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  1. Ryuk - No question. Though most of the characters are well likeable and engaging enough, just dig on his personality.
  2. I've watched the video and saw the part your referencing. Man that voice did not ring any bells. I'll keep browsing, though watching all this anime is going to be a very long process. An enjoyable one fortunately for me. Actually I'm going to peep Robotics;Notes next, and then Parasite. See if its' either one of those.
  3. While some people crow about it, others hate S2 I for the most part enjoyed all of it. Except Ordinal Scale. I find that while it should unite S1, S2 with S3 there were some unnecessary components in the movie that left a sour taste in my mouth. I don't want to rant and rave because if I do I will have to start a whole brand new threat on the subject of my ranting and raving. I can only say that Ordinal Scale almost ruined SAO for me completely, and now probably won't be able to watch S3 without it hovering in the back of my mind.
  4. Not yet, I've been working through my watchlist trying to identify it, and then rewatching the series. I could have sworn it came from something like "Steins;Gate" or one of those ";" series. But as of yet, I haven't heard the line. It'll probably be some title I watched out of boredom ten years ago and forgot about until I rewatch it one again out of boredom and hit on the line by hearing it. I'm pretty sure the line is "Nothing good can come of spending too much time in the presence of a genius." then the character pushes up a pair of glasses. Sigh...frustrating. Like an earworm only worse. I'll keep looking though. There's a line in "Outlaw Star" where he says "Nothing good can ever come from staying with normal people." Close as I've come so far.
  5. Just started watching actually. Had it on my list and was waiting but Toonami started airing it so since I indulge I went ahead and started it. Though it releases faster in different areas so Toonami is a little behind.
  6. Yeah I can even hear the line used by the voice actor in my noodle, which is even worse because now it's become an outright quest.
  7. Well this sux because I can remember an anime with that line in it, but I can't remember the anime itself. That will drive me like a cheap Cadillac for a few days. I will spend some time digging through the mental archives and see if I can dig it up and blow the dust off of it for you. No promises though, there's a lot of crap in my attic.
  8. Very nice, crisp and clean. Great talent. Ever think about publishing a portfolio of your work? If not you should, especially if you wanted to get some exposure and do that type of art for a living.
  9. Death Note when LIght is writing in the Death Note while eating chips in order to avoid being seen. Brilliant.
  10. I think that it would all depend on the dialect that the translation was being formatted in. In America Mr. Mrs. Miss are rarely used anymore except in formal settings, so I would say probably don't need the honorifics since the social status of the people involved in the conversation is indicated by vernacular inflection. It doesn't matter either way to me personally if they're there or not. However, in the above reply using Mr. and Sir on a single name is definitely odd and sounds horrible. JAT -Cheers!
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