mouse and Animaniacs. I think that was also the era of Ren and Stimpy. The Tick fit right in.
  17. Rediscovered/recovered from the depths of my closet while doing some spring(ish)-cleaning. Spoon!
  18. I’ve been thinking about that for myself too. The last portable that I had was/is a 3DS so it is well past time for an upgrade. Let us know how you like it when you get it. I haven’t checked.. is there a waiting list? Just curious as electronic gadgets still sometimes have parts/supply problems production-wise. Took a few buckets to the mangove swamp to collect some tadpoles and bring them back to my main base. Someday I'll figure out how to make a froglight farm but for now I just want to build an enclosure for the frogs themselves back at base, kind of like I did for the turtles / turtle compound a while back. I know where there's a magma cube spawner in the nether so I'll probably eventually build a portal nearby that leads to an overworld frog farm or something. Not sure how frogs interact with the nether. Seems like they wouldn't do so well being swamp creatures, but I haven't checked and they do eat magma cubes so maybe they'll be fine. That's all for later though. For this session I'm just chillin' in mc while I just take the buckets to the swamp and then bring back the tadpoles. I didn't bother to set up nether portals to shorten the journey so it was a fairly long trek through the overworld. Took the opportunity to look for a cherry-blossom biome again but except for the frontier area most of the journey was through older chunks closer to where my base is so mostly it was just taking in the scenery along the way..
  19. Not sure I'm on board with the "new physics" aspect but I do agree that it is definitely interesting data.
  20. "Reborn as a vending machine"?? Now they're just being silly.
  21. Wandered around a bit more in the frontier (distant, unititalized chunks) of my brother's minecraft realm looking for a bigger "sakura" biome than the one I found the other day. Or at least one that has trees/saplings. Didn't find that but I did find a mangrove swamp biome and some frogs.
  22. SukiMega. Not actually watching it yet since crunchy only has the one episode but I've been waiting to put it on my to-watch list for a while. And now there it is.
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