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  1. Yeah and I'm hoping like hell it is as awesome as it is in my mind!
  2. What would really be dope (sorry running out of catchy slang so deciding to repopularize some old school stuff) is being able to wetwire a chip in your head that interacted with your synaptic functions to produce stimulation based off of digital pulse information being passed to it wirelessly through a headset. Though just a "chip" wouldn't suffice, however with the "shrinking" of microtechnology now happening, along with the tiny microprocessors being used in nanotechnology, yeah, may not be too far off. Though I doubt I will be around for it. That may be a blessing and/or a dissapointment.
  3. So yeah misunderstood the post by Reynard Fox. Anyway MAL'd it and still going to take a pass based on the synopsis and genre. Sorry, will have to take your word for it. But I will go ahead and give it because you liked it and I'll trust your judgement.
  4. Don't think I've seen that title...but apparently from what your saying, probably a good thing I didn't. Thanks for the warning.
  5. I'm nocturnal and limited in my time online, but hey, I'll discuss anything. Love to talk anime, light novels, web novels, manga...
  6. Check out Monster...has a little elements of both psychological and mystery. A older title but worth the watch.
  7. Grimgar, just cause its iseki but then I would be torn with SAO and Accel World as well.
  8. So speaking of Gundam, went and watched Ready Player One: First, good movie, second AWESOME GUNDAM! Now we need to have a LAF that is nothing but pure unadulterated Gundam Bad-Assery of that caliber and not some americanized crap, I'm looking at you Pacific Rim...ahem...XD
  9. Unicorn wasn't too bad, 00 was my all time favorite. Want a blast from the past (but it isn't Japanese anime) you could watch Robotech. Of course it's not Gundam but its mech and worth a "Hell Yeah!". Macross would be another good one...but I would say 00 just because like I said...mah fav!
  10. So what should we name it? And I vote leather...no wait...suede...
  11. Oakmi

    Pet Peeves

    Ditto Ditto Ditto Crap...most of what you listed as well...we related?
  12. Don't feel bad, I have yet to meet anybody (outside of a levi commercial actor) that has gotten any bites on any of those stupid sites. Then you have those sites that have staffers that click "like" on your profile never to lead anywhere..sigh, what happened to good old fashioned courting? Anyway, we'll start a club yo' and wear jackets and bling. Maybe that'll help?
  13. Oakmi

    Pet Peeves

    You and I madam, would definitely clash cause' one of my neurosis is messy and dirty. Or people who attack chips with their mouth like a barbarian...CrUnCh...chew, chew chew, CrUnCh... I would like to list all my pet peeves, however I have too many but can concur with those that have come before me...
  14. Congratulations and good luck...and make sure to imbibe plenty of caffeine...that way the jitters offset the anxiety. Kidding, but we'll be sending all our good vibes your way!
  15. Me too...me too! Honestly I think it has a lot to do with the all the weird smells and vibes that happen when large amounts of people kongregate together.
  16. Answer me this: I can make you feel warm, I can lend you comfort, I can be your best friend; Yet in the end it is I that will betray you the most. If you know the answer then PM me and we'll talk more since I don't want to down the vibe you got going here. XD
  17. That's exactly how I use the streaming sites. If I'm really into the anime then I'll end up purchasing it both digitally and in optical formats.
  18. Totally agree, the more the concept is mainstreamed the more normalized it becomes until its abnormal not to have sexual relations with your family. However, the question that's raised there as well is this, will it? I think we have an innate distaste built in genetically to us as a survival instinct. Anyway, this who topic made me curious just about that or how much has incest become normal in Japan and I'm finding some interesting things. Scary, but interesting. Now back to your normally scheduled thread... PS: Glad you liked the joke. It's one of the more decently distasteful I have within my repertoire.
  19. So let me start with these. Firstly I feel that a good romance is a story that is told in a way that the romance comes naturally, and not necessarily between the two leads. It's nice once in awhile to find that the romantic interest is not the setup. As far as incest goes, ahem...someone bring me my pulpit will you please. Incest is not normal, and I wondered for the longest time why it seemingly is portrayed in Anime more frequently than in the past. I'm not too sure if its a culture thing or what but it's something that should seriously be addressed. And for the people that don't believe that "Keeping it in the Family" harms anyone, well ladies and gentlemen, I have met some people who are products of incest and none of them have ever said "Damn am I glad they kept all those crappy genes around for family keepsakes." Just saying...and this was the one topic I did my thesis on in school. So I can say that I'm in the group of people who say "Incest bad...you no do!" Wholeheartedly I will drop a title with incest themes (Unless portrayed in a way that is part of the story and taken seriously and not just there for the perversion aspect) like a bad habit. I mean I will kick that sucker to the curb faster than a sack full of yesterday's garbage. With that being said, can anyone tell me what the definition of relative humidity is? Anyone? It's the sweat that drips off your forehead onto your sister's thighs. Did you laugh? Good if you did, meh if you didn't. Can't make everything funny. Anyway to address the harem, the harem can have its place, but it needs to find that place and not overshadow everything like a giant umbrella. And PLEASE JAPAN let's not make harem romance a trend that will be beat to death like horse tillin' the fields. Cheers! (Pulpit returned) Slightly used... "Whew...thought that sucker was really going to get after it. I mean crap on a cracker, he actually asked for a pulpit. You hear that...what a douche...wait, this thing still on? Shite!"
  20. Mmm...heck yeah, I mean hot dog, nuff' said. Bug Zapper cause I ain't no hero. Look for the dude with the Deathnote.... Meh, it wouldn't surprise me enough to warrant me committing any effort into correcting it. Now that I've hijacked this thread, don' t ask me, keep asking Freak, I just wanted to answer because it all looked like tons of fun. All work and no play makes Kuro a dull boy.
  21. True but Disney had a big hand in Tales from Earthsea. But your right, I just am a huge Ghibli fanboy... I agree with that statement and would add that longevity would also be a key factor. If they're one and done and nobody remembers them then can they be considered "World Class." I think that the entirety of the populace that enjoy's the anime lifestyle and those that its passed on to would have to watch, and talk and remember those titles. Which is kind of why I chose Ghibli as my contrite answer. While not all of their titles are great, most people have at least seen them and remember them as well as keeping the discussion about them alive. Even the bad ones, so the other point would be that even if their not great or even good, I suppose if people remember them then they can pass the longevity test. However i will digress and say that this would only be true without the branding effect. Disney is great at branding, so most people remember them only because of the mouse, and the fact they hold the copyright on most integrated social stories. I agree with this statement as well. Cliche' stories should never be ruled out simply because they are cliched. As you stated with MHA the main character grows and develops thus diverging him away from the generic that his was based on. However will the story itself run and pass the test of longevity? Anyway, just some thoughts. Truthful, what one person see's as world class doesn't mean others will. This would be a incredibly hard standard to create in order to identify and classify anything in the category. One other thought I had was that it would have to be accepted world wide in order to be considered world class. It can't hold a that title if the anime itself isn't good enough to be found globally.
  22. No worries we'll patrol the ramparts while you take care of your needs. We sincerely appreciate all that you do and are in your corner should you need us.
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