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  1. I also thought it looked interesting but I have only seen the first 3 episodes. I binge-watch stuff after the season ends.. I'll go back and finish it then.
  2. It's that time of year when my car starts looking a bit like a Rose Parade reject.  (Those white specks are flower petals from a nearby tree.)


    1. Animedragon


      I had that problem, but my car was white and the leaves on the tree were maroon and when they got wet the colour washed out, so I had a white car with maroon spots all over it!! ☹️

      I got though several tins of T-cut cleaning it because a normal wash didn't touch the spots.

    2. Bulletje76


      Well it is always better than the dutch pigeons

  3. Minecraft again. I like how the new(ish) hanging signs can orient in directions other than strictly NS/EW.
  4. "All things in moderation." Don't eat too much. Don't pay games all night. Don't drink too much. Overdoing things is bad, especially if it leads to habitual, self-destructive behavior. But if you never (over)do anything then that's kind of boring. Sometimes you just have to remove the limiters and go for it. Who knows? You might even learn something... even if it's just, "yep, that was a bad idea".
  5. All things in moderation. Including moderation.
  6. The horse was extracted successfully. Apparently the LAFD actually trains for this sort of thing.
  7. Not where I am - I'm at the other end of the State - but you know the recent California rains have been a bit on the extreme side when kayaking in Death Valley becomes a thing. Down here in the south we're just having wandering hillsides moving around and making a muddy mess of things, a few pothole issues, and one sinkhole that tried to eat a horse. So far we've received almost 10 inches (35cm) of rain here in Los Angeles from the recent storms. Yesterday and today was pretty nice. Sunny and warmer at least. The next wave of rains are due to start up again Sunday tho.
  8. Started my 3-ep preview run(s) for the currently-airing cohort. I picked Lvl 99 Hidden Boss first to sort of get it out of the way. (I'm the kind of person that eats the peas first and saves the cupcake for last.) I almost didn't start it in the first place for many reasons - isekai (into a game no less ), school kids, demon lord, and several other tropes that have been done to death - but for some reason I did. And almost instantly regretted it because they started with Alicia. I have a policy that if I start the first episode of a season then I have to at least watch the first 3 before I decide to quit but I was quite tempted to break that rule here. In spite of the episode summary text I literally had my mouse over the "back" button when they switched to the actual main character. She turned out to be a kuudere and that plus a change in the tone of the humor made things a little more fun so I reholstered my mouse and got through the first 3 episodes. I still can't say I'll get back to it at the end of the season but I think I could enjoy it if the rest of the series kept with the same sort of humor. I'm curious if they'll do a twist ending too. Ideally one that completely bypasses the painfully trite "main" (game-wise) characters.
  9. Inuyashiki. Would you use your new superpower for good or for evil?
  10. I was inspired by the IM-1 misson (that tipped on its side during landing) to play some more KSP. Judging by the number of life-imitating-my-KSP-play moments lately - JAXA a couple weeks ago for instance, and now IM-1 - it seems that KSP is actually a pretty realistic simulator. I mean, ask any KSP player and they'll tell you that trying to land a vehicle on the Mün that's taller than it is wide was just asking for trouble, right?
  11. I went for C&IS at the CC as well. At least to start. The local CC offered transfer credits towards the University of California system and UC Davis had a good C&IS program. The CC was a lot cheaper however, both tuition-wise and because it was close enough that I could save money by continuing to live with the parents, so my plan was to get the general-ed and low-level degree-related stuff out of the way at the CC and then transfer to Davis when I got to the higher-level material. It didn't quite work out as planned but I'm not complaining. I've only owned 3 cars in my entire life, including the one I'm driving now. And that one I only bought because a tree fell on my last one! I tend to take pretty good care of my cars and drive them until they wear out. Or a tree falls on them, whichever comes first. As it turned out things didn't go as I'd planned either. I was 2 years into classes at a community college (see above) when I took a job doing work a trained monkey could have done. It was only a summer job and was only supposed to last for 90 days, but it led to an unexpected job offer, which led to what is coming up on a 40 year career. Never did get around to attending UC Davis.
  12. Eating all those funny plants will do that to you.
  13. The question was posed by one of the younger crew at work today, "Why do they call it 'spam' anyway?".

