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  1. I recommend Minami-ke, especially if you liked the already mentioned Azumanga Daioh.
  2. I'm not that familiar with the genre, but the groups I enjoy that I can remember off the top of my head are The Clash, The Offspring, Agent Orange, and Rites of Spring.
  3. I only assumed we'd use 1st person because it's a common trait of light novels from the few I've read. I think we should still try 1st person, but we've barely started so nothing's set in stone. I'll try writing a bit going off what @LonelyPoet has already done. Also, I think the Boogiepop series successfully used first person while switching between different characters perspectives. (Haven't read much of it so I may be wrong)
  4. I like it, especially the part where Osmond talks back to the maid and then makes those pancake tacos. You can really sense how fed up he is with his family situation, like he can't take anything seriously.
  5. I've been slacking, but I want to quit being a Pro Crastinator so I did this quick sketch of Fey today (definitely subject to change, the hair is wayyy too purple). You should see more drawings from me soon, I'll probably end up making another google doc for concept art.
  6. Sounds like a good idea so people don't have to go through every individual page of videos, way too time consuming.
  7. Lol too tired to type right, I meant to second draft 1
  8. If you read it yet, did you like "One More Side"? I read a translation of the original novel so I wonder how much more this one brings to the table. Right now I'm on volume 4 of Kodocha. Really looking forward to getting the complete story, even though I miss how over the top the show was.
  9. I think it'd make sense if Aria got a tattoo after she moves out. Like maybe a Venus symbol, except her eye is the circle part. Also I'll be sending links to those four google docs for characters, setting, plot, and draft.
  10. I don't know what sort of tone to go for, or if I'll be able to control the tone of the writing, since I've done very little creative writing. For now I'll just go with the flow, getting stuff on the page and posting it here to see where it stands. As to the parents, they should be strict, but after Osmond leaves they might change their approach to cater to him. Although if they realize how much he's learned, they might be better off trying to get rid of him as he'd be more of a rival to them than an asset. And I was thinking maybe the parents' relationship is rocky, which is why they can't take the Empyrean Flame themselves.
  11. Should I take the plot beats and start writing a rough draft with what we have so far? And I was thinking the parents could be from an important family that at one point possessed the earth (or Gaian) Flame, but lost it when the young heir at the time abandoned their duties and betrayed their co-possessor of the Flame, greatly tarnishing the Clayborne's reputation.
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