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  1. I just finished that. I waited for it to get going but it never really did. I thought the ending was boring. Not exactly bad overall but not worth the time to watch, given the wishy-washy ending. (Maybe they're planning to save it with another season? But after this one I probably wouldn't watch it.) For people interested in that sort of thing I thought Wotakoi was more fun. BTW, I consider myself a gamer. It didn't really help.
  2. Very hot here. It was 92F (33C?) in the shade on the patio here just before lunch. The local advisories say it is supposed to get up to 106 in the valley this weekend but it tends to be a couple degrees hotter in the inland foothills where I am. Planning on hiding out in the air-conditioning as much as possible.
  3. Finally found a cherry grove biome with trees! It was right next to an ice spike biome so I loaded up on packed ice as well as grabbing a few cherry saplings from the grove. The wood is very pink.
  4. Up way past my bedtime on-call for the (successful!) Chandrayaan-3 launch.

    1. Animedragon


      Some things are worth staying up for.

  5. These days? After the reboot(s) & live action destroyed the franchise? No. But back then I was watching stuff like Danger Mouse and Animaniacs. I think that was also the era of Ren and Stimpy. The Tick fit right in.
  6. Rediscovered/recovered from the depths of my closet while doing some spring(ish)-cleaning. Spoon!
  7. I’ve been thinking about that for myself too. The last portable that I had was/is a 3DS so it is well past time for an upgrade. Let us know how you like it when you get it. I haven’t checked.. is there a waiting list? Just curious as electronic gadgets still sometimes have parts/supply problems production-wise. Took a few buckets to the mangove swamp to collect some tadpoles and bring them back to my main base. Someday I'll figure out how to make a froglight farm but for now I just want to build an enclosure for the frogs themselves back at base, kind of like I did for the turtles / turtle compound a while back. I know where there's a magma cube spawner in the nether so I'll probably eventually build a portal nearby that leads to an overworld frog farm or something. Not sure how frogs interact with the nether. Seems like they wouldn't do so well being swamp creatures, but I haven't checked and they do eat magma cubes so maybe they'll be fine. That's all for later though. For this session I'm just chillin' in mc while I just take the buckets to the swamp and then bring back the tadpoles. I didn't bother to set up nether portals to shorten the journey so it was a fairly long trek through the overworld. Took the opportunity to look for a cherry-blossom biome again but except for the frontier area most of the journey was through older chunks closer to where my base is so mostly it was just taking in the scenery along the way..
  8. Not sure I'm on board with the "new physics" aspect but I do agree that it is definitely interesting data.
  9. "Reborn as a vending machine"?? Now they're just being silly.
  10. Wandered around a bit more in the frontier (distant, unititalized chunks) of my brother's minecraft realm looking for a bigger "sakura" biome than the one I found the other day. Or at least one that has trees/saplings. Didn't find that but I did find a mangrove swamp biome and some frogs.
  11. SukiMega. Not actually watching it yet since crunchy only has the one episode but I've been waiting to put it on my to-watch list for a while. And now there it is.
  12. Owning a house isn't a cure-all expense-wise. Entropy is a thing. Maintenance and repairs will need to be done by someone. Money for repairs, taxes, and all the other etc. will be coming out of the pockets of the one who lives in the house, one way or another. And just to get this on the table.. news flash, landlords have expenses too. As a renter you may not be paying the property taxes or a mortgage directly but I can almost guarantee that the landlord is paying most of your rent check to the tax man and the bank, just as you would be if you owned the property yourself. Sure they take a cut for themselves, but it isn't like they're getting it all for themselves, or even most of it. If the renter doesn't pay the rent, the bank will foreclose on the landlord for not paying the mortgage just as quickly as they would for any other homeowner. This will almost certainly result in the renter having to find another place to live as well. TANSTAAFL. Owning does give you a discount on the monthly payment(s) by cutting out the landlord as a middleman but it often isn't nearly as much as a naive renter imagines. For me what owning mainly does is give you a bit more direct control over the situation. Repairs and maintenance do still need to get done, but they get done on your schedule and to your satisfaction, not some distant landlord's. If you want to make changes - even major ones - you don't have to ask permission of a third party, you just decide things for yourself. That sort of thing. Also, if you're the type who likes to do-it-yourself then that process can be a source of satisfaction and reward in itself. And of course save quite a bit of money, assuming you have the time, money, and ability to do it right. (But even then you have to consider what the value of your time is. I've given up many a weekend or holiday to maintenance and repairs when I'd rather have been goofing off playing games or reading a book. That's definitely a cost, though not accounted for in the monthly dollars-and-cents reckoning.) Full disclosure... I own and pay for an older house that is constantly in need of repairs.
  13. Well here we are again. I still have a soft spot for the first one however.
  14. Went exploring in minecraft and found one of the new cherry-blossom biomes in minecraft. Unfortunately it was pitifully small, with only a couple dozen pink blossoms on the ground and no trees. All I wanted was a single sapling. I even brought my diamond hoe with Fortune on it. I also found some ocean ruins and some suspicious gravel therein. A few minutes of brushing (and dodging tridents from annoying Drowned) got me a little bit over a dozen pottery sherds. Only 4 different types however, "Mourner", "Explorer", "Blade", and "Plenty". Up to 4 can be used to craft a "decorated pot", which gets you a "careful restoration" advancement. The wiki says there are 20 different types of pottery sherds. Collect them all!
  15. “Accept that you are a work in progress, both a revision and a draft: you are better and more complete than earlier versions of yourself, but you also have work to do. Be open to change. Allow yourself to be revised.” ― Maggie Smith, Keep Moving: Notes on Loss, Creativity, and Change
  16. Same here. I don't mind the skin if it is an integral part of the story. Same with gore, sex, or anything else you can name. That "gratuitous" word is important, and if the sex, gore, or whatever is the only thing a story has going for it then that's a boring/bad story. Salt and pepper are great as spices, but nobody would enjoy eating a plate full of just those.
  17. Heike Monogatari looks interesting. Just started it but so far, so good.
  18. Sometimes shaders are pretty cool. (Moonrise on the farm.) Sometimes they're quite annoying. (Note the zombie and 3 creepers.)
  19. Captured some aerial "drone" footage of my base in minecraft.
  20. How many Super Saiyans does it take to change a lightbulb? Only one, but it takes 30 episodes. (And probably winds up killing Krillin )
  21. That has got to be the tallest crimson fungus that I've ever seen. And not a single shroomlight on it!
  22. Tubular Bells.. Hard to believe this came out 50 years ago. (and no, is it NOT the "exorcist theme". Not unless you only listen to like the first 3 minutes.)
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