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  1. On 10/13/2018 at 5:08 PM, The District said:

    Okay so if anyone here has read or heard the ending, doesn't it feel lackluster? I was sooo unsatisfied with the end. I still believe Ichigo should have gotten with Rukia. His kid looked awesome but I don'tunderstand the need to add any new characters. Why do that if we will never see what they will go on to do. The time skip, the cut off of the battle and just whole last chapter had me messed up. So many good moments and pure awesomeness just to leave a sour taste in the end? Honestly, I love Bleach with all my heart but I need more of a well said explanation. 

    It feels like Kubo sold out and buckled under the pressure to me. Feels like it wasn't his vision after the rescue of Rukia, because clearly she was the main love interest and not Orihime, and just a big fat compromise to get more money from the cash juggernaut called "Bleach". Really from the beginning it felt like it should be a journey of Ichigo to reconcile his Soul Reaper half with his Quincy half becoming the "Savior" et al,  then bringing peace between the two organization (clans?). But then the filler and the BS shifts in the story was a beacon that something changed and NOT for the better. Kubo got sick and you don't need to be a Sherlock to figure out the reasons why. Anyway, JMHO  the whole ending made me gift my entire bleach collection away for free and become an absolute "Hater" of the whole series. Honestly, the Mangaka's got to quit selling out and tell their stories THEIR way (Looking at you Bleach and Naruto). Just saying.


  2. Think anything Naruto (Son or otherwise) sucks. Honestly, such a ridiculous sell out anime that it isn't even funny. I started the anime, liked the anime (Naruto) but then Shippuden killed it all for me. Was like a serial killer just came creeping in slaughtering all the good vibes and burying them in shallow graves in some abandoned field. Then the creator decided it would be a good idea to continue his story by telling the story of his son...whom lets face it, nobody cares about in the first place. Oh, and don't get me started on the characters...that's a rant for a different thread. Anyway, Boruto Sucks +1...btw since I joined the club when do I get my jacket and patch?!? 🤣

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  3. 1 minute ago, Ohiotaku said:

    Pretty much the same here. Though I know there are dozens (probably over a hundred actually)series, OVAs and Specials I haven't added yet.

    One of my complaints is it reliance on the original titles, though I am glad that if you search for the "Americanized" title, you'll usually come up with the correct one.

    Right there with you. My Japanese is downright insulting to the Japanese so if I can't find the English title I'm kind of screwed. Luckily their little feature does make it easier to navigate when searching for something. 

  4. February 14th Alita: Battle Angel arrives in theaters. Having read the Manga I'm interested in seeing what the new LAF is going to be like. Most people have dogged Ghost in the Shell, but personally I liked that film, but having experienced Death Note on Netflix my balloon knot has shrunk up. That and it's James Cameron who is directing the piece..and well...anyway, what is everyone's thoughts about the upcoming film? Rosa Salazar had quoted in an interview that she felt that they had stayed true to the core of the Manga. Also, what is your take on LAF in general that are adaptations of Manga or Anime? 



  5. As of February 7th, 2019 the weather in my area is 13 degrees with patches of freezing rain and sleet. A winter weather advisory is in effect until 12:00 pm for zero to below zero temperatures, heavy ice accumulation and downright brrr. ☃️

  6. 12 hours ago, Ryan Dave Jimenez said:

    I use a free mobile app called Series Guide. 

    It's made my life so much easier. It also works for TV shows not just anime.

    Here's a screenshot:


    It keeps track of my progress in watching. So for Haikyuu!! I'm at season 2 episode 17

    For Clannad I'm at season 2 episode 1 and so on.

    Before I used to just memorize my progress. Well that didn't work out too well. haha

    @ArchieKun can you share a screenshot too? Of how you use a spreadsheet.

    Not gonna' lie, probably be downloading that soon. 

    On 2/6/2019 at 1:30 AM, ArchieKun said:

    For me I have used a spreadsheet to do this because I personally rather enjoy putting those together.

    Did just the same when I started getting overly serious with my titles, but after the 600th series I fell out of it. Currently I pretty much just rely on Myanimelist.net to keep track, and even then I'm pretty lazy at adding entries. 

  7. Love bleach, hate the filler and yeah that ending was very crappy. What I would love to see is a reboot of the series minus the filler and following the manga to it's conclusion not the producers/studios. There's so much more in the manga than in the anime yet because they wanted to rush the story into production they got ahead of the source material, as usual, thus filler was born as well as a story deviation and rushed and insubstantial ending.

