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  1. This has nothing to do with anime but I thought it worth sharing.  One of my friends used to have a small cabin in the nearby Angeles National Forest. Her cabin, along with a number of others, burned down in the “Bobcat” forest fire a few years ago.  One of her neighbors is an artist and he drew drawings of all the cabins that had burned down.  The drawings are done in charcoal obtained from the remains of the burned-down cabins.  The pictures have been posted online here.

  2. Got a c19 booster shot today.  Heard mixed reviews from my coworkers as to what to expect in terms of side effects.  I got off pretty clean with the original vaccination.  Just some localized muscle soreness around the injection site and maybe a bit of fatigue (or maybe just working too hard) but nothing else.  Hope this goes as well but I took tomorrow off as a comp-day so I get  3-day weekend, just in case.  I figure if I need it, great.  If I don't.. well, there's plenty around the house that needs to be done too.

  3. Now that's a big explosion!  Hope everybody nearby is ok!


  4. Turnspit dogs used to be a thing.  Who knew?


    1. Deeath


      I never knew! 
      I looked up what these dogs looked like, and they are FUNNY LOOKING! Yet...quite cute.


  5. Happy New Year!  Hope it's a better one...

    1. RyePotatoes


      Happy New Yeaaaar!! 🎉

  6. Finally starting my vacation!  Theoretically anyway.  Gotta work at 12:10-9AM (pacific time) Christmas day for JWST, then sometime over the weekend move furniture so I can move Mom out of her nursing home and into an assisted-living arrangement next week.  Hopefully the new year will be.. less eventful.

    1. Ohayotaku


      I’ve been hearing some pretty wild things about the weather In Cali recently. Any of that affecting you? Where I am they’re now predicting Christmas will be in the low 60s despite yesterdays high being 34F 😂

    2. efaardvark



      So far I’m good here.  A bit of rain started in the wee hours this morning but that’s fine.  We need the water.  We’re supposed to get a series of fronts coming through but not much intensity.  Other than idiots on the freeways not paying attention to the laws of physics it seems like we’ll just have to deal with several days of rainy weather down here in SoCal.  Up north there might be issues.  They’re talking up to 10 feet of snow in the Sierras.  Again, we need the water, but these days the snow doesn’t stick around and people are worried about it melting and causing flooding once the storm is over.

      Actually, my brother in Wisconsin seems to be having more “fun” with the weather.  He’s reporting that there’s a 100-car pileup on the interstate due to ice and snow.

    3. Ohayotaku


      Sound similar to where I live being fortunate enough to miss out on the tornados that hit Kentucky & other areas to the south recently. So far the wildly varying temps have just resulted in rain & a couple days of wind gusts in my neck of the woods.

  7. I took the offer so next week it’s goodbye Peraton and real-time operations, hello JPL/Caltech and integration/test.

    1. Ohayotaku



      Hope it works out well.

    2. Wodahs


      Gratz hope all goes well

    3. efaardvark


      Thanks.  Going to have to hit the ground running with the test schedule but it should be a good thing long term.

  8. DART launch team photo.  (I’m the guy in back with the lid.)


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    2. Kit


      Envious XD

      Mad respect for how much schooling and dedication that must have taken. It all paid off and you love your job, can't get any better than that? I don't even know you and I'm proud of you. lol

    3. efaardvark


      Thanks @Kit.  Might be changing jobs in the near future tho.  I’m currently working for a contractor but JPL/Caltech has made me an offer that looks good.  It is in integration and testing and moves me away from real-time ops but it is more in tune with my training as a systems engineer.  Benefits are better and it comes with a bigger paycheck too.

      The downside is it drops me right in the middle of GDS - ground data system - testing for all those cubesats going up on Artemis in a couple/few months.  😱  (Currently there’s one guy doing it full time and one loaner half-timer and they’re apparently not getting much sleep.  How do you schedule testing with JAXA, Goddard, and ESA in the same day and still find time to sleep?)

  9. Here I was thinking that I might actually have a couple hours of discretionary time this afternoon.  Shoulda known better.  Woke up early this morning to crashing noises and found that one of our “Santa Ana” winds had made a mess of the backyard and dumped a bunch of debris in the pool overnight.  We also seem to be missing a patio chair.  Have to go knocking on the neighbors’ doors in a bit I guess. Maybe start a load of laundry first however.  Get that going while I work on coffee and breakfast.  No rest for the weary.

  10. Just applied for a job working for JPL!  I've actually been working -at- JPL for years now but as a contractor, not as a direct employee.  This will mean my paycheck comes directly from JPL.  (Well, CalTech actually since the university manages JPL as a NASA center.)  It will also mean I'll probably wind up being even more busy but it'll be pretty much the same job with more money, better benefits, and fewer contract management chiefs to deal with.  And in fact my immediate boss will probably be one of my old bosses too so that will be a nice side-benefit since I got along pretty well with him back in the day.  🤞 Really hoping I get this "lateral promotion" 🤞

    1. efaardvark


      Looks like it’ll happen.  2 interviews went well and I am currently waiting for an offer.  Should know for sure by next week.  🤞

  11. One day... probably.. maybe..   :D



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    2. efaardvark


      @RyePotatoes I’m 5mumble7 so if the day (mentioned at bottom of pic) hasn’t happened yet then chances are it won’t ever.  I might just be stuck with the sense of humor of a teenager for the rest of my life.  :) 

      Is that a good thing or a bad?  🤔

    3. RyePotatoes


      I think it’s a good thing though! Hahahaha 😂😂

  12. A pun has not completely matured until it is full groan.

    Until then it is just puny.

    ok I’m leaving…


    1. Ohayotaku


      I see you are also an alumni of the King Kai School of Comedy :P 


    2. RyePotatoes


      Waaaah, This feels like how my dad jokes 😂 

    3. efaardvark
  13. One of the first season eps, "Doomsday Machine".  Written by Norman Spinrad iirc.... I think he and the director (whose name escapes me atm) got an award for it too.  :D


  14. Yet another pin.  Good thing I recently got a bigger display case!


  15. Working the launch tonight.  Got another pin for the collection, and a patch..


  16. Something tells me that the economic period following the zombie apocalypse might be a bit.. odd this time around.  :)  

    Pacman coin

  17. Gotta like the Major...


  18. LUCY

    Going to be a long "day" Friday night.  They've got me down to work from 9:45PM Friday to 11:45AM Saturday (local) for the LUCY launch.  Why are these things always o-dark hundred, or the weekend?


  19. We had a lot more idle time back before computers and the ‘Net.  :D 



  20. So I finally escape my office today only to find firesky* outside.  No news of a brushfire that I can find, and we’ve had no wind to speak of.  No smoke smell either.  No idea what’s going on.  Just more weird weather sh..tuff I guess.


    *”firesky” is caused by a high-altitude layer of smoke, soot, or smog that turns the sky orange.  It usually is caused by a large-scale fire, such as a forest fire, somewhere nearby.

  21. I got 100%.  💩 💩


    1. Ohayotaku


      I have to concede defeat to you on this one, senpai. Had to google Butch Wax & didn’t have a Party Line (did grow up with a hard wired rotary phone that couldn’t be unplugged though)

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