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  1. So I started a new channel mainly for funny anime ecchi scenes because my previous anime channel got removed. But I need to know if the anime is safe to upload to avoid being removed again. I notice that some anime only allowed a limited length video to upload by others but some seems the same but you get complain once you upload them. Is there a way to know? By the way this is my first upload but it's not anime. It's a gameplay of black desert mobile
  2. My YouTube channel "Big Boar PH" with 4700 subscribers is gone after checking this morning... What did I do wrong? I have lots of favorite list from others like music, philosophy, games, mysteries etc. My contents are videos of funny ecchi scenes of anime. I never upload that is not allowed by owners and I never upload longer than allowed length of video. My channel is 5 years old. Im the only one who uploaded some Nightcore III musics 5 years ago because the original owner got shut down. Now it's gone forever because I no longer have saved video.... My highest viewed video reached almost 900k, that's almost a million. And I have several videos with several hundreds of thousands views. This channel is cost a lot of love and effort for 5 years now it's gone... This is depressing
  3. So i found this remix of anime song. I wonder if the style is an authentic Anime atyle?
  4. So I've been reading berserk manga, and one that most shocking is- its world becomes fantasy settings from a realistic medieval. Magics, dragons, goblins, fairies, scary creatures, sea monsters, undead, etc will appear worldwide! If this happens our world will look like final fantasy XV or shadow hearts where a real life modern settings has fantasy creatures and magics. Personally I don't believe in fantasy settings but I'm still a Fan, and I still have a feeling this could happen. Do you think this could happen? Maybe the Vatican church is hiding some shit seal that could change the world into fantasy that is guarded to prevent it? Do you think it's possible that our world will turn into fantasy world? It's kinda interesting question.
  5. If you like non boring interesting eastern philosophies try reading this man teachings about life, existence, etc. He is the owner of world's biggest meditation centers which provides healthy mind and body around the globe. After reading his teachings for some reason... It makes me think about Saitama. I don't know, I feel like I become somewhat like Saitama even though I don't have infinite strength. I wonder why? Lol
  6. Time skip ability of Hit, is it too op?
  7. I've been thinking.. a terrifying virus is made because of mixture of animal germs on a market, if this happened it's also possible for another terrifying virus to be made, perhaps turning a human mindless that eats anyone they see. Also there are already zombified animals I read because of a parasite, I think it's wasp. Do you think the Zombie-like is possible to happen?
  8. Kuru toga advance. This mechanical pencil has fast auto lead rotation mechanism that often provide sharp crisp lines each time you lift the lead from paper. No need to often turn the pencil for sharp lines! It's bit pricey but I think it's worth buying.
  9. art_Full HD 1080p.mp4 art_Full HD 1080p.mp4 art_Full HD 1080p.mp4 New top anime. Darwin's game. Battle royale death game anime.
  10. I just watched and finished Re:Zero. It's such a great anime, and what's fascinating is the ability to "Respawn" each time the boy dies. If you are familiar with quantum physics particularly the many world's interpretation which is a deep science of existence, respawing from dead is real. The only difference is you don't bring memories from other reality like that boy does, but you could get hints like de-javu the feeling of "this already happened even twice" which I already experience some times. Anyone believe in this? In fact The daughter of scientist who propose Many world's interpretation/parallel universe (I forgot his name but his family name is Schrödinger) sadly killed herself just to meet her deceased dad on another reality.... I think this is where the anime creator gets his idea. And if it's real good thing we don't remember, because it would drive people mad, but if we remember, we could control the events that is about to happen. This video tell the "ways" how to go to another reality based on quantum physics
  11. My drawing of Upper moon 3 Akaza from Kimetsu no yaiba. How was it?
  12. I kind doubt that Kimetsu no yaiba will end after muzan die, I think he has successor. Maybe this girl is the next muzan? Or maybe there's another demon organisation outside Japan? I wonder what's next after muzan Arc?
  13. A yes, and btooom! Too. Well... They aren't as dramatic as battle royale..
  14. Saitama is fascinating for able to punch with infinite power. Luffy is fascinating too for having rubber body
  15. A whole class of high school killing each other until one remain? Will this kind of anime be successful or receives backlash?

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