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    I've used Cannon Pixma on the low end side and Brother for the high end, both of them All-in-one's. Cancon if your looking for just a standard flatbed scanner. Mind you not going to get the best DPI/Res (2400 x 4800) but they work for small scale budget projects. You can step up for a little over $75 and get an Epson V39 with 4800 x 4800 DPI which is a little better. I stay away from HP (too many problems with drivers and software) and while I used Lexmark for a long time I've had problems with their printheads in certain models that made me move away from them as well. Anyway, quite a few cheap options, I'd just check out google or amazon. HIH Cheers.
  2. You've been...SUPPED.... Welcome and all that...
  3. Nice nod, know which series you enjoy. And yes and no to your question. While I would say 70% of my friends are into anime/games/manga/etc. the other 30% are not. Just like my money I tend to diversify. It is too bad that you couldn't find anybody to hang and talk with about your passion, but hey, you made it here and we all love to talk about it. So don't be shy, jump right on in and let your freak (anime that is) flag fly. Welcome Seb to the community. BTW: See that your a Necromancer, and you know they really get discriminated against. I mean, after all they just want to "Raise a family." And yes, I saw that on a meme but thought it highly appropriate here.
  4. Okay and I thought I was the oldest here that still watched anime, but I tip my hat to you...was going to put a hat tipping emoji here but don't have one, ahem, think we need one, why yes I do. VHS or BETA...the world may never know. Remember how you had to pop the tab on the back of the cassette to keep people from recording over your stuff...ah, the good old days. [Giggity] PS: See pic of VHS and prepare to have MiNd BlOwN that this was state of the art medium as mentioned by Beocat. Anyway to answer your question, I don't think that you're ever too old to watch anime, read manga, hit the cons, etc. Matter of fact I'm fresh off a con and while there I met a eighty year old man all cosplayed out and enjoying himself, walker and all. Spent his life, and life's fortune on anime, comics, manga and the like. Probably the oldest otaku I've ever met. Honestly, it's probably more of a mind set thing. If you feel you've reached that age where it holds no value, then your probably too old for it. If not, watch on my brothers and sisters, watch on. As for me, well let's just say when I hit the nursing home and crapping my depends I'll still be hovered over my old fashioned vision box watching them out of date DVD's of nothing but anime. This is an interesting topic idea and if you don't mind I'm going to jack it and talk about it in RL with giving proper credit of course. Cheers.
  5. I too was very skeptical of this movie since it was being released on Netflix and of course as you said, Death Note. With that being said I enjoyed the movie. It as well done, the special effects were awesome with the CGI blending with the Live Action fairly well. The acting was horrible and of course, it wasn't white washed or westernized to fit the audience (Though it could have been more so than Death Note due to its regional settings and overtones). If I had to rate it I would say it was a solid 8 out of 10 with deductions coming from the compressed story line as it tried to embody too many points from the Anime. Outside of that I would highly recommend this title to anybody (even though who haven't seen or know of the anime/manga). Cheers!
  6. It was the same for me, especially since everyone was pointing at the "yelling" aspect of the show. However it definitely is different in the Dub versus the sub. The sub he screams all the time...and it has to be one of the most annoying voices ever while the dub is still yelling, it's not that dang screaming! However since Toonami was airing it I watched and finding its not that bad. Does have a snail paced progression though, and may end up killing itself with the variety of characters, but we'll see. Guess though its not going to be everyone's cup of tea.
  7. Okay, so the first manga I ever bought I was at a bookstore and happened upon the section containing these fine literary gems. Now I'm not a free reader and at the time never had purchased one. I generally watched the anime rather than read the source material. Anyway, as we perused the titles I saw one that looked rather interesting, hadn't seen the anime so I grabbed it and out the door I went. As it turns out the first manga I purchased was a little gem called "Berserk" and ended up being awesome and totally epic (Except the rape scene, that was a little disturbing to me) and caused me to follow it up with the anime. To this day I still go back and reread it every once in a while as it sits in my library proudly and diligently.
  8. Just discovered this genre. Pretty decent even though I'm not a hip-hop fan. Leo Moracchioli feat. Rabea & Hannah - Discovered him on Youtube couple months back and really dig his sound. Walk off the Earth - Awesome group with a nice sound. Been listening to them for a couple of years now. This is just a sample of the eclectic playlist and sounds I put in my ear holes. Cheers!
  9. This week it's A.I.C.O Incarnation: So far so good though the voice actors on the dub are absolutely heinous and green...sigh...
  10. Hey all just released the new OND Show podcast, found here: 

