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  1. I just noticed the “NASA worm” logo on the underside of the awning over the balcony just outside the front door to the building at work.  It’s only been there for nearly a year since the building renovations.  Ok, so I’m a bit slow sometimes. :D  


  2. Would so like to anime and chill for a few months.  I feel like I haven't slept since approximately last May too, so maybe I could work in a nap as well?

  3. Back when the place was still “Thrifty” they had some pretty good store-brand ice cream and an in-store ice cream counter where you could buy a cone with up to 5 scoops.  (Which would inevitably give you brain-freeze if you tried to eat it all before it melted.)   Used to stop there pretty much every day on the way home from school in my middle school through high school years.  They’re called RiteAid now but the brand is still around..  



  4. Taking my mom & I down to get our second C19 vaccine shot today.  Hopefully no side effects but I took tomorrow off as a precaution, just in case.  Monday is a holiday too so there's that as well.

  5. As a Californian I would like to welcome the rest of the country to the wonderful world of high gas prices.  

    So glad I have a plugable ride.

    1. Ohayotaku


      I was lucky enough to fuel up when it was still $2.50/gallon & hope things will settle a bit before I need to again

  6. PSA:

    Drive safely
    Drive courteously
    Drive economically

    In that order.

    And yes, this means even on Los Angeles freeways.  (aka "Mad Max" training zone.)

  7. Here we go with fire season already.  It isn’t even May!   :veryangry:

  8. This is how old my house is..


    1. Ohayotaku


      I remember the house I lived in up to 5 years ago had an old rotary phone & didn’t have a jack that you could unplug it from 😂

  9. This video of the first helicopter flight on Mars was taken from a Mars rover.
    1. leinwandname


      Disappointed that this didn't happen:


  10. Crap.  Where did my weekend go?

  11. So L.A. county is dropping a step to orange-tier restrictions on Monday.  It will be interesting to see if the idiots out there can be responsible and not cause another spike in COVID cases.  I have my doubts.  I’ve already heard at least one person say she’s “glad the pandemic is finally over”.  🙄

  12. Moving furniture around today.  Ouch.

  13. I think I found the original...  :D 



    1. LonelyPoet


      I'm no historian but I'm pretty sure that wasn't on the original.

      Screenshot 2021-03-26 035707.png

    2. efaardvark


      @LonelyPoet I don’t think so either.  :) 

      Still something of an ancient document tho.. the last time I was there was on a class field trip in 5th or 6th grade.  :o 

  14. 3rd time's the charm.  But then it exploded 8 minutes after landing due to a pad fire.  💢


  15. Closest I’m going to get to Mars for a while.. 


    ( it is actually bigger than you might expect. )

  16. Not just some words encoded on a supersonic parachute.. this is literally underfoot in my "office".  (It is in a shadowbox built into the floor of the SFOF.)


  17. For anyone wanting to follow the Mars 2020 (aka Perseverance) landing tonight here’s all the links.


    In related news, Krispy Kreme has a limited-time offer.  🍩

  18. Is it wrong that I've had the 18th of Feb. 👾 marked on my calendar for 6 months now but didn't realize that tomorrow is 💘 day until about 20 minutes ago?  :D


  19. UAE, US, and China all have spacecraft coming up on Mars in the next couple weeks.  I gotta go to work a 2am local tonight for Al-Amal because the DSN is handling their downlink, then again for M20's "7 minutes of terror" next week.  China's doing their own thing on the 10th.  Lots of activity at Duna, er, Mars this week!  When all the dust settles there will (hopefully) be two more orbiters around and another lander and two more rovers on Mars.  And a helicopter.

  20. So much this...


  21. There is no such thing as too many books!


    1. Ohayotaku


      Yomiko agrees



    2. kamomesan


      Recently came across the Japanse concept of 積ん読 (tsundoku) that perfectly describes the pile of reading material I've acquired. One can never have enough books...

  22. Got to go on my yearly trip to Ft. Irwin next week.  5 hr round trip drive to the middle of nowhere halfway to Vegas to spend 5 minutes getting my work badge renewed.  Was this trip really necessary?  :veryangry::veryangry::veryangry::veryangry:

    Hope at least the weather clears by Monday.  💨 and 🌧 and maybe even ❄️ and 🧊 in the desert would make the trip “perfect”.

  23. Feeling very entertained at the moment..


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