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  1. For when I was younger, I did drink some what. Now I'm sort of calming down with my drinking. If I did ever drink, I'd drink wine at some fancy restaurant or when I on some type of date and a romantic setting. I'm not much of a drinker to be honest. When I was younger though, looking back I was sort of silly and simply just being young. I don't think I want to be drinking all the time, because I love to be active and I try to maintain a healthy diet.

    So I'm not much of a person to be drinking all the time. Wine is probably the only thing I'll be drinking, from what I stated up above. Date's are always lovely, especially when I'm at a safe environment and I know the guy extremely well. There's nothing wrong with mix drinks every once in awhile, I think I'd only drink them during the summer and on summer vacation. So I think it depends on the person, how much they can handle and if it suits them or not. :) 

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  2. I suffer from social anxiety and spiders. Spiders scare me beyond belief. Those are two of my phobia's. Especially when I'm in a big crowd and can't seem to get past anyone. It makes me feel as if I'm being suffocated. Social Anxiety is a phobia because I always fear that I'll come across as stupid or something if I approach someone first. 

  3. I don't mind any of them to be honest. Nerds and Geek's are fine, I think their cute to be honest. However when I'm explaining myself, I don't think I would classify myself as them. Sure, I love nerdy things, I just don't think that would define me as a person. If anything, I'm just who I am and do things I feel passionate about. One thing I will admit to though is I love cartoons, anime, movies, reading, science and The X-Files series. Just doubt that would define me as a geek. Now I'm just babbling on here, lol!! :histoire:

  4. As of right now I'm looking for an anime that takes place in the Victorian Era or a character that seems to love that Era. Dresses Victorian and is attracted to Victorian Theme's. It can be during that Era or Victorian Gothic, it doesn't matter to me. Recommend me some good anime's that has to do with that theme for me to watch next. I love the Victorian Era and having trouble finding one.

  5. Thanks for the warm Welcomes. I love flowers and enjoy when flowers are involved in the scenery of anime. I've seen a lot of beautiful art in a lot of them. One thing I love about anime is the way the story is told and how it seems to stick to me. My icon? I have no idea where it's from, but it sort of spoke out to me. Plus I think it fits my user name. Hope to meet you all more in the future and don't ever hesitate to reach out to me.

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