  8. On 12/17/2018 at 12:02 PM, Ohiotaku said:

    I got the same sort of vibe from Ulysses in the scene where

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    he implanted the philosopher's stone in Jeanne accompanied/followed by an openmouth kiss



    Yeah, started watching that one, got there and dropped it. Can't figure out why these authors or production staff feel the need to bury such great stories in crap like that.

  9. 32 minutes ago, Ohiotaku said:

    When I do like an ecchi series, it’s usually because it’s lighthearted and comedic. If it takes the sex too seriously or is extremely violent, it’s a turnoff for me.

    I agree with that, and FYI, Demon Lord would have been a whole lot better if they focused more on the plot than the ecchi. The whole "Shocker Thing" not really funny and kind of rapey honestly. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Yanushi-Chan said:

    So far I love the series! The characters are loveable and ironically enough, #relatable. The main protagonist is the most compassionate and easy going character to exist (in my opinion). Not to mention the tempo of the story development is comfortable. Then again, once you get to like ep. 5. . . . things start to pick up.

    Up to Episode 7 now and really bummed...not going to spoil it but I'm sure you know why. Anyway, hooked like its crack so eventually it may end up in my top 10, or even top 5 if it continues this way. REALLY want to talk about it deeper, but would spoil it and don't want to do that for those that haven't watched it...which if this is you WATCH IT! 😆 You seriously won't be disappointed.

    Those of you that are watching it, what do you think about what happened with this episode? 

  11. On 11/26/2018 at 9:14 PM, Ashukatski said:

    So, I didn't see a thread on here about the "That time I got reincarnated as a slime" anime and I was wondering, what do you all think about it? I'm liking it so far  ≧◡≦


    Dude this anime is righteous. I really didn't think I was going to like it based on the premise but was strong armed into it after a friend start watching it and was rather surprised.

  12. On 6/14/2018 at 5:23 PM, Part_time_anime said:

    For me. After the big fight between sasuke and naruto. Sasuke realised what he has done is wrong and the ending showing the true bond between their friendship. Also how they both held hand in blood and the whole scene creates a very sentimental feelings. This is the only anime and scene where it actually touched my heart. 714C4183-5041-4178-90CE-5BA21F25CB6E.thumb.jpeg.eef686dfabac506fc3f5a3b07e4db125.jpegC8F4E577-C983-4FD5-AD92-0407B22F9EDF.jpeg.3fadb92d723428bb675ca56afb0a5f52.jpeg

    I don’t there is  there is any other anime that could ever create feeling as this scene did actually the whole 3 episode it lasted for really touched me. 

    Whats your opinion did this scene touch you or was there any other anime or scene that touched you the most. 

    Please feel free to recommend me a anime that creates emotion such as these. 


    Honestly i hated this ending and the whole friendship wins garbage. Didn't even finish the show when someone spoiled it for me. Glad they did because the next series he did... Even worse.

    Anyway I digress. The best all time heart string tugging moment for me was made in abyss episode 12 when she had Reg kill her best friend after she was cursed and turned into that undying monster who could only feel pain and nothing else, due to experimentation taking place on them. Her heartfelt agonizing scream and tear filled eyes after it was over was just wretching for me.

  13. On 9/24/2018 at 6:48 AM, AbleCapable said:

    When I’m involved with a show or movie I can’t help that I feel it’s the only time I can feel human. Let me elaborate, I feel that being human everyday isn’t something that people everyday can do on a normal basis anymore. Like being  vulnerable, genuine, growth, being you. I laugh, cry, relate, encourage, disagree, hope and so many more emotions everyday. But, I feel I can really let all my feelings out in the open “ vulnerable” and feel more human when I’m not with humans, strange I know 😂

    The human condition has slowly devolved into something that seems to be petty and insincere. At most, people are fake...or put up a front when in public that causes everything around them to become unfocused and disjointed. Add to that the cellular phone and social media and it becomes even more exaggerated. To me it begins to feel artificial and wrong. 

    Anime however (as stated by others) tends to use a real emotional drive to tell the story. Mind you, not all titles are like this, but those that are tend to create a connection between the viewer and itself. This is actually a great trait to have as a writer. To immerse the reader within the story and create a bond between their story, and the person. So when watching it, the even though its animation, it tends to feel, and be more real than the reality of the world around people. 