    To which I of course replied, "well, you know that Monty Python sketch?  That's where it comes from."

    To which he replied, "what's Monty Python?".


    Oi.. don't they teach kids anything in school these days?!

    1. Myouya


      I had no clue that was the origin of the word, fascinating

    2. Animedragon


      Education in some subjects is sadly lacking in today's schools.

  14. What were you doing when you were half as old as you are now? If you are 10, what were you doing when you were 5? If you are 30, what was going on when you were 15? This topic started a lively lunchtime discussion at work so I thought I'd drop it here and see if it has similar effect... I'm coming up on 60 (in September) so to keep the math simple I'll go with that. That means I was 30 in '94. All I can remember offhand from that year was Commodore International going bankrupt and NASA crashing the Magellan spacecraft into Venus at the end of that mission. My first computer was a Commodore AMIGA 1000 and I'd just upgraded (at considerable expense) to an A3000 model when I heard the news about Commodore so I was a bit bummed. Magellan I remember because I was working on the Ulysses project at the time. They were just starting the first of their fast scans of the mission so they had some years yet ahead but I knew a few people on the Magellan project who were going to be looking for work soon. Those two lawyers inventing spam with their "Green Card" mass-marketing scam on usenet I think was around then as well, give or take a year or two. Likewise for Amazon and Yahoo going public. Mid-90s in general were growth years here in the US, which was a welcome change after the economic disaster that was the 70s and 80s*. The 'Net was just getting started. The WWW as we know it had only just been invented in '91 and we hadn't yet hit the dot-com bust so everyone was still upbeat and trying to cash in on the boom. I seem to recall the first pizza was ordered over the internet in or around '94 as well. Must have been over a dial-up modem connection because things like DSL were still a few years in the future and 'Net-connected smartphones didn't exist yet. So what was going on when you were half as old as you are now? * a note on the 80s.. People complain about mortgage rates popping above 5% in the last year or so. How about the standard 30Y, fixed-rate mortgages ABOVE 10% for 7 straight years, from '79 to around '86. The peak was over 18% in '81! Even higher if your credit wasn't so hot. Even t-bills were pushing 20% yields. Great if you had cash left to put away. Not many did. Massive inflation and rampant layoffs and corporate cutbacks had taken their toll in a failing economy. The word "stagflation" was invented to describe that era of high inflation combined with a stagnant economy. I graduated HS in '82 so that was the world the newly-minted adult me started out in.
  15. We're supposed to get another big storm this weekend but for now it's sunny and Spring(ish). The pear tree out front has gone from leafless sticks last week to full-blossom mode this week, and you can smell it from a block away. So can the bees apparently. There's a continuous hum coming from the tree during daylight hours.
  16. Iris shader support in Distant Horizons is awesome...
  17. Diggy Diggy Hole - Gawr Gura cover ( Know Your Meme )
  18. I prefer to pay in cash. The ATMs around here still only give out $20 bills however, and most places have a $300/day withdrawal limit. That's ridiculous with everything costing so much these days. Just driving past the grocery store can suck $100 out of my wallet! Even if I could get past the daily ATM limit that would mean carrying around a huge wad of cash everywhere. And ever try to pay for anything with a $100 bill? They look at you like you're a drug dealer. They smell the bills, hold them up to the light, call the manager over.... If I pulled out 4 or 5 to pay for groceries they'd probably call the cops. Takes way longer and more trouble than just using the CC so that's what I usually wind up actually doing. That or my phone. I use the card only as a convenience tho and I don't carry a balance. I don't spend money I don't already have in my checking account and I pay off the whole CC balance every month. Credit card companies probably hate me.
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