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  1. “Seems there’s still no cure for the common birthday.”

    (John Glenn, not me.)

  2. My Pangolin shipped!   :)


  3. “Earlier in the year, the Northwest experienced a historic heat wave, which set all-time temperature records and contributed to hundreds of deaths. This week's heat wave, focused instead on the Southwest, won't be as extraordinary, as wildfire smoke can block some of the hot sun, but it can still be dangerous.”

    IOW, the sun would have made it super hot, but it won’t get that bad because the smoke from the wildfires will block some of it.  Kind of a good news / bad news thing going on there.

    For the record, it was already over 90F on the patio here by 9:30am today.. and that’s on the shady side of the house!



  4. Alright, who's the asshole who turned gravity up today?

  5. “Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac” vs “black flag sticker…”.  A bit weird to parse since caddys aren’t exactly the status symbol they once were but I guess the point is there’s sellouts in every generation.

  6. When Tesla's AI research is making people like Lex Fridman and James Douma laugh and shake their heads in amazement you know the company is onto something.
  7. So Tesla announced they're getting into making 'bots.  I just want to know, does it do laundry and wash dishes?  :D 

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    2. Ohayotaku


      Then again … 

      It loses something in translation 😕

    3. efaardvark


      Or maybe…



      Collect all six!  :D 


  8. Making baked garlic fries for lunch..


    Yummy and something even I can handle!  Without (much) risk of food-related sickness or injury I mean.  :D 


  9. Just yesterday I was reading that the drought in the southwestern US, to include the Colorodo river basin and the central California valley, has reached such a severe stage that soon many gigawatts of hydro power will be lost due to no water behind the dams.  Going to be interesting to see if we can run the air conditioner here in the desert in a few months.  Now I read that a recent heat wave in Greenland has melted enough of the glaciers there to cover Florida in two inches of water

    Glad climate change isn't a thing or else we might all be in deep trouble.

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    2. efaardvark


      Time to move to Northern Canada.  And take a few redwood seedlings with me.

    3. RZ.


      Alaska or Siberia might be the best bet. Lots of new warm water ports up there by 2050 :D


    4. efaardvark


      @RZ. melting tundra is problematic.  Buildings built on supposedly solid "perma"frost are falling over and/or sinking as the ground thaws.  Then there's those craters.  A lot of Alaskan islands and coastal areas are also in trouble as the ice that used to protect them from the sea disappears.  Gotta pic my new homestead site carefully!

  10. Fully stacked! 

    Not since Apollo has anything this big sat on a launch pad.  😮


    1. Ohayotaku


      I’ve heard of “food porn”. Is this an example of “aerospace porn”? 🤔

    2. efaardvark


      Something like that, though that would be more a New Shepard thing than a Starship thing.  🤣🤣

  11. another cool volcano vid


  12. Drone + volcano + 4k = cool video.
    1. efaardvark


      @Q-Tip amazing to see waves of liquid rock flowing like a river and crashing like water at the beach!

  13. Surprised a rabbit in my garage today..


  14. Spending my break watching a KSP machinima...



  15. Apple pie with whipped cream and raspberry syrup.  If you have to ask about the calories then you probably don’t want to know but soooo good. 😋


    1. Ohayotaku


      On a personal level, I have a much harder time restricting salt in my diet than sugar.

  16. Best comment: "KSP space music should start played, when they passed Karman line".  :D


  17. Astronaut wings are "classy" (which I don't mean in a good way) but if we're going that route and giving anyone who crosses the Kármán line such a medal then we need a "with cluster" or something extra to distinguish the real ones who actually made orbit from the wannabes who just took an expensive rollercoaster ride.  Add another dangly bit for reaching other (lunar, Mars) orbits, and extra enhancements for actually landing on various extraterrestrial bodies.

    Silly I know, but if you're going to do it, do it right.  Right?

    1. kamomesan


      Participation trophies for space travel is a concept that I wasn't expecting to think about today, but here we are.

  18. Hospital called.  Mom’s been in for a couple weeks of treatment for pneumonia with IV antibiotics but she’s finally ready to be discharged.  However, she also has aphasia (dementia) and after neurological evaluation she’s not well enough in the head to be cleared for anything but transfer to a skilled nursing / long term care facility.

    Kind of a good news, bad news thing.   :( 

    1. Ohayotaku


      Dementia certainly complicates things. My mother developed it as well & it got much worse after my dad passed. And likewise resulted in going into a long term care facility. I’m terrible at encouragement but just be there when you can & do what you can, but also realize there are limits to what a person can do on their own, so ask forhelp when you need it.

  19. For now this is just rich boys and their toys. Significant only in that it is a private endeavor that can successfully reach space.  SS2 is just a rollercoaster ride, and an extremely expensive, suborbital one at that.  Same with Bezos’ rocket.

    What I am rooting for is SpaceX’s “Starship”.  100 tons to LEO on a totally reusable, completely private-sector vehicle that is even cheaper to fly than the revolutionary Falcon 9 is -really- going usher in a whole new era.

    1. efaardvark


      @Wedgy I read a science fiction story way, way back in the late 70s or early 80s.  It was actually a series of “hard” sf short stories, many brutal in fact, about the difficulties of building and maintaining a Lunar colony.  In among the stories about all the different ways to die, the difficult logistics, the politics, and the economics, there was a story about a huge underground cavern that  was described as an old magma chamber 1000s of feet in rough diameter.  Patched to be airtight and filled with atmosphere it was the setting for a largish settlement.  The story was full of insight and wonder, but the bit that stuck with me was the way the dwellings were arranged.  There were a number of “traditional” buildings laid out on the ground in the center of the area, but most of the people actually lived in “pigeonholes” drilled into the sides of the chamber.  There was a road and a system of cranes and elevators that serviced the dwellings, but mostly these were only used for freight.  The people themselves mainly traveled via personal wingsuits.. light-duty suits were self-powered by the muscles of the person wearing them to enable human-powered flight in the low lunar gravity.  There were also heavy-duty suits with small electric ducted fans that acted like small jet engines for speed or to carry light payloads.  And of course there were sport versions.  I’d pay some serious cash for a vacation in a place like that.

  20. When I was a kid we had no internet, no cellphones, no computers.  Forget Minecraft, we didn’t even have Legos! No seatbelts in cars.  Dodgeball, clackers .. and have you ever seen lawn darts?  Not those blunt-end, lightweight things sold under that name these days.  No, I’m talking about the lethal ones - heavy, pointy, metal things that killed thousands* before they were taken off the market. :) 


    *slight exaggeration for dramatic effect

    1. Ohayotaku


      We had a set of those as well growing up. Good ol’ days :P 

  21. I just noticed the “NASA worm” logo on the underside of the awning over the balcony just outside the front door to the building at work.  It’s only been there for nearly a year since the building renovations.  Ok, so I’m a bit slow sometimes. :D  


  22. Would so like to anime and chill for a few months.  I feel like I haven't slept since approximately last May too, so maybe I could work in a nap as well?

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