    Therefore it's not strange that you feel this way when immersed in a anime story. It really is more real that real life. However I digress to say that you should not overly absorb yourself into anime with those feelings as a disconnect can occur in you from reality and fantasy causing you more psychological issues than you had prior. 

    Trust me, I feel the same way. I am a person who seems cold, unemotional and detached from those around me in real life. I tend to be that way deliberately because I'm gauging and watching these people to sift out those that are more absorbed in themselves, and those that are fake or social media junkies. However when watching anime or talking about it I become a more open and friendly person because I have better feelings when watching anime than I do while engaging in societal social normalities. 

    But I digress...I believe that if more people acted like the character presented in an anime, then maybe this world wouldn't be so disjointed and unsightly. JMHO


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  14. On 9/15/2018 at 7:46 PM, ChocoBanana said:

    I recently watched a video (linked below) on some dumb anime questions that people have asked online. And it reminded me of a ridiculous question I've been asked before. 

    I was talking to a classmate and told her that my friends and I were planning on watching anime tonight. To which she asked, "isn't anime cartoon porn?" 

    Coincidentally, I never spoke to her again after that haha. So I'm curious to hear, what is the most ridiculous anime-related questions you've been asked? 



    So yeah, that was the same damn stupid question I got...sigh...but you beat me to it, anyway I slightly educated them and immediately swiped left. 


  15. So when I read the topic title I was like "Yeah, I've got one" but then saw you were talking about Pokemon type anime monsters and I went "Okay, so that won't work." BUT...and that's a big but, I would agree with you that Monster Rancher was the best. Don't get me wrong, Pokemon was alright but geared more for the younger generation and Digimon was just...meh...and I think it was the divergent humor that threw me as well. Of course Blue Dragon wasn't bad, but again, seemed to be geared more towards a younger audience. So I guess I became a settler with Monster Rancher instead. 


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  16. So just peeped the MHA: Two Heros' Movie and was thrilled to no end that it was released in Theaters on a HUGE freaking screen. Only complaint...DON'T HAVE ANY because it was anime awesomeness. Ain't going to spoil it any (just because I'm cool that way) but curious as to who has seen it and what their overall impression of it was. 


  17. So far really diggin' the vibe this series is putting out there. Some minor flaws but easily overlooked, otherwise decent character development, world building and of course the awesomeness of the variety of quirks out there...come one, who doesn't wish they could blow sh*t up, kick some major ass, or be a frog...wait what? Lol. Question is who's going to see the movie on the 25th? Me, HELLZ YEAH! Can't wait as it's a week away. Awesome part of that, seeing more anime movies being released mainstream theaters which means a bigger audience and more exposure. Long live the anime! 


    PS: Worst hero...Best Jeanist, I mean really???


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  18. On 8/19/2018 at 12:36 PM, alupacard said:

    I like unfiltered comments, so it is cool to hear yours also! Tattooing is certainly becoming more "accepted" or popular so it does make sense that some art may not be as original. But I'd also like to think that there is still some cool art being made out there ^^ Thanks for your perspective! 

    There are some artists who are still unique but they're unfortunately starting to get less and less. I've seen some parlors that still do "Freestyle" so I guess if I was to get a tat I would have to shop around before letting someone make a permanent mark on my skin. I will give a shoutout to "Sneakin' Deacon" (RIP) who was in my opinion the best tattoo artist there ever was. Most won't know him, that's kewl, just felt like this was a good place since we were talkin' the  OG of tattooists. 


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  19. Disney is that dark corporation that is becoming so large that it threatens to tear the very fabric of our universe. They are the Umbrella corporation that will develop the virus that turns us all into brain dead zombies suckling the teat of the giant mouse as we roam aimlessly through our lives having their garbage pumped wireless into our brains via the terminal that has been implanted there ever since birth. 

    That...and they killed the Star Wars franchise...bleh...

    Therefore, the lesser of two evils has been chosen...Universal...the next wave....

    That is all! One Fist! One Nation! 



  20. Don't want to harsh critically too much but I find that piercing and tattoo are a great big turnoff and don't like them. Mostly because the art that tattoos use to represent was individual and unique. Now everyone with a taint of talent grabs a needle and gets to jabbing making the art not as unique or individual as it used to be. But that was back before everyone made it a trend and jumped on the wagon. As for piercings, don't like most of them. Ears and nose (Side not septum) are okay, anything else I don't like. 

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