    Thanks for checking it out, and apologies if its not as professional as some videos as the people I work with are less than professional :D. We like to sit around and talk about anime, manga, light novels and pretty much anything else. Thank you for tuning in and listening to our ADD in action. Feel free to leave a comment or send all of us an email at [email protected] or follow us on twitter @TheONDShow. BTW, this is uncut and unedited and contains strong language, explicit themes and adult content. Some listeners may be offended. Cheers! 

  11. Same here...I've watched so many titles I can't keep track of them all. Currently the count is around 400 +/- based on the titles I've watched since I've started keeping track. Though I never did watch "Speed Racer" because it was a little too...well just not my cup of tea. So we need to start a club then called "The OG Anime Gansta's" and get jackets.
  12. I started watching anime over ten years ago now when I caught Toonami on Adult Swim...
  13. Oakmi

    Anime Reviews

    I have that same rule for the same reasons, but because generally if I watch anymore than that I'm committed and then just sit there sighing into the air at how crappy it is and how I should drop it but can't because, well OCD you know. At least you put that disclaimer in the beginning. What I get about is when they just do the review as though they have seen the whole thing. I haven't seen the anime but have read the Manga. I think the Manga explains his reactions better and her's to an extent (Or at least my memory serves me that way since it's been a minute since I last put my eyeballs on it). I can't relate to the sibling fetish (Which seems huge in Japan according to my perceptions) but can laud a story for at least somewhat suitably attempting an explanation rather than just making it seem like its an every day occurrence and those that don't want to sleep with their sibling are the weird ones. That's actually another good point, listing the reasons why you either like or dislike the anime rather than ranting or raving about it without giving a clue as to why. Another good point, how can you know if a show is good or bad if you don't finish it and watch the ending. There's been a couple of titles I've watched that had that redeeming ending to them. I won't be from this point going forward. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. As for SAO I did the same thing, though I had a couple friends really trying to get me to watch it. I hesitated because of the negativity on MAL about it. But enjoyed the regular seasons (Yes including S2, which will probably earn me some hate...Lol) with the exception of Ordinal Scale. Couldn't stand the movie and felt that the whole mess betrayed the sense of what made SAO epic in the first place.
  14. Code: Realize Josei but good romance.
  15. Watching (now) Stellvia but thinking of putting that on hiatus and checking out Trinity Seven.
  16. This is one show I can't get enough of and have rewatched it numerous times. Awesome show for sure. Surprising that for a Shoujo I really enjoyed this title. Good pick! Anyway it's common for me to rewatch shows. Sometimes I do because I enjoy the story, the art, the animation, other times it's because I've watched so many titles that I don't remember it so it is fun to explore it again as though it's the first time I'm watching it. Usually though, the latter only occurs after several years of not seeing it. Of course this can give me a "Dof" moment when I start watching thinking "This isn't one I've watched." then realizing it is, and it was a crappy title at that. Or the "Huzzah" moment when I forgot about it thinking I haven't seen it and rewatched it to realize it was a totally awesome title, my personal favorite. Cheers as always, Kuro
  17. Oakmi

    Anime Reviews

    Hey all Kuro here and I wanted to put this out there for all anime fans. So the other day I was perusing MAL looking for an anime to watch. Seeing a couple titles I (as always) went into the reviews section to see how the overall opinion of the show stood. Mind you, the title I looked at has an overall viewer rating over 8.14. So the very first review I read was informative but seemed like it was harshing the title. So I read on, seeing many reviewers rating it around a 9 and 10. So taking it on its overall score and the multiplicity of 9's and 10's and watched it. Long story short. I was duped, and ever so hardcore. This was a show comprised of nothing by Deus Ex Machina and fan service (And we all know how I feel about stupid useless fanservice (If not please see my post about fanservice)) and boy was this puppy loaded with them. Anyway, I delved further into reviews being posted on other titles and discovered something that apparently I missed. My question, when you personally review a title, do you do so after you watch the show, during your viewing of the show, or basically after a couple episodes? Honestly, being tricked I found that a lot of people do so right after watching a couple episodes. Frankly this irritates me. Please, watch it in its entirety before stating your thoughts on it. One or two episodes doesn't give enough material to form a sound judgement on, yet many people apparently think so and don't hesitate to place those incomplete views on many websites like graffiti on the side of a box car. Besides this can cause other people who rely (Myself for instance) on those reviews to decide whether or not a title is any good, to be led astray by watching something that may be a steaming pile of waste my time. So what are your thoughts on it? Can't wait to hear what you all think. Cheers as always, Kuro
  18. Not trying to intentionally but I'll "One up You" on this: Worked for a guy (My boss) who happened to catch a break conversation I was having with a coworker. Think we were discussing "Mortal Kombat" but don't quote me on that since I already did......but she happened to be a woman (and yeah that's kind of dating us both). Ironically his opinion on the whole conversation, and mind you it was a A-B conversation, was that video games were the (And yes this is a literal quote) "Devils work and did nothing but rot your brains and stain your soul." Soon after both of us were terminated on the grounds of "Low Sales Quotas" (Again a direct quote), but we both knew it was because from the point he heard our conversation about video games and his view on them. Anyway, to round this out, most of the people I knew that were into video games were female. I'd almost say more than 60% were, so bad stereotyping people, don't do it!...sigh. I think you're right that the stigma is firmly resident in people's minds and that they refuse to challenge that. For me anime is another form of art. I love the works of the great masters and appreciate what their visions were, and at the same time feel the same way about anime. If more people would openly see it as a form of artwork and expression I think that it would force a change making it recognized as such.
  19. That's on my watch list to start at somepoint, that and Fate/Grand Order: First Order, but might wait for the UK DVD release on that one! Just finished it, dodgy start but the ending was epic (or at least I thought so). This one I would recommend you to watch ASAP.
  20. Forgot about that one, smashing success and great story! Highly recommend though it is sad...
  21. Whadda nasty individual! Serious! On the note of hentai, can't get into it but I can see how some people associate anime with hentai not knowing the difference. Of course normal anime titles that push that boundary when seen just embeds it firmly into their mind. Anyway, back onto hentai, I (and not judging here) just can't watch it because one though keeps creeping through my head, some dude drew these characters getting their stank on. Total mood killer. But I did date a woman once that enjoyed it. Again though, watching it with her didn't get my gears twisting like it did her. Again...dude...drawing...
  22. Today its "Fate Apocrypha" that I'm watching. Slow starter, not a big fan of some of the character designs, or characters for that matter but still watching. Will see what I think when I get to Ep. 25
  23. On that note, and slightly off topic but hey...ADD...my personal belief was that Jar-Jar was actually a sith. Couldn't agree with that more. I enjoy a story that the writer/author has control over much better than one that has been chopped, edited or changed by everyone who didn't write the story. Then there are trends which will come and go and influence media as they do.
  24. Honestly I think its an industry image thing...I get the same reaction or the other famous one "You like cartoon bruh?". Sigh. Then I use a friendship breaking face punch to illustrate how anime shows are not cartoons.
  25. Moribito is a good one with a strong female lead